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  1. 56 goes 110 and I hit it 80% of the time within that yardage. I am definitely better at chipping and out of the bunkers with the 56 Short sided chips and the perfect full and 3/4 yardage I will go 60 degree. It all just depends on the shot but I rely on my 56 far more.
  2. He would be the best on the lpga but I don’t think it would be by a lot.
  3. DJ using a new putting grip too with his finger down the shaft. Was he doing that last Sunday?
  4. Idk why he even bothers going to the majors anymore
  5. Rory also a no show since the masters.
  6. My favorite course in FL and one of the best courses on tour imo DJ choked in the final round a couple years ago to let Casey win. I think he will win if he has a good week with his new putter
  7. I always liked him and his game. I hope he makes a comeback as a better man and golfer
  8. Brooks cares about every little thing and says he doesn’t. He lives on social media so yeah I think he cares about the PIP a lot.
  9. Probably has some crazy security measures he has to take after his iCloud leak. Could cause him to keep older technology.
  10. Didn’t this happen with Bryson too?
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