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  1. But what if we lose against the internationals, so they gain confidence and they win the next Presidents Cup, so the US team gets depressed again and schedule friendly matches against Europe to gain confidence but...
  2. Next week, when the Ryder Cup hangover fades, he will be back
  3. Also because 19 seems an armageddon, but we won 17,5 point in Paris and we could have easily gotten 1,5 points more with a little more help from Rory ad Casey... So I think we are in the same situation as US in 2018: bad week, need to change the squad.
  4. If I were Stricker there is no way I would risk to lose one.
  5. Enough with whining from both sides. Finish all your putts and proceed to the next hole.
  6. Then he went to Gleneagles and chunked it again. This stuff gets in your head. Great guy though!
  7. They say European Tour changed everyting since then, let's hope it will be half as great as Le National...
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