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  1. There is already a full moderated thread on this topic in the Tour Talk forum, feel free to take this over there.
  2. Whatever you do, dont try to make some mathematical calculation to say you are going to save $X by joining and playing Y rounds - it never works out that way. I joined a private club 7 years ago and have no regrets. I surely could have played public options much cheaper - even in the DC area where they are super expensive - but there are a lot of things you cant put a price on. Like showing up on a weeknight and walking 9 holes in an hour. Or being in a number of different groups/leagues and meeting a bunch of great friends. Cant put a price on a lot of that stuff.
  3. I had the same question - not sure its a complete answer but the Celebrity Greens website has local franchises/installers in places with pretty cold winters - IE upper midwest.
  4. My Sim2 Max head came in at 204g.
  5. I shipped a putter from Virginia to NYC late yesterday - UPS Ground - and its already going to be there today. Less than 24 hours. I estimate it cost me $4-5 more than USPS used to cost but I baked that into the price.
  6. Burke Lake was open today and I'm not really sure how. Any ball hit with a wedge went right into the ground...it cant be economically sound to keep the range open and lose that many balls. But what do I care, I'm selfish. First time really hitting balls in going on three months, been waiting to get out there since last week when the forecast came out. Just so happy to be out and to mostly be pain free, definitely a little tentative at first but shoulder felt great after I got loose. Didn't want to push it so I hit for about an hour and then rolled out. Definitely going
  7. First reaction is I'm going to be sticking with the SimMax. No surprised but the head with the hotmelt in it sounds better to me. It was my first day hitting balls in a few months so its just an initial though, still a decent amount of testing to do.
  8. So jealous, man this looks great! Rahm with the stacked sod bunker too = LOL
  9. My SimMax came in at 195g headweight, I had it hotmelted to 200g. The Sim2Max came in at 204g. Have not had a chance to hit them yet but the Sim2Max, Sim2 3W and hybrid all arrived/look great at least.
  10. Time to clear some off the shelf. Brand new, never seen the outdoors. Bought it last year but due to an injury, haven't played once since then. Not a mark on it. Brand new Superstroke Pistol GT countercore - with the weight in it. I will include the SS wrench with it if you need it. Includes the grey skull headcover as shown - also in excellent condition, never been outside. The weight kit is the larger kit that apparently they do not sell anymore, the one listed on their website now is 6 weights, this kit has 8 in it - plus 4 in the putter itself. Includes the wrench.
  11. Couple quick comments: 1 - From Washington DC it took me less time to get to St Andrews than it would have to Cabot. So I cant agree with the comment that people need to go there before they go to Europe. 2 - I spent 8 days in St Andrews. It was absolutely amazing. Its very easy to get off the beaten path and go to some great locals spots. Couldnt agree more that if you arent eating well in Scotland, you arent looking hard enough.
  12. Right, I didnt mean immediately as in take it right off the smoker - but its far easier to shred after you cook it than a few days later if its in a fridge. Just IMO.
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