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  1. Are these Raw? Like TW's are?
  2. Are these available to order? I don't see them on Titleist.com yet? I need a set of Black T100s
  3. That is what MRC has been stating about the Butt Diameter. However the specs on their website show virtually no change in butt diameter. I wish all manufactures would just stick with .600
  4. Looks like it doesn't take you to any kind of ordering page..... I would say release is iminent
  5. For those interested.... It is supposedly 1* lower launch with 500rpm less spin than original PX. Comes in Satin finish and only available in 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0
  6. Anyone have any info on this? TrueTemper/ProjectX put out a teaser yesterday but i havent found any other info on it. Shaft has similar graphics to the LZ shaft just in different colors.
  7. Is this confirmed to be coming out in less than two weeks? If so ill hold off on an order i was about to place. Thanks! Appreciate It!
  8. Titleist just lowered the TS Driver price down again to $349
  9. FYI, For those of you that dont know a standard build with Taylormade uses the 37" shaft only for the PW, then uses the 37.5" shaft for the 9 iron and goes up in progression from there.... So technically all Taylormade irons are built with the 3-9 iron soft stepped once and the PW standard. I have no idea why they build clubs this way but they do. So your irons are coming wrong from Taylormade because this is how they build all there irons with DG shafts. Taylormade also does this with certain other shafts as well. Makes no sense but they do. Also FYI Callaway builds there irons with DG shaf
  10. All True Temper shafts are Made in the U.S.A.
  11. Any news on the Ascending Weight Prototype Modus?
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