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  1. Also, well played DJ, great win! Of you make the back 9 of the Masters boring, you know you have been dominating!
  2. That Louis swing is so good... plus he has the same # of Majors as Bryson.
  3. Also, glad to see DJ rented a single story house this time.
  4. Langer would be such a great honorary starter, plus he also won!
  5. Omg watching Bryson missing short putts at Augusta it's just so satisfying!
  6. He is the best player of his generation when he wants to, kinda like John Daly
  7. AC Milan is cr*p, so I'll stick to golf.
  8. Don't you like the discussion about the most milkshakes drunk?
  9. I am pretty sure he already did in 2015, now he is our golden journeyman.
  10. You know it's a strange Masters when Charley Hoffman isn't leading on Thursday.
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