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  1. Strengthen your core over winter, it will help your back immensely. Yoga, planking, sit ups, etc. You won't regret it.
  2. I'll be on the volunteer greens staff for the PGA @ Bethpage!...it will be ready, don't you worry :)
  3. Worst has to be the Nike Sumo. While I liked the driver, it sounded just awful. Best is the Callaway GBB for me.
  4. Lynx has been in the US for years. Golfsmith used to sell their gear and it was crap.
  5. I'll go to the course as a single, and love getting paired up with others. But when you golf solo (nobody else around) and don't get paired up, I lose interest pretty quickly and it turns into a practice session. So I'll always book that single tee time when they're only looking for 1-2 players, that way you know you will be paired up with others.
  6. I don't see how wearing jeans affects anything. If someone wants to play golf in jeans, why the hell does it matter?
  7. Nike Stormfit is awesome. Survived Bandon in Feb for me and played in the pouring rain last weekend....bone dry.
  8. I do it all the time in practice rounds when nobody is on the course. someone once told me to play 2 balls and play best ball, it will show you what you can do on a good day and its very true. It's a great way to practice and builds confidence.
  9. putting in my basement all winter! It makes a big difference come spring!
  10. TaylorMade Community username: GeneralZod Current driver model / specs: Callaway GBB Epic 9 degree (set to +2 loft), Fujikura Pro Green stiff shaft Current handicap: 10.5 RH or LH: LH
  11. Clicgear, by far the best cart out there.
  12. Current Driver & Shaft Details (Manufacturer, Model, Settings, Length, Flex) - Callaway GBB Epic, 9 degree, standard length, stiff flex Driver Swing Speed - 105mph What are your goals to improve your driving? Accuracy! Have you ever been custom fit before? Yes, for irons only. Club Champion Location - Hackensack, NJ
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