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  1. Help meI'm an 11 handicap, 47 years old, 6-3, 220. Still fairly athletic. Driver swing speed of 95-100. I can swing the X20's comfortably. I also like the accuracy of the X20 pro or tour version, especially with the flighted shafts. Anyone have an opinion on this decision?
  2. What's in your bag?Just curious because I just bought a set of Idea Pro Forged irons at a great price and I'm looking at the Adams woods.
  3. Help me decideI curently have X20's. I'm an 11 handicap, pretty good ball striker. I can get a set of Adams for under $400, brand new. I've only been able to hit the Adams into a net, but they feel solid. Any opinions on making the move from X20's to Idea Pros?
  4. Help me choose a hybridI've narrowed my choices down to these three. I don't have experience with any of them on the course. I'd love to hear your opinions on any of these three to help me decide. Thanks.
  5. Pick oneWhich one would you rate tops? FT, Diablo, X, or Heavenwood?
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. I'm really interested in your whole bag. What driver, woods, hybrids, irons you're gaming. I'm just curious to compare what I have to what you're playing.
  7. Mid to High HandicappersWhat clubs are you using? I'm a mid-handicapper using pretty much all Callaway. There are a lot of choices. Just wondering what your weapons of choice are.
  8. Help me chooseI can't seem to decide. Drivers I like the Diablo, the FT9. Fairway woods either Diablo, X or FT. Hybrids either the X or FT. I'm really sold on Callaway woods. Which are the best in your opinion? I'm a 12 handicap, 47 years old, fight a hook.
  9. Attention retailersI'm wondering what the hottest-selling clubs are at this point. Every category: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters. What is selling the right now?
  10. Anybody own them/like them?I've found a nearly-new set at a great price. I'm an 11 handicap. I'd love to hear the pros and cons of these irons.
  11. Good point about the price drop on the 9015D. It's a demo at a golf shop. I bet I could get it even cheaper, maybe even under $100. That might be a major factor.
  12. 9015D or New Speedline LSI'm debating getting one of the new Adams 9032LS drivers. But I've found a used 9015D for less than $200. Which would you choose?
  13. Burner '07, Burner "08, DiabloI have it narrowed down to these three. I'd love to hear opinions about these on the course.
  14. Better than R9 or G10/15?I'm looking to change drivers. My current Callaway Diablo isn't working for me. I demo'd the Speedline and liked it. Was wondering your experiences on the course with R9 460 or Ping G10 or the new G15. I need a bomber. I'm losing distance. Can't get off the tee and it's killing my game.
  15. Which Brand?I can't hit hybrids very well. I'd like to try Callaway, Taylor Made or Ping. I'd like to try a 7 and/or 9 wood (and yes, I am a man). Who plays higher lofted wods and which brand do you like?
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