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  1. Ive ordered several sets of Callaway irons and the swing weights were always all over the place. Disappointing!
  2. I have a 35” new in plastic Newport I may consider trading.
  3. i500 is probably the worst feeling iron Ping has ever produced. If the i59 feels anything like the i500 it’s a no go for me.
  4. Same! I don’t know Titleist ever went away from the 7/8” ferrules. Titleist irons and Vokey wedges should use the same size ferrules, just like they used too and everyone on your still does.
  5. Yes you can see the milling marks however they are flush and can’t be felt by rubbing your finger on the face like a normal Cameron would. It is also different than my CC Newport or Newport 2
  6. I know it’s not fake I bought it from my local golf shop
  7. Curious if anyone else received a putter with smooth milled face? I bought a Newport, Newport 2, and a Flowback 5.5. The milling on the Flowback is very smooth and almost polished looking. Surprisingly it feels the softest of the 3 but that could just be the mallet in general. Hard to tell in the pictures. Thoughts?
  8. Has anyone compared the new T100 and T100’s? Is there a feel difference between them? Thx
  9. Hello, I am selling a Brand New set of Callaway TCB Irons that are still in the box and plastic just as they came from Callaway. (irons only taken out of the box for the pictures) The specs are as follows. 4-PW Shaft - Nippon Modus 130 X Flex -Soft Stepped Once Length - Standard Loft - Standard Lie Angle - 1* Flat Grip - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align I am selling for $1,250.00 including 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail which seems reasonable. PayPal Only. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank-You!
  10. 681’s and 681T’s are not.
  11. 680’s are Conforming. 681’s and 681T’s are not. However those also may still have conforming grooves but Titleist never sent them in for testing as no one on any tour plays them any longer.
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