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  1. The cork 90s are fire. I am glad everyone thinks they are ugly. Bought two pairs. They are the perfect golf scramble shoe or practice round for a mens invitational.
  2. Last years model are much better. or the non mesh ones, whatever year they are
  3. The Jordan adg 3 are amazing. I have the black ones, the toe box is amazing. Super comfy, buying every color when they restock. Just wanted to share my thoughts for anyone on the fence.
  4. What color is the back of the ping irons? Are they they ones with the red logo or black logo ? Just can't see from the photos. thanks.
  5. I work as the evening manager at a club, we got some crown royal XR last year, and it came in a purple amazing bag, I use that, you can find them on ebay. [url="http://www.ebay.com/bhp/crown-royal-xr"]http://www.ebay.com/bhp/crown-royal-xr[/url] 20 bucks and you get the bottle. They also have ones from 4yrs ago, the maroon ones. A little more though.
  6. [url="http://www.nikeblog.com/2013/05/13/nike-tw-14-official-photos-dates-nikeid-info/"]http://www.nikeblog.com/2013/05/13/nike-tw-14-official-photos-dates-nikeid-info/[/url] Here is the low down, sorry if it has been posted, but this website has all the nike info first. Super pumped for NIKEID on a golf shoe. I mean, they already have it for US football, football, and baseball. I just wonder why Nike is always slow when it comes golf. ID finally, but all of the shoe tech they have seems to take forever, flywire has been used in hoop shoes and running shoes since 04, same thing with the free tech. This shoe is atleast getting the dynamic fit system, similar to the Jordan XX8. These will be super comfy, the days of gator leather is gone. Flywire, Dynamic Fit(new lacing system that wraps around) and the free sole tech are here. Just take my money now. May 20th for the ID samples............. And for all the haters from the TW13 thread, my source was accurate.
  7. Well, let start by saying , this is not absolute , but I would pretty much believe it. I work at a country club in Michigan. I am the evening manager at said club The Golf Operations manager is with Nike, and has been for quite sometime. We always get every limited run Nike golf thing available. I believe there still are some left overs from all the majors editions from 2012 in the shop now. I asked him about the new TW's, because like most of you buy or wait? He said in June, a new version will come out. But it is just more of a modified version of the current shoe. With the main changes being a mod done to the sole , and in more colors. Very similar to the lunar controls. And then most likely in the fall a shoe line based of the TW Free concept , but without the TW branding. He went on to say that the TW13 is still in production because of its popularity. He expects a price drop of maybe 15-20% of what it is at now. He also went on to say that Nike will reduce the amount of shoe models it carries going forward. They want to be looked at as a "pro" club and apparel producer. Then only selling the pro gear and marketing it as you using the exact same stuff as the Nike golf staff does. Very clever. So believe me or not, this is all true
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