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  1. Anyone’s Garmin Express keep crashing? I’ve reinstalled it about 5 times but it won’t start up.
  2. Looks like I'll give them a try. Thanks everyone!
  3. Do you think there’s any effect to performance using a made in China ‘Taylormade’ sleeve adapter on a driver shaft?
  4. Have you guys used the ‘Indoor net mode’ that they have supposedly released? Any reviews on that?
  5. Any online streams available for us in Canada?
  6. [quote name='scottishpedro' timestamp='1392149681' post='8645995'] I was lucky enough to play with a pro at Isleworth recently who played a year on the pga tour and he kindly hit a few drivers with my sky pro attached. [/quote] Can you please share this swing? If you don't want to make it public, please PM me. Thanks!
  7. Just got my skypro. Anyone have alert settings that are better than the default ones? I can't wait until we can get the numbers from the pros. Thanks.
  8. [quote name='dlam' timestamp='1390600043' post='8525599'] I swing my right arm faster too. But I been training with my left arm and it has gotten faster but not as fast as my right arm. You also have to remember anatomy wise the "left arm swing" is much different feeling, just like a backhand in tennis is different feeling than forehand feeling. where the 'swish" happens is going to different thru the ball. Its easily confused So better to choose one or the other. since my right arm is dominant that is my preference when I set up to an iron shot. [/quote] Being a right arm swinger, is there a drill you do that prevents your left side from slowing down your right? I just find it interesting the difference in speed.
  9. In the last couple weeks, I've been trying to do some speed training where you swing with a light weighted club, then a heavy weighted club and then a normal club. What I have found especially with the light weighted club (gripped shaft, no head) is that I can swing it much quicker with just my right arm (120-130 mph) than my left arm (70-80 mph) or even both arms (80-90). I find it very strange the amount of speed loss I get when introducing the other side of my body. Can you someone give me a drill or swing thought to better sync up both sides?
  10. I recently got fitted into some PING G25 irons and used the numbers from the Mizuno shaft optimizer to narrow down my search. My numbers were: 87, 4,3,5,4. In the end, I chose the Project X 5.5. Can anyone recommend me some driver shafts that would fit my swing with the numbers above? Would the Project X 5.5 driver shaft have the same characteristics? Thanks
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