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  1. Hello, I am selling a Brand New set of Callaway TCB Irons that are still in the box and plastic just as they came from Callaway. (irons only taken out of the box for the pictures) The specs are as follows. 4-PW Shaft - Nippon Modus 130 X Flex -Soft Stepped Once Length - Standard Loft - Standard Lie Angle - 1* Flat Grip - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align I am selling for $1,250.00 including 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail which seems reasonable. PayPal Only. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank-You!
  2. 681’s and 681T’s are not.
  3. 680’s are Conforming. 681’s and 681T’s are not. However those also may still have conforming grooves but Titleist never sent them in for testing as no one on any tour plays them any longer.
  4. I saw that too. Seems like a strange change from the TSi4 to the TSi2
  5. Did Xander switch from the Modus 130 he’s been playing back into X100’s?
  6. Justin Thomas 620’s are one off custom. I presume the Adam Scott 620’s are also.
  7. I personally like the longer blade length and less bounce with flatter sole that the 680’s offer
  8. Hopefully the 622’s are more like the 680’s than the 620’s
  9. Did Adam Scott actually change irons? Never thought I’d see him move away from the 680’s. Pictures taken from The Masters Twitter page.
  10. FYI, Titleist doesn’t tip the driver and tips the 3 wood 1/2” on orders without any specific tipping requests.
  11. That has me a little bit concerned These shafts might be a bit to stiff for me then. I’m waiting for my 65, 75, and 85 to arrive any day now.
  12. What is MCA’s fascination with giant butt diameters lately.... The OG Whiteboard was .600 Every since then they just keep getting bigger
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