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  1. Too my eye it looks like a blend. A little bit of 681 shape and muscle position combined with 680 offset. Higher muscle with more weight towards the toe. Maybe modeled after the 681 cg placement. I have no idea about the sole influence. It would be interesting to know those specifics in comparison to the old irons. JT's irons look more like a 620 influenced shape with low offset. Imagine how cool it would be to go back in a manufacturer's archives and request a certain shaped blade, cg placement, offset, sole grind, blade length, etc. A golf nerds dream.
  2. How so? Weird that manufacturers for the most part have the least offset in the short irons then. Wouldn't reverse offset make more sense? For me it's visual. Offset clubs never look square to me at address. Has me second guessing my clubface alignment every time. Who needs that before every shot? With 0 offset it's not a thought, it's point and shoot simple as that. No one is noticing offset once the club is in motion, at least not visually. Different strokes for different folks.
  3. I’ve tried multiple times, I’m more consistent with blades. I do hit GI’s further my distances are less consistent and the long and left miss shows up more often though. I still have hope of one day finding a GI set that works well for me.
  4. My sub 70’s are .5 mm 4-PW. Best irons I’ve played since the 681’s. 620’s are very nice. They were in the running to get in my bag this year along with the p7tw’s, p7 MB, and the RF blades. Then a friend pointed me to the sub 70 649’s and it was an easy decision.
  5. These are something new, the 100’s are milled and shaped different. These are likely a larger blade than the 100 too. I agree though, for the money I’d go with one of the major brands over the 100’s, but they are pretty. I’ll be watching for a used set down the line.
  6. That's why I never quite get what I want. My current irons are the lowest I've ever seen in person. Love them, but man just once I'd like to have all the hot faced, tungsten loaded, springy foam filled, jacked lofted, player's CB goodness with .5 offset. Just once! That's not asking for too much right?
  7. My thoughts exactly, could likely find a lightly used set of Sub 70 or New Level blades on eBay pretty cheap. I honestly couldn't be happier with my irons.
  8. Minimal is a relative term, but I agree that the 620's were their best effort since the the 681's. Super low constant offset is what appeals to me. If someone shows up with a set of zero offset t100's I'm going to flip! I loved that whole 660, 670, 680, 681, and 690 period. Each series had subtly different specs and you could order what was best for you. I remember I was even given different grind options when I ordered my 681's. I didn't know enough about it at the time, so I just went for the standard option.
  9. Agreed, the offset was a no go for me. The "100" irons look great though. Look very similar to the Cobra RF blades, but with normal offset and a satin finish. Problem is they cost just as much as the RF.
  10. I hear that! I'm hoping to hear something soon. I cracked the face on my Sim, they sent me a Sim2 replacement. Now I'm debating if I should sell the Sim2 and put the money towards what's next, or just bag the new one. It's tough looking at a brand new driver and not playing it.
  11. That Rory is fake as it gets. Was there even and actual inspired by Rory that was a Newport 2 shape? I only remember the newport shape and it was a bronze color with dots in the cavity. If there are fakes as good as that tour putter, could someone point me in the direction to find one.
  12. Take the AS shape, the JT offset, throw some tungsten in the toe and jack the PW loft to 46 degrees and you have a modern 681. OG 681's were the best irons I ever owned. The low constant offset is something that has been a challenge to find and is almost non existent in todays irons. I wonder who else got a prototype set and what they look like.
  13. ^ THIS!!! 681as shape with the 621jt offset and it's golden. Oh wait, why not just reissue the OG 681's. That's basically what we are asking for. It would be great to have an option to get these. Even if it was MOTO. Pretty much how the original 681's were when they came out.
  14. While carbon putters would be nice, I'd rather see the California shapes come back. It would be that much cooler if they used the 2010 California face mill and Titleist logo in the cavity, with the 2012 California shapes.
  15. I don't know about hotter, but you could look at something like a M2, M4, M6, or look at the Sim Max and Sim2 if you want something new. CG position and spin are going to be the biggest difference, just depends on what you need as to whether it's better or not. The newer stuff may be more forgiving, but center strikes aren't getting any faster as far as ball speed goes. Pretty sure you can even use the same shaft as later Adams and TM tips where the same.
  16. Older favorites, tour issue jetspeed fairway woods, and OG RBZ 3 wood. Might find them cheap on eBay as well.
  17. As Phabs said he does alot of resto and mods. Look him up on instagram to see his work. He does some really great mod work. I was actually contacting him to do long neck mod,at the time, but he was getting ready to take a break from putter work. He offered me one of his he already had made, and I am not sorry for taking him up on it.
  18. Agreed, unless you know his game, his likes and dislikes in equipment performance and appearance, I'd get him up with a fitting and a gift card. Maybe direct the fitter towards the budget and irons you'd like him to consider. In the end let the fitter and your dad decide what's best.
  19. I’d send them in a for a refurb. Probably 1/3 of the cost of a new set of irons.
  20. What?!!! Because having the latest/greatest makes me better than the rest of you peasants!
  21. What's your current iron set up? If it's blades or small CB's, then it's easy. I'd try a more forgiving 5 iron, but I lean towards irons anyway. I can play hybrids, but I've been more accurate with irons. If your irons are already pretty forgiving, then either learn to take something off the 4 hybrid, or look into that 5 hybrid.
  22. Great choice! I’d love to have one with a Bastain tungsten weight mod.
  23. I'm not a fan of the crown, but I will be giving the pro a swing when I start testing drivers out.
  24. DeCuchi

    Arm Lock Stuff

    I have an old Tad Moore that I never got along with. Lie angle and loft were way off so it just sat in my garage. I extended the shaft a few inches and added a super stroke wrist lock grip. It’s not bad, I use it for practice. I also recently took this Heavy putter to square up a trade. I planned to give it to my cousin, But I guess I’ll see what this armlock thing is about first.
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