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  1. This is something weird that I guess I dont understand the approach (and its definitely not just you BTW) but the whole "maybe I need to play it a few more times to understand it" - if you really didnt like it in the first place. There are some times you play a course that you just dont like, hey it happens. If I went on another random golf trip to...I dont know, say Michigan. And I played a course I didnt like. I would just say, "You know what, I just didnt like the course. I get that other people liked it but I liked other ones better" - and then I would probably never go back there.
  2. I havent done the ribeye caps but do want to try them. I have done their baby backs a bunch and just tried their st louis ribs. Def prefer the baby backs, we like to cook ours until they are fall off the bone and the baby backs were definitely a touch better. Honestly the Costco ribs were better than the ribs I got at the local butcher and 1/3 the price.
  3. Yeah I changed my mind when I read what actually happened - guy should probably get the boot. Truth is in a match or tournament - and only in these situations - I'm not wasting time on every single hole helping you especially if its clear that its going to happen all day. If its once, fine. But if its clear its going to be every hole? No way, I have my own score to think about. In a tournament like that, once I hit my tee shot, I'm already thinking about my next shot when I'm walking to my ball. Or more likely, I'm still stewing about the five footer I missed six holes ago. But If
  4. Old Mac for me was easily my least favorite course. But I guarantee within three posts someone will say its their favorite lol - SO, its hard for me to make any recommendations in that regard. IMO I think you should play all the courses at least once and form your own opinion.
  5. I guess I'm just amazed at the (alleged) number of people that can accurately hit a 44" club with a 300cc head but they are...completely incapable (?) of hitting a 45" club with a 460cc head - or just choking up 1" on the same club? Yeesh, 44" is pretty damn long on a club with that small a head. Have not seen the TXG video but will watch tonight.
  6. I've only done brisket twice but its been hard for me to get both sides right. With BBQ though, there's almost no "wrong" way to do things. Costco has been a revelation in terms of meat products though, its where I buy all my smoker stuff now. I have a great old school local butcher for "single serve" stuff but for the heavy duty thinks like rib packs, butts etc - their meats are fantastic.
  7. Was asked for another face pic, truth is, this face seems to just be one that is going to take on tee marks.
  8. Its probably going to be an absolute mess. Just south of the beltway we had over 4" of rain today and its still raining.
  9. Thats just a bunch of word salad. Its like saying "Here at the XFL we believe if you put the XFL on top of the NFL in the football pyramid there would be more eyeballs on it."
  10. It will? So you get one team captain everyone knows and you fill the rest of the league with 30-35 scrubs and you think people will watch that? Dont see it. Still. Who is that interested in golf that they would watch that? If you think the normal PGA product is "boring" what in the world is going to get you to watch this?
  11. The reality of it is, this ONLY works if they get 48 of the Top 75 players or so. It doesnt work if you have Harry Higgs as one of your team captains. No offense to Higgs, I just picked that name out of a hat. But if people tune in and see a bunch of retreads or money grabbgers that they dont know - it falls flat. I'll reiterate though, this is all smoke and always has been smoke. No one - in either group really - has presented one concrete data point like a course or a sponsor or *anything*. The only way they get any players to jump is with 8 figure signing bonuses that get paid o
  12. Plus 99.9% of people that are shopping for golf stuff in this country aren't doing it on the BST. Agree that its a wash moneywise however.
  13. Bought on here a week ago, head is in great condition, a couple of tee marks left on the face. Just getting along too well with the Sim Includes headcover and I have a wrench if needed. $389 FIRM shipped CONUS - only to confirmed Paypal addresses. NO TRADES.
  14. Obviously other's mileage may and is varying. But my brief experience has been that it still takes me basically the same exact amount of time to get money from Ebay as it does from when someone pays me in Paypal and I then do a separate WD into my checking account.
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