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  1. The 20-20 hindsight in this thread...lol. I guess now that I think about it the Reed apologists were going to win either way. If they lost, it would be all about how Reed should have been on the team. But they killed them, so instead of being about how Reed's absence didnt matter - its all about how bad the Euro team was. I look forward to checking in on this thread two years from now when we're talking about what a great putt Reed made against Rory...seven years ago and how he absolutely has to be a captains pick.
  2. I'd bet the farm right now that he will not make it on points.
  3. HAHAHAHAHA, this is so great, the US is going to lead 11-6 after two days and the answer from the Reed apologists is that we could be leading by more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'll say it again. After this weekend, if Reed wants to make one of these teams, he's going to have to qualify. Too many great young players out there to make room for his nonsense.
  4. Quick one I hope. Went to a new ball, selling off my stock. Two dozen of the new TP5X Pix, as shown. $74 shipped CONUS. Will be shipping UPS Ground as I still dont trust USPS.
  5. For the price you pay, IMO, the rooms are just not worth the money. We had paid for an upgraded suite that was really dark and dingy, had one tiny window and whatever you think of when you upgrade to a "suite" - that wasnt it. Its an older property as well and it felt like it. We could hear the phone ring in the room next to us and we could hear the guys above us walking around that came in late - its that kind of place. And I have no issues paying for good lodging so thats not the issue, we stayed at Erin Hills afterwards and the room was worlds better for way less money. Anyway for the price, I always recommend people look at least consider other options.
  6. Agreed. And honestly I switch between Chrome and Opera, its been a couple years since I've seen an ad.
  7. Its just OK, didn't blow me away, its meatloaf.
  8. Will is one of the best in the business - period. I end up drooling over a lot of the CT putters he posts before realizing they have already been sold.
  9. I didn't see anything all day on the US site and finally last night saw someone on Twitter say that you had to switch over to the Euro site to buy tickets. Surprisingly had no issues with the signup or getting the OTP code to work - although I did have to click "resend code" once...and then Amex had a thing where I had to go into the Amex app on my phone and approve the charge. But after a few hiccups it worked. Honestly I read so many people were trying to buy them that when I went on around 9 last night, I figured they would be sold out. 975 euros for the week pass doesn't seem too bad to be honest - and that includes all the taxes, it was something like 800 for the ticket and 175 tax on it. Considering how much you might pay for just a single day - if they are even available. My wife and I had planned on spending a week in Rome on our trip anyway and this way I wont feel bad if we bounce in and out for a couple hours during the practice rounds, wont feel like we have to spend the whole day there to get our moneys worth. We know the area a little bit from our trip a couple years ago but no idea what the transportation or logistics will be getting there from the city. Dont really care though LOL.
  10. LOL here's my uncropped, unzoomed shot from the tee, I think it was playing 210 the day I played.
  11. Absolutely loved the Irish - almost as much as the Straits when we went. Really fun time, cant recommend it enough. Honestly we played all 4 courses and the only thing we didnt like was the lodging at the American Club itself. IMO you're doing the absolute best thing, my wife and I both said if we went back we would just get a local AirBNB
  12. Yep, been doing a lot of flats fishing the last few years in the Keys/Bahamas and one of the first things they teach you is to shuffle your feet out there. If you scare one away it will probably go away - if you step on it though, you're F'd. Another reason to wear pants/rash guards too though with our boots LOL. Damn that must have hurt though, I've heard the pain is excruciating.
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