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  1. I have not but my buddy had a albatross and a HIO in the same round. https://coloradoavidgolfer.com/the-ace-and-the-albatross-ramos/
  2. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? D'Lance Golf Denver, Co What performance are you seeking with a new driver shaft? Better dispersion What weight / flex Ventus Black you want to win? Black 6S
  3. I actually worked/volunteered Fri-Sun. Friday and Saturday I was part of the evacuation team (get people off the course in the event bad weather hit) and Sunday I was a stationary forecaddie on #4 at CGC. I saw a lot of the great play out there and even better people. I can't tell you how many players came up and thanked me on Sunday for being out there. It was a great experience and I'd definitely do it again.
  4. > @LooperCon said: > Hope everyone had a good summer! Figured I’d stop in and share a couple sneak peaks of the progress at sheep ranch :) > > > > > We're planning a trip for late 2020. Can't wait! Looks awesome....
  5. > @tips09 said: > > @jli2636 said: > > Stealing this from No Laying Up but they have played a game they call tilt on previous seasons of Tourist Sauce. Modified stableford where if you get a net birdie your next hole is worth 2x, 2 net birdies in a row is 3x, etc And that goes both ways so a double kills you just as bad as a birdie is good. Their videos make it look like a really fun cumulative scoring method for a trip that is different than just matches or stroke play. > > > > https://nolayingup.com/2018/07/31/tilt/ > This 100% four of us take a trip to ea
  6. > @CDM said: > > @CDM said: > > > @CDM said: > > > GOLFWRX CO follow up: Given everyone schedule, Does end of August / first part of September work for people to meet up and play? > > > > > > Aug 31st/Sept 1st > > > Sept 7th /8th or 14th/15th. > > > > > > I know since the WRX format change "chat" has slowed a bit but we have replies from: Noodler, Seven Dewey, Thaar, Joelness, CDM, Deadsolid as interested. > > > > > > _Edit: Course is still TBD._ > > > > > > >
  7. Love Eddie. He's very upfront and I appreciate it.
  8. What shoes are those? Is it bad that I like them?
  9. Anyone know about the Elevate tour shaft. I'm a long time KBS Tour guy and just curious about the stock shaft.
  10. I'm a Jordan fan and agree that based on his play he should not be picked. Between the 2, I'd have to go with Reed.
  11. I like NLU pods - I listed to them on my drive to work. However, I did notice the website pods are up-to-date. Also, check out their YouTube channel some good stuff on there was well.
  12. > @007iron said: > I signed up for the No Laying Up event at CommonGround on Friday, August 23rd. Anyone else get in? > > https://nolayingup.com/2019/06/28/the-nlu-summit/ Nope - it sold out fast.
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