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  1. What are your guys thoughts on the L8 double strap? Also i presume its still around 5 pounds even though the description states ultra light L8? 5 pounds is to heavy for a small carry bag
  2. Bro you just refuse to admit you’re wrong. You refuse to believe Titleist and you refuse to believe Adam Scott. Guy hasn’t changed irons in years and didn’t now
  3. I guess you know better than the man playing the irons and the people who built them. Peace
  4. Yes that’s exactly what they do and are doing. Unless Adam Scott is purposely lying on Social Media and in Interviews. The 680 for Adam is now called 681 and the 620 for JT is now called 621. JT has been playing the same no offset irons for a long time. On top of all of that. I have friends that work at Titleist.
  5. lol Adam Scott himself said his new irons are exactly like his 680’s
  6. Hello, I am selling 3 different Brand New Scotty Cameron Teryllium Champions Choice Putters. All the putters are brand new and still have the plastic on the heads, grips etc. I will ship all of the putters USPS Priority Mail to the U.S. Only. PayPal Only. Thanks Newport 35” - $925 Shipped obo Newport 2 34” - $1000.00 Shipped obo Flowback 5.5 34” - $925 Shipped obo
  7. Like i stated these are nothing like the previous 681's. Adams irons are basically the exact same iron as his previous 680's but with a new name. JT's irons are also called 621’s and they are no offset 620.
  8. Yes like i stated Adams new irons are essentially the exact same as his previous 680's. I don't know why they are calling his and JT's new irons 681. They are nothing like the old 681's. JT's are the same no offset 620's he has been playing for a long time now.
  9. I wonder why he switched to Project X from the Modus 130’s he’s been playing for a long time.
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