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  1. They need to get rid of that stupid stripe on the side of the Vapor Slim Flex pants. It looks like something you would see on a pair of old school tuxedo pants
  2. NDC keeping us on our toes...white AZVT you cannot purchase in wide but the black AZVT can only be purchased in wide. SMH. I actually like the simple/clean look of these.
  3. I believe there are a few photos of him in Abu Dhabi and he is still wearing RLX. Im sure it wont happen but would love to have Nike add him to their stable of players! Wear TW gear like NBA players wear Jordans and Kobes...I know that is a pipe dream but just a thought.
  4. After a quick run through all of their available socks online it does not look like they offer what he is wearing to the general public.
  5. New TW19 on Nike app! Calling it NikeTW71 FastFit.
  6. Just got mine in the mail. Overall quality is amazing but not a lot of room at the top of the bag. I typically like to keep my driver, 3 wood, and putter together and there is not enough space. Crazy that such a high quality bag does not have full length dividers either. On Instagram they said they did that to keep the weight down. Definitely lacking in functionality for me.
  7. Bongta029...your origin headcover looks to be different from the stock. Yours is all black versus most I have seen (and the ones I have) which have blue (on the side where Origin is stitched). Just curious if it was a limited edition release, tour only, or lucky find? Love your new grip!
  8. I knew TW played the tensei orange just didnt realize the “P” was for pro when everyone was saying PO...Sorry for cluttering the thread!
  9. Damn...cant believe I couldnt figure that out. Thanks for the quick replies!
  10. Sorry Im a moron.... PO? What does that acronym stand for...thanks!
  11. Tiger with the TM MG wedges in his bag this week.
  12. No slack in the tab for me. I experienced what others have already stated with these shoes.....the shoe is a very snug fit right out of the box and tough to get on. I am sure after several rounds it will be a bit easier to get in and out of them.
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