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  1. Idk how people can say Rahm is clearly the best player when DJ and Morikawa are playing so well.
  2. Agreed. It’s one thing to fist pump but the screaming & cursing doesn’t belong in golf
  3. If you never use the hood then wtf is the point?
  4. it’s shocking how big of a slob Shane Lowery is
  5. He would have gotten a full point with Bryson yesterday. Spieth shouldve given up his spot for a guy that can putt
  6. 3 pathetic putts in a row. Can we sub in Reed?
  7. I agree. I do wish they used this time to explore some better courses since these events don’t deal with massive crowds, but it’s still tied to a sponsor so this is what we get.
  8. Yup, it’s definitely a different feel. Kind of like spring training or preseason football. I appreciate it for what it is and can’t wait for Kapulua
  9. I know you weren’t and I don’t believe you are even complaining about it. I think some fans and media have unrealistic expectations for every tour event to be jam packed with the top players week in and week out. I enjoy the B level events just as much because it mixes new blood with the veterans that have fallen off.
  10. 3 major winners from last year already playing on the KFT… dang the PGA Tour is harsh lol I think the field is pretty decent. Just wait until Bermuda
  11. What would the bar be if not completing a tournament? Like I said before, he tied Scheffler
  12. You just admitted your health argument is BS
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