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  1. SIM 8* set closed at 9.5* (it looks too open at std) Tensei orange Tx 60 Keeps my spin down without feeling overly harsh or too hard to launch. I’ve had titleist drivers my whole life and the SIM is the only TM driver I’ve ever gotten along with. I did avoid TM for many years because I didn’t like the brand and despised white headed drivers. I hate to admit that the tour guys influence me but DJ, Tiger, Rory and Day changed my perception of TM.
  2. The G425 max had a bad feel/sound imo. I couldn’t get over it and I am a longtime G25 fairway wood player. I preferred the G410 just based on feel but still not enough to kick the G25 out. Ping woods have been the easiest to launch. Also, I have always found Titleist heads to feel better balanced than other brands. For me it made them easier to feel the face and hit straight consistently.
  3. He was working with the Saudi’s until it became a detriment. The interviewer was so easily sold by Gardiner on this very abstract league. This guy is targeting anti-tour media and catering to them by saying whatever. You think he really cares how the league operates? Doubtful. He just wants to poach the top players and cash in while the gullible media want to have team golf to produce more off-course drama rather than a legitimate tour.
  4. I think we’ve already seen the winner in this matchup. Reed vs Spieth would be a good one
  5. It shouldn’t be live if there’s just 2 guys playing. Edit the dead air in the match and make it into a 30 minute show.
  6. Is the tsi4 lower spin than the SIM? I found the SIM lower spin than the ts4 from a couple years back.
  7. I can’t imagine them not bringing this to retail or at least online orders only. Why would they have left dash, but not this one? It seems like the left dot ball would cater to more players. I hope they test the star out too
  8. The media is to blame. They get bored covering golf and want to turn the sport into a reality show on Bravo just like the NBA has. I just want to watch good golf
  9. Picked up the ts2 3 wood head on ebay and threw a graffaloy blue stiff tipped 2”+ (I messed up pulling the shaft lol) Just a little experiment to have more reliable 3 wood off the tee bc like most wrxers I hit my driver too far. It’s one of the stiffest clubs I’ve ever swung
  10. Same. They look so cheesy to me for some reason. I used to think the same of taylormade
  11. Following his victory at the 2019 BMW Championship, Justin Thomas explained in an interview why he switches golf balls. “Yeah, I used the Pro V1 Star it’s called for however many months, but I went back to the ball I was playing, the [Pro V1x], at the Travelers,” Thomas explained to PGATOUR.com. “[The Star] is a lot different. It’s a lot softer and it’s a lot more spin.” Explaining why he switched, Thomas said, “I wasn’t putting very well and I felt like the feel of the ball while I was putting was effecting my speed, and I just didn’t know if it was or not. So I just wanted to switch and see if I felt that way. I knew that other ball worked really well, and I’m glad I switched back.” https://essential.golf/justin-thomas-explains-why-he-switches-golf-balls-not-irons/
  12. Distance and spin is much easier to observe and attribute to a ball than feel and how it relates to short shots and putting speed.
  13. Destroying clothes is not very eco friendly… neither is hitting golf balls in the water
  14. Or he can leverage the tour into paying him more
  15. Of course the leagues and their popularity are vastly different. I was comparing salaries to demonstrate how little $1M is in the realm of pro sports. It’s absurd and ignorant to pick on the mid level pga tour player and say him earning $1M for the season is somehow out of line.
  16. The PGA Tour has too much power and keeps too much of the money. It’s now a self serving institution that has grown too large and self interested rather than working for the players. There’s similar issues with the usga. Look at the revenue and the amount that goes to players. It’s half of most sports and the players take on most of the expenses. I’m surprised over the years players haven’t found a better way to create a tour that’s more equitable.
  17. My post was in response to the Roger Sloan discussion in this thread. Why isn’t it a good thing that money is not the main incentive for top pros? They are trying to win majors and achieve greater goals than just paying bills. If there’s any issue it’s that these players are paid too little. Easy solution, juice up the purses and the top guys will win more. The PGA Tour won’t be able to manufacture an event or points race that’s going to matter close to as much these player’s life long goal to win a major.
  18. Roger Sloan finished 96th on the FedEx and made $1,107,623 MLB 96th paid: Wade Miley- Cubs $10,000,000 NFL 96th paid: Darius Slay- Eagles $14,050,000 Granted both are bigger sports, but neither are household names that get people to watch and make 10x (without the expenses of a tour pro). Let’s stop pretending $1M is a ridiculous amount of money and these guys aren’t worth it.
  19. And he made 17 cuts. This is professional sports. $1M is peanuts for an entire season
  20. I putt much better with the XS than I do with the pro v1. Each cover will putt different and make such a big difference that’s hard to pick up on
  21. Some of these guys just like to talk without anything thoughtful to say. This instance sounds like he went off the cuff with a half baked idea
  22. You could do this with every blade. These aren’t even that similar to each other
  23. I’m high speed and looking at the tsi2 3 wood as well.
  24. Jason Day has an interesting bag now that he’s a FA. He’s been changing a lot. He had mizunos and then went back to his TM irons. He swapped putters and used a 2-ball for a bit and then went back to his spider. His ball was the tour bxs Tiger ball and now switched to the bx. He’s such a great talent and nice guy, I wish he could stay healthy. If he does turn things around I think Bridgestone picks him up as a sponsor.
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