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  1. I am now using a 56.14 and it is versatile. I use it out of the bunkers and on little flops all the time. More than my 60. I’ve had a 58 in the S grind and didn’t like it near as much as the 56.14 F
  2. Callaway. I just don’t think their clubs are that good compared to the other major oems. But I wouldn’t keep a club of theirs out of my bag if it worked
  3. I know I’m in the minority but I wish drivers were still glued. Probably mental but the adapter has a different feel to me
  4. I mean it’s the biggest story in golf obviously and he went over what we know about Tiger’s injuries with his doctor and took notes. He’s not throwing out reckless allegations like Jaime Diaz on GC. I had a bad view of Haney after his Tiger book but I listened to him on Johnny’s WRX pod and it was really insightful so I listening to his podcast. He’s the best golf analyst out there and completely fair with his Tiger analysis.
  5. The amazing thing is the distance he gets on those monster slices.
  6. Great podcast by Hank Haney going over the injury after speaking with his orthopedic surgeon. Very detailed. Tiger is lucky it’s his right leg. Podcast link
  7. The only way it makes sense is if you aren’t a big TV watcher and you can split some of the steaming with friends or family. YTTV is just cable with one less cord
  8. I think so too. No clue how it happened. The drive on 18 went shorter then normal but right down the middle and then I hit a PW from 140 yds and it flew normal. I noticed the crack after marking. I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed if it was there the hole before because I marked and lined up a birdie putt. Weird but I’m guessing the drive on 18 did it. It was a large crack running down left of the B mark. Same spot as the OP
  9. No I left the ball in the cart by accident and didn’t take a pic. I’ll just chalk it up as a fluke since I can’t find any posts with a similar experience with the BX. It was the first ball I played in the box so if it happens again I’ll reach out.
  10. Played in a tournament today and noticed a large crack on the 18th green. I had to take it out of play and putt with a new ball. First time playing the Tour B X and I really like everything about it other than the crack. The ball was brand new and never hit into a net and I didn't catch it thin all day.
  11. I guess you can throw in Hovland. He was not a Ping iron guy before he turned pro and had immediate success
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