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  1. Hey look it's fun, we are having fun, we are funny guys! Hey look at us!!
  2. How can you forget, this is probably in my top 5 moments in golf, it's just perfect!
  3. Barolo is perfect for those dishes, expecially if you pair tartufo with tajarin, meat, or sunny side up eggs white or rose with veal sound good too even if there are not a lot of good white or rosè wines in Piedmont. Ok, now I'm hungry!
  4. There is a guy who is still enoying being the Champion Golfer of the Year(s)
  5. Played the Torrence in 2013 and stayed at the hotel. Liked the course and loved the clubhouse during sunset. I would recomment it!
  6. Bagnacauda, Tartufo Bianco d'Alba, vitello tonnato and Barolo would have been a great Autumn menu, pitty!
  7. Great human work, doesn't give me chills though
  8. Hole #1 from the terrace was pretty cool (usually is #10)
  9. Exactly, he is/was a Golf Channel employee, not a Tiger team member
  10. Winning score was lower at Gardagolf than at Chervò! I predicted a -30 win, I couldn’t be more wrong! Congrats to McDowan, well deserved.
  11. Next Opens will probably be around Rome because of the Ryder Cup, regarding Gardagolf it really depends on members, if they want to give their course away for 3 months, which I strongly doubt
  12. Unfortunately life happened... he is doing great off the course though
  13. Gardagolf is another league compared to Chervò
  14. Without Arnie supporting it it’s pretty sad to see Golf Channel basically gone. Never really understood TT, he was a guy tweeting about Tiger, thinking he was part of the team?
  15. That's Limone, one of the many beautiful cities around the lake
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