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  1. That Cleveland is beautiful! Been keeping an eye out for one of those for a while. Still no luck.
  2. Wait, the weight track was on the back like Callaway, or on the bottom like the original SIM?
  3. I’d be thrilled with equal numbers of my SIM on center hits and +3 on off strikes. I’m not greedy.
  4. Still have v sole? I mean, I'm just curious. I'm still playing an m5, I'll probably update to sim or sim2 after the new ones release and people start unloading.
  5. It’s not the fastest, but definitely one of the longest when hit well. Great for eliminating the left side of the course.
  6. 3-5 more mph on misses sounds pretty good to me. Maintain the shape of the SIM and it sounds like a winner. Just gotta keep up with the SIM everywhere else.
  7. Only way to know for sure is to try. People seem to forget that we as golfers react to the club as well. I different shape, face angle, appearance at address, size, or feel can easily lead to a different delivery based on our own personal reaction to it. Maybe your strike has just improved due to something as simple as the size of the face. Whatever it is it seems to be working for you, so go for it.
  8. How about replacing the plastic insert with a milled one? You could reach out to spry evo.
  9. Same, I had a 10.5 that measures out to 11.25. Played it fully open with a 70 gram ahina. I had to really miss it to hit it left more than 5-10 yards. Most fade biased club I can remember in a while.
  10. For some people, yes. It's all about getting launch and spin characteristics to fit what you need. Some people need low launch low spin, another guy might not be able to get that off the ground and it becomes only suitable for the tee. Other guys may just need more or less spin, or as mentioned, more loft. Since most of us do not spend the time fitting a 3 wood like we do a driver, 4 wood loft is probably more effective in the long run for most guys.
  11. Black Matte, after installing the ct tour in two putters and seeing a noticeable improvement, I'd like to try the one step in my mallet putter to see if it improves as well.
  12. Didn't hear much about the results of it, but considering it was about $1500 and designed for high launch, slower swings, and a closed face. It was probably aimed at a very small specific group. Definitely would not appeal to a WRX'r. I am eager to see what it's about. I'm not surprised to see carbon faces making a comeback. It will probably sound pretty cool too. I haven't hit a composite face since the Yonex days.
  13. I had a rib injury last year, got to the point I couldn’t hit 20 shots at the range without serious pain. I could swing lefty though with out much pain. Spent about 6 months practicing mostly lefty. Had to get my golf fix in somehow. I still take a 6 iron to the range to get some lefty swings in. It’s always funny to see the look of confusion on the person’s face next to me. They’re pretty sure I was just swinging righty, but not totally sure.
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