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  1. If WM was an easier walk, I would consider it just about the perfect course. I always thought it would make a great private course too from the perspective of having such great short-loops you could create at night to just go out and play a few holes. Almost every hole out there you have to think about what you are doing off the tee. I have gone back and forth with loving or hating 12. I dont love holes necessarily that takes D out of your hands right off the bat. But I think that second shot and the "second shot area" are just fantastic.
  2. You'd think they are going to have 50,000 kids running around doing beer bongs on the putting green. I love this. Chances are they are just going to be broadcasting from the same set that ESPN uses or a similar area. Give people some shots of the course beforehand, provide a good lead in to the coverage. Boo hoo tradition. How will you feel when the leaders are teeing off a 9 am Eastern on Sunday? Thats not too traditional, I hope the Earth doesnt fall off its axis. With no fans this time around, ANGC has a blank slate to try any and all new ideas. New digital/app idea
  3. I put this in my trip report but I also didn't like the back nine yardage. Small thing, nitpicking maybe. But when I pick the "6200" ish tees, I don't want to be hit with a 3600 yard back nine on a trip that's supposed to be fun.
  4. The OGs have almost no cushion, so I wouldn't look at those if you have issues. Thats kind of the whole selling point, having your feet being in better contact with the ground. For me like on my trip to Bandon, the hard turf was absolutely murder on my feet when I wore the OGs. I think True makes great shoes but if you are already suffering from foot pain, its just not something I would recommend.
  5. So I flew from DC > SEA > EUG. Every person we talked to - including two guys who just had their NB flight cancelled - they all recommended Eugene. Its not like you can get an hourly flight into NB if you miss your connection. The guys we played with ended up in SF for the night. At least in Seattle there were a ton of Eugene flights going out of their commuter terminal. And its really a beautiful drive. I'm not saying its not *closer* - sure, its a half hour vs 2.5 hour drive - but to me especially coming from the East Coast, too many risks.
  6. Feedback being back makes me remember how much of a problem I have... ...as I post all my putters for sale again...
  7. I'm in this camp as well (3 index). I dont know about the second part but I feel like they tried for something that just didnt hit with me. And I dont know if its hypocritical of me or not. For those that have played Mike Strantz courses, I'm not above loving a gimmicky course with huge gimmicky greens (like Tobacco Road, which I love). Something about OM just didn't speak to me. Not when you surround it with the other 4 courses there. Whereas when I played SR, something reached all the way down inside of me and just said THIS right here, this is everything I love about golf - the
  8. Have two new putters incoming so something has to move out of here. Club is in very good condition, pictures talk per usual. Tons of play left in this one. 35" built with the Stability Tour shaft and the non tapered grip. Includes Miura headcover. $589 shipped. NO TRADES. Lowball offers are deleted without comment or reply.
  9. FWIW I wear my GG rain pants as pants all the time in the cold/wind, I just wear shorts underneath.
  10. One thing I learned on my trip to Bandon a few weeks ago was that if it rains hard enough - like it did for @ 8 holes when it absolutely monsooned, nothing will keep you perfectly dry. Everything has a limit. During the monsoon I had my ZR longsleeve on over my Sunice short sleeve. Spoiler alert - pretty dry and actually comfortable. GG GoreTex pants were again an absolute tank. As always, I asked our caddies what they wear. They had Adidas gear that they said was complete crap for anything other than light rain but they were both wearing it one morning because it was only supposed
  11. I've always thought - going back to the initial days of Game Golf - that GPS isnt accurate enough to track putts down to that level anyway so it should/would be really easy to implement just a manual data entry system where you guesstimate and enter. GPS accuracy doesnt matter that much on a 250 yard shot, plus or minus 2 yards, who cares. But on a 10 foot putt plus or minus two yards means it could be measured anywhere from 16 feet to 4 feet. I bet you could guess closer than that. Used this watch every day - including in the rain - at Bandon and after 36 holes it wasn
  12. Puppet is asking about 2nd Swing...excellent. People have already said it but 2nd Swing to me as about just the ease of getting rid of older clubs. If I can get $40 for an old Adams hybrid or $25 for an old wedge, right there with no fuss, thats perfect. The other option is what, trying to sell old clubs on BST, getting lowballed, paying paypal and shipping fees etc? No thanks.
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