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  1. Imho if the difference in money becomes very high it will be tough to convince them to remain. At the end (a part from Majors and Ryder Cup) the best players will play in the most lucrative tournaments, even if they are on dull courses.
  2. We will arrive with a meh team this year, so even with lack of camaraderie I am pretty sure US will take this one. At the end the team who holes more putt wins.
  3. I like asking (politely) players to sign my flag, also because it's an occasion to have a couple of words with them (I learned Stenson is left handed when he was signing my flag) and then frame it, I think is a great souvenir. On the other side, I don't get people who buy autographs for themself. I also think is lame to ask for autographs and then selle them.
  4. Congrats Phil, what a tournament! BK was right imho.
  5. Sorry, I missed this question. By the quality of the golf played, obviously.
  6. I smile every time somebody judges the quality of a tournament based on the average American watching tv
  7. Me too, but to be honest, he played great on Thursday, then disappeared...
  8. We will see this in each and every Masters ad from now on, fantastic! You just can't make this stuff up.
  9. Congrats Hideki, he was the one playing "less bad" from the pack. Sometimes you have to be the right person at the right moment. Unexpected choke from Xander, reminds me of Westy in 2016, same hole. Overall, meh Sunday, interesting winner. Congrats Hideki and congrats Japan, this will be huge!
  10. Good to see Cam Smith in the mix, those recovery irons at #7 and #9 were some of the best I have ever seen!
  11. Leish fistpumping after that "Come On Aussies" putt is one the reasons why golf is great.
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