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  1. 2020 PXG Aloha Hat one size fits most worn 1 time. No stains, rips or odor from non smoking home. $OLD OBO Shipped in the USA Mens XL Peter Millar Bettinardi Queen Bee shirt. Worn one time no rips, stains or odor from non smoking home. $OLD OBO shipped in the USA. KBS TD 70 Category 4 X Flex driver shaft with Callaway Adapter. Hit for a fitting session and spin was just a little high for me. Will play 45” in Callaway Mavrik $160.00 OBO Shipped in the USA. TaylorMade Tour issue Hi Toe 58 degree wedge. New never hit. With KBS 610 125 Wedge shaft, standard lengt
  2. Putter just sold. But it was aprox 1/4 toe hang. It was the fly milling and it was actually softer than expected.
  3. Putter SOLD! - RH Bettinardi Tour Stock DASS weld neck center shaft. Black PVD Shaft 34.5 length, and I believe standard loft and lie. Picked this up thinking I might like the center shaft. Rolled it indoors on a putting green and it’s just not my flavor. Will include standard Bettinardi HC with it and 2020 Pga Championship Bettinardi Alcatraz Seagull HC. SOLD!!!! New in Box never hit 2021 Callaway X Forged CB Irons. RH 4-PW, standard length, loft, lie angle 1 degree flat. True Temper DG Tour Issue 120 X100 with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips. 2 wraps logo down. Bought these and
  4. I have a 17 month old at home and don’t practice enough to do them justice. Also just hitting my raw Apex Pro dots so good I can’t justify the switch.
  5. SOLD - 2021 Callaway Apex MB Irons. RH 4-PW Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue X-100, Standard Length, loft. Lie angle 1 flat. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord with 2 wraps. D3 Swing Weight I have $1,450.00 in these. My loss is your gain. SOLD shipped in the USA. SOLD-Callaway Tour Issue Raw MD5 Wedges. KBS 610 125 Wedge Shafts, standard length, adjusted lofts stamped, lie angle 1 flat. Tour Velvet Cord Grips with 2 wraps. 51s-55s and 59x. The sole of the 59x was lightly ground by the Tour dept. The 59 looks to have been hit once. SOLDobo shipped in the USA. Not looking to split them up.
  6. Tariffs on overseas manufacturing. 95% + of Golf equipment is made in China. As a result the cost for landed components has gone up and that translates to higher costs at retail. PXG showed that people will pay a premium for golf equipment. Club Ho’s...... nuff said.
  7. Borrowed a friends chrome single dot so you can see the difference. Pic is of 8 iron.
  8. I could do some pics tomorrow when I get back home. In speaking with reps from Callaway the difference is in the grooves. Same heads as the single dot with what is basically a v20 groove. Helps with performance out of the rough and spin characteristics. The groove count is exactly the same as the single dot irons but just a different variety to create some specific launch conditions some of the tour guys are looking for.
  9. RH Tour Issue Raw Callaway Apex Pro 2 Dot. 4-PW Irons. These irons are in almost new condition with one round and range session on them by a PGA Professional. These are the raw heads and will patina/rust with use. KBS Tour 125 S+ Spine aligned shafts. Length is 1/4 inch over standard, standard lofts and I believe 1 degree flat lie angle. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord round grips with 2 wraps. There is some minor chatter from travel but nothing major and some very minimal wear on the faces of the PW and 7 iron from warm up and testing on the range. Pictures show condition. $1,250 OBO Shipped in
  10. There’s not much you can do without damaging/ removing the black finish. You can soak it in coke a cola or buy some loctite Naval Jelly at Home Depot. They will both remove the rust and the black finish bringing the putter down to raw. If not wanting to remove the black try some soap and a firm bristle toothbrush
  11. So I picked these putters up at an estate sale. I am trying to identify who the maker might have been. The script on the putter faces looks like some of what would have been found on early Cameron putters. There’s also some grind work that was done before the finish was applied. Soles are blank. Any thoughts?
  12. Callaway Apex MB Raw 4-PW RH. Standard length 38”. 5 Iron, standard loft, 1 degree flat lie angle with Tour issue DG X100 and golf pride Tour Velvet grips. These were built as a back up set for a friend on tour. They show some very light wear from a range session and very light chatter here and there from travel. $OLD OBO Shipped in the USA. Not really looking for trades but some items of interest would be Tour Issue Maverik Sub Zero or Sub Zero triple diamond, Apex Pro- pro dot Raw ,Byron DH 89 GSS, Bettinardi Tour Stock, PXG Gen1 or Gen 2 0311T Irons-extreme dark. Must be in good shape. Vok
  13. Sounds like Brady Schnell needs to worry less about what other people are doing and more on what he is doing and playing his own game. If Vijay qualifies to play then it’s of no ones else’s concern what he does. If you don’t like the guy for personal reasons that’s on you. But the second you take to social media and put Vijay on blast calling him names and acting in a manner that makes others question your character and your professionalism doesn’t reflect well on you. Sadly Brady you are the one who looks like the jerk here and not Vijay.
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