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  1. OP is fake but they do sell their Japan market head wrapped in plastic.
  2. All prices shipped CONUS and are OBO: Nike Vapor Pro (P-7)/Pro Combo Set (6-4), Modus 120 X std length, 1 deg flat and 1 deg strong, Iomic Black X-Evo grips: $SOLD All these have Nike Flex Tip Adapters: -Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution Tour Issue 6.2, X Flex, Iomic Black Armor 2.3 grip, 44.25" : $SOLD -Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution Tour Spec, X Flex, Iomic Black Armor 2.3 grip, measures to 44": $SOLD -Fujikura Pro 63 Tour Spec X Flex, Fuji std Grip, measures to 44": $SOLD -Nippon Modus 125 X pulls. Cut to standard length, Pitch shaft measuring 35" then 1/2" increment. I experimented with these before but ended up choosing the 120's. These probably had only about 3 rounds on them and about 5 range sessions at most. Almost in mint condition: $SOLD
  3. I was a px 6.0 user for about 5 years and tried the modus 125x. I had the same problems with the weight after 2/3 days consecutive golf. I'm on the 120x right now but the distance is no where close to px but the dispersion is better. 120x has definitely more spin than the 125x and 6.0.
  4. I bought mine when i was in high school then but i stripped mine down raw a few years back once the top coat bubbled from rust.
  5. Looks fantastic but i'm keeping mine black until the bottom wear starts looking like my 2012 cameron
  6. Want to make it more confusing is throw the 661 Evo X 6.2 in there as well. I picked up one from ebay but it seems to launch a bit higher than my current gamer which is the VC 6.2 TS.
  7. I was finally able to put the 52 sq and the 58 ts into play last saturday. My group played 36 in Monterey at Black horse and Pasadera. I thought tight lies would be a problem but it wasn't though i was really surprised of how easy the ts went through the rough on green side pitches/chips from the rough. It took a little adjustment to believe that the clubhead wouldn't get caught up as much into the rough but all in all its probably the most versatile wedge.
  8. Having spectated a few events the only major i saw was the US Open at Olympic Club which was spectator friendly. The area i hanged out covered 5 holes so it was easy to jump ahead to areas before it got filled up. But i agree with everyone else that the driving range is the best place to be. If you're getting a single day pass i think you get more value if you go during the practice days (mon-wed): 1. tickets are not as expensive as tournament proper (unless you get the multi-day passes) 2. you get to take pictures/its easier to get autographs 3. you get a chance to see the whole field before the cut
  9. ^i want a tall tour visor like the titleist and ping
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