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  1. Congrats man, that is awesome!! Was in Vegas this past week and my brother and I found ourselves jelly of everyone walking through the lobby with clubs. It was just perfect golf weather out there too, low 50s in the morning, low 70s during the day.
  2. To me this sounds like when I try to outsmart the line at the grocery store and I always, every. single. time. pick the wrong line. I would read absolutely nothing into this. American went through similar "cancellations" early in the summer - I know because I was on a flight from DC to Vegas that got cancelled the night before and they cancelled something like 2,000 flights over 3 days. Miraculously, no other airlines had cancellations for "weather" - just American. Wouldn't give it one minute of thought.
  3. Good catch on the face pic - its just a metallic dot from Trackman testing. Will get an update pic tonight, theres nothing underneath it however. Sorry I missed the first PM, I no longer get notifications from WRX in my email.
  4. Its a short course in the desert - Bryson will be trying to drive every single hole.
  5. The Wynn course is pretty short for PGA guys like this so I initially thought maybe they were going to make 12 "cross country" holes. But the course is also pretty well divided with trees - so that probably wouldn't work either.
  6. One quick one today - very good condition SIM UDI 2 iron. Shaft is the Thump stiff, grip is the GP MCC+4. NO TRADES. $165 shipped CONUS. Paypal ONLY to confirmed shipping address.
  7. Would prefer with graphite/stiff and looking for a 7 8 9 iron. Just looking to do some on course testing before ordering a set so I dont care what shape its in, looks like $175 or so per club is my ebay price right now so I'm not looking to go crazy. Ideally would like to find someone in the same position I was that bought a couple singles they want to unload.
  8. It was pretty clear seeing the difference. The guys with the clownshow swings, they are hitting up on the ball 6-8*. So they are getting more distance but also they can hit 6 out of 6 off the grid. Bryson was only missing by a few yards here and there - literally 2 yards from winning in one set and I think 1 in the other - and he's only hitting up 1*. The announcers were saying how impressed they were that in his first year really taking this seriously he made it to the final 8 and maybe with a couple tweaks he'd have no problems keeping up.
  9. 42,000 people watching on YT, I imagine for most of us this is completely true. If Bryson misses the Final 8 - that drops by 80%.
  10. Definitely a crap show. But I also think people have no appreciation for how much money can go into some of these tv productions. These guys are doing it without a tv partner and doing everything off YouTube. Frankly I think even being able to watch it with some sort of rudimentary scoring is pretty great given that. BDC still has one of the longest balls of the day - he's just pounding it by some of these guys with complete clownshow LD swings and guys with 20+ mph ball speed on him. Lots of guys putting six straight OB. And before anyone gets defensive about the word "clownshow" - take it easy. Its meant to differentiate between that and a "golf" looking swing. The word clownshow in that case is entirely appropriate.
  11. LOL Bryson steps up and beats Berkshire in the first round of his group. This is some hilarious s***.
  12. Yeah I think the announcers were saying Bryson launching it at 1 or 2* gives him a huge advantage into the headwinds they had - where some of the other guys are 6-8* up. But those guys that hit that far up, they also have huge dispersion patterns. Bryson (probably) isnt going to win head to head against a guy hitting those moonballs downwind but he can certainly stand up there and hit the grid 5 or 6 out of 6 times.
  13. Touche lol. Anyone else watching Bryson's long drive sets this week? I gotta say even though I despise him and his whole shtick - he's been pretty damn good. If he wants to, he can put all 6 balls on the grid which a lot of these guys struggle with. But even he admitted, he still launches the ball way too low compared to the other LD pros. Still its pretty impressive he stepped up and made the final 16. And again - I hate him. Final 16 is this afternoon. Speaking of long drive, someone had sent me the link to Kyle Berkshire's course vlog from Northwest. Pretty good stuff, guy definitely has some game.
  14. Yep, at this point I know what works for me gripwise and its got to have some sort of cord in it. Its also more cost effective because I replace them every January.
  15. Yeah I have no complaints about the +4s, good all round, replace them once a year for $10 or so.
  16. I sweat way too much and play in too much hot/humid weather to even take the chance with leather grips. MCC+4s for me and I'm even thinking about going back to the Z Grips. Even with those, I still end up wearing a rain glove half the time. My brother played in a corporate event at Fishers Island yesterday, man I am so jealous, place looks absurd. Tonight is our Wed league closeout night, singles matches. Heading to Philly for Columbus Day weekend and Vegas the week after so might be my last swings for a couple weeks.
  17. Gotta be honest I've been to PGASS a couple times in the last few weeks and the place is fully stocked on any grip you could want. Now maybe they got 100% stock in for the store opening and they wont be able to restock - but they seemed pretty full up to me.
  18. Agree it all depends. Interesting to see if they go with ZJ as the next Captain though, Stricker said they had the next few "lined up" which I would guess means Phil at Bethpage in 2025? If you extrapolate current form, the only real locks I would have are DJ, Brooks, Bryson and Morikawa. I'd listen to arguments on JT and Cantlay.
  19. Who do you think he will beat out in 2023. NOT - where did he finish three years ago or FIVE years ago if we're talking RC2023. Grasping.
  20. Given the opportunity to go back to Italy - I'll risk it! So getting back to more of the golf-golf talk, does anyone here really look at that team and think that Reed could make the Top 6? Who do you think he beats out?
  21. Having already bought my tickets for 2023, I will be sure to pass along my thoughts. I am pretty sure they included a "Thoughts on captains picks" feedback form with my receipt...
  22. Stricker seemed pretty clear in his presser last night - the captains picks were not made simply because they were great players but that they were great guys and they got along with everyone in the team room. If Stricker wanted Reed on the team - he would have been on the team. If a majority of players - or even a few - had told Stricker that Reed should be on the team, he probably would have been on the team. Neither of those seem like they were true. Its reasonable to think that the next captain was in that room, right, so either Couples or ZJ? So - again I'll reiterate - if Reed wants on the team he better plan on being in that Top 6.
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