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  1. Dear PGA Tour, we don't care about regular events, give us a longer Major season please.
  2. I vote for Matty to be an honorary Open thread started from now on!
  3. Sandwich is a fantastic links, I played it in 2014 and it's the only course where I needed a caddie because you have no idea where to hit! Incredible piece of land for golf!
  4. ...then he choked. I kid, I kid, golf is tough!
  5. Exactly… pitty. His interviews are good though.
  6. Rory has become a golden journeyman, and he is not a factor in Majors since St Andrews, where instead of defending his Open title at the Home of Golf he preferred to play soccer with his buddies and broke his leg. He has retired ever since from the tournaments that matter. He wins some regular tournament (big and small) here and there because he is arguably the greatest player of his generation, but he is just ok where he is in life. Not all players are like Tiger, robots programmed to win majors and break records. This said, I love Rory and would love to see him succeed and win th
  7. I don't think Rory choked, because we all knew (him included) he was not gonna win, and not even try to, so guy met the expectations imho
  8. Sir, that's the ladies room. It says ALL ACCESS!
  9. I used to play with Andrea when we were young, he was way better than me! no idea, maybe life and kids?
  10. Beautiful interview. Bravo Jon.
  11. And then yeah, I drained it. Yeah, not a big deal, I already won that once.
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