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  1. Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 7TX shaft, 43 7/8” Iomic grip end to TM adapter, like new - $135 obo shipped - SOLD****** TW71 wolf grey/metallic white, size 9, brand new, never worn - $85 obo shipped
  2. Stock RIP Phenon 55g S shaft. Considering switching from my stock G15, 9 degree. Interested to see the differences when I get out to the range. Should I be expecting less spin out of the R1? I swing it about 107 mph and have been known to put some spin on the ball.
  3. Anyone hit both and can speak to the differences? Thanks
  4. with a 110 mph swing speed? Both are stock shafts. Just brought the old TM out and the thing is a cannon
  5. on the backswing has me piping it. So much more consistent with that swing thought. Not getting stuck like I often do. Anyone else had luck with this move?
  6. [quote name='bluedot' timestamp='1433989330' post='11729526'] By any chance were you hitting balls off the rubber tees that are inserted into a driving range mat? I ask this only because those are involved in a tremendous percentage of snapped-at-the-hosel driver stories. They tend to be a bit higher, which tends to bring contact more toward the heel. Over time, or even very quickly with a high swing speed, it isn't uncommon to see shafts snap at the range. And generally, absent any signs of abuse, Ping will replace the shaft. [/quote] No rubber tees at the time of snap and rarely us
  7. [quote name='farmer' timestamp='1433977781' post='11728410'] Nice gesture, Nessism. Community values in play. [/quote] So is it not even worth sending in? You are thinking they won't honor any warranty?
  8. G15 with stock Aldila Serrano shaft snapped inside hosel at the range today. Does Ping normally repair something like this or is it so old that they will have to replace it with a different shaft? Anyone dealt with Ping in a similar situation?
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