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  1. I know you posted awhile back. But the Project X LS and KBS Tour 120 are completely different animals. The KBS 120 will play a bit softer and has a low to mid launch with mid spin. The Project X LS are a stiffer profile lower launch and spin more like the KBS C Taper.
  2. Just cleaning out the golf closet and ran in to some stuff I forgot I had lol…the life of a club ho. Not really looking for trades but some bait would be non OTR Bettinardi Mallet Covers. DG Tour Issue 120 X100 shafts. Pulled using low heat and extractor. These came out of my 2020 Apex Pro Irons after a couple rounds ordered through Callaway. 4-PW, Standard length 5 iron played at 38 inches. .355 tip. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips 2 wraps logo down. $OLD. KBS Tour One Step Putter shaft. I played this in my white hot OG 7s. It’s a very nice and stable shaft and a definite upgrade from the Stroke Lab Shaft. Raw length is 32.5 it played just a touch over 34.5 in the odyssey putter. .370 Tip. Extra shaft label included with sale. $OLD Shipped in the USA. KBS Tour Driven 70 Cat 4 X stiff driver shaft. 44 inches long with RH Callaway Adapter and Golf Pride Z Cord grip with 2 wraps logo down. Played 4 rounds and will pass as new. No tipping or anything done. $OLD Shipped in the USA. Limited Edition Odyssey Tour Swirls Mallet Headcover. Used for a couple rounds. In like new condition $OLD OBO Shipped in the USA.
  3. A ton of good information here. Most of the Tour heads are the exact same thing as the retail heads. The difference being that the tolerances in loft, lie, head weight are a tighter spec than the standard retail heads. For example a 9 degree sorted tour head will generally be 8.9 to 9.1 degrees loft. Where a retail 9 degree head will be 8.7 to 9.5 degrees before it gets rejected. I have seen a couple heads as high as 1.2 degrees above stated loft. Don’t ask which company. I’m not saying. This is also the same for the face angle, lie angle and head weight. There is a lot of hand sorting and measuring done to get a batch of heads within Tour specs. With that said when you buy Tour issue Drivers, Metal woods and hybrids you generally won’t know what’s been done to that head shaft combo for the player. Guys will have clubs made up to fit the conditions of a certain course the week they are playing. Rat Glue/ aka hot melt added to create draw or fade bias or get the weight forward or back to create certain launch conditions around their swing. If they like it in practice they may play it. If they don’t it ends up in their caddy’s trunk until late at some point it gets given away or sold somewhere. For the average player Tour issue doesn’t always mean better. I’m not saying all Tour issue clubs have been altered and I’m not saying there aren’t advantages to some of it. If you are considering buying Tour issue equipment just do your due diligence as best you can so you have some kind of idea of what you are getting
  4. Not sure to be honest. It looks like a smaller SZ LG. Picked up at a local estate sale and didn’t have much info with it.
  5. All prices include insured shipping in USA. Trade interest Bettinardi Inovai 6.O Tour Stock with short flow neck. Toulon Garage /Odyssey Austin with site dot. Byron Morgan DH89 GSS. 34.5 long, lie 2 flat, loft 2 deg,350G, Torched Blue oil finish, KBS CT Tour 120 Matte Black Shaft. Ionic pistol grip. Putter has been gamed but is in excellent condition with no nicks or dings. Tuna Milled Patchwork head cover included. $OLD Callaway/ Odyssey 2021 Majors Head Covers Limited Edition New in Plastic. Masters Driver Cover. $100 now $80 PGA Championship Kiawah Island Driver Cover $100 Now $80 US Open Torrey Pines Driver Cover $100 Now $80 US Open Torrey Pines Odyssey Blade putter cover $100 Now $80 Mens G Fore Shorts. SZ 38 New with tags never worn. $OLD! PXG 2021 Aloha Hat and Golf Towel. New with tags never worn or used. Hat is 39 Thirty brand fitted size LG/XL. $100 now $80 Men’s Linksoul SZ LG Miura Tour Logo Shirt. Worn one time no rips, snags stains or odor. From non smoking home $40 Now $30 Mens SZ LG Puma Rickie Fowler Tour Logo Shirt. $OLD Pin 9/7
  6. 2020 PXG Aloha Hat one size fits most worn 1 time. No stains, rips or odor from non smoking home. $OLD OBO Shipped in the USA Mens XL Peter Millar Bettinardi Queen Bee shirt. Worn one time no rips, stains or odor from non smoking home. $OLD OBO shipped in the USA. KBS TD 70 Category 4 X Flex driver shaft with Callaway Adapter. Hit for a fitting session and spin was just a little high for me. Will play 45” in Callaway Mavrik $160.00 OBO Shipped in the USA. TaylorMade Tour issue Hi Toe 58 degree wedge. New never hit. With KBS 610 125 Wedge shaft, standard length, loft and lie. $125.00OBO Shipped in the USA. (7) PXG Lamkin standard size grips. Ordered direct from PXG with my new irons and went with a different option. These have never been installed just had them thrown in the box when I placed my order. $OLD OBO shipped in the USA. Trade interest would be HZRDUS Hulk Green PVD. 60-70g 6.5 driver length. KBS Tour 130x with the new TaylorMade graphics. DG Tour Issue X100 or 120X shafts. PXG 17-19 gen 2 hybrids. pin 1/8
  7. Putter just sold. But it was aprox 1/4 toe hang. It was the fly milling and it was actually softer than expected.
  8. Putter SOLD! - RH Bettinardi Tour Stock DASS weld neck center shaft. Black PVD Shaft 34.5 length, and I believe standard loft and lie. Picked this up thinking I might like the center shaft. Rolled it indoors on a putting green and it’s just not my flavor. Will include standard Bettinardi HC with it and 2020 Pga Championship Bettinardi Alcatraz Seagull HC. SOLD!!!! New in Box never hit 2021 Callaway X Forged CB Irons. RH 4-PW, standard length, loft, lie angle 1 degree flat. True Temper DG Tour Issue 120 X100 with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips. 2 wraps logo down. Bought these and decided to go in another direction have over $1,500.00 in these. My loss is your gain $1,000.00 OBO shipped in the USA. Shafts SOLD!- KBS Tour V 125 S+ Tour Spec Pulled Iron Shafts. 4-PW. 355 Taper Tip. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips with 2 wraps and logo down. Played standard length in Apex Pro Dots. Raw 7 iron length 35 3/4 inches long. I had these in my Callaway Apex Pro dots and we’re played for about 10 rounds and just not a great fit for me. PXG Dark Brown Bomber Style Leather driver HC. Sat on a spare driver in my garage. Never used. $30.00 OBO Shipped in the USA. SOLD-True Spec Golf G fore snap back hat. Navy blue never worn just been sitting in my closet. Shipped in the USA All items are from a non smoking home. Also Covid free, have had multiple tests done over the past few weeks. Not really looking for any trades at this time. But bait would be, PXG Stand bag, X Flex Ventus Velocore Black Driver shafts, X Flex Tensei White Driver Shafts. Otherwise cash is king. Please don’t waste my time with junk or lowball offers. pin 12/10
  9. I have a 17 month old at home and don’t practice enough to do them justice. Also just hitting my raw Apex Pro dots so good I can’t justify the switch.
  10. SOLD - 2021 Callaway Apex MB Irons. RH 4-PW Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue X-100, Standard Length, loft. Lie angle 1 flat. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord with 2 wraps. D3 Swing Weight I have $1,450.00 in these. My loss is your gain. SOLD shipped in the USA. SOLD-Callaway Tour Issue Raw MD5 Wedges. KBS 610 125 Wedge Shafts, standard length, adjusted lofts stamped, lie angle 1 flat. Tour Velvet Cord Grips with 2 wraps. 51s-55s and 59x. The sole of the 59x was lightly ground by the Tour dept. The 59 looks to have been hit once. SOLDobo shipped in the USA. Not looking to split them up. SOLD-Tour Issue Vokey TVD 58 M Grind SM4. Std length, loft and lie. Tour issue S400 shaft. This wedge has seen 1 range session and then sat as back up. SOLD shipped in the USA. Chambers Bay Blade Head Cover. Never used. $30.00 obo shipped in the USA. Only trade interest would be P7MC Irons, 2021 X forged CB Irons. Vokey SM8 Raw or Black M Grind, low bounce K Grind, T Grind, in new or like new condition. pin 11/1
  11. Tariffs on overseas manufacturing. 95% + of Golf equipment is made in China. As a result the cost for landed components has gone up and that translates to higher costs at retail. PXG showed that people will pay a premium for golf equipment. Club Ho’s...... nuff said.
  12. Borrowed a friends chrome single dot so you can see the difference. Pic is of 8 iron.
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