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  1. I do a round and hit 4-5 Goodwills in the northern half of the Twin Cities maybe once a week if that and yeah, next to nothing out there. Been half tempted to buy the one off irons even and sell the on eBay just for extra golf money. That or getting into the vintage stuff and refurbishing them, but that's such a learning curve to figure out what's popular and what's not.
  2. What on earth do you do with all of them?
  3. My friend had a custom bullseye putter and thought it would be fun to have one for around the house/office, but when I went online to look at the prices, the bullseye putter world is ... a confusing one. You have Acushnet, Titleist, Scotty Cameron, LaFemme, all the different stamps on the putters, etc... The exact same putter can go for $10 or $100+ (example: Expensive vs. Cheap ) I've passed up these every time I see them at garage sales/auctions/thrift stores, so I was wondering if there's a way to make sense of it all?
  4. I might look into seeing how to refinish it and maybe use it, but if I can sling it for more money, might as well!
  5. Found this at a goodwill for $3.99. I see it selling for $12 to $180 (reconditioned) on ebay.
  6. Well since a majority of gaining distance is adjusting the flight characteristics of the ball, and since the PGA has so many rules on it. Not to mention that they have a limit on the size of the club head, like other said, is just try to make clubs more forgiving and customizable for feel. I did read one article on the military releasing some armor metal that's lighter/harder than titanium, but we'll see.
  7. Damn that sucks... Is there any sources out there at show the difference between fake and real clubs? I'm one of those people that tend to buy stuff used and it would be nice to know this stuff!
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