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  1. I'm located in SE Vancouver and considering going a club. Royal Oaks or CECC probably make the most sense. Can anyone DM cost information and anything else you might want to add regarding these clubs?
  2. Cobra 427 was such a great driver, it was overshadowed by some of it's contemporaries like the Titleist 983. I actually still have mine in the garage somewhere, I put an Aldila NV65 in it when that was the new "hot" shaft and used that setup for years. Cobra makes some good equipment and it's great to see them releasing stuff that people are excited about!
  3. Wasn't there a rare version of Taylormade 300 irons? Tour or TP version maybe?
  4. One thing I'm concerned about with the Zero G is around the greens when you want to put your bag on quickly for a short distance. An example would be a short chip/pitch onto the green then move your bag up to the green and grab your putter. Is the Zero G system comfortable or in the way when you carry without buckling the belt?
  5. Thanks for the feedback, please update if something changes. I would really like to give the Zero G a try otherwise I'm actually really intrigued by the Srixon Z Four recommended below.
  6. That's disappointing to hear about the apparel pocket, I was looking at this bag. Do the 4.5 models have this issue?
  7. I currently have an older (2011-ish) Sun Mountain Swift X and although it has held up well, there are some things I would like improved. When I bought this bag, I wanted a lightweight option that still had comfort and the Swift X gave me this. As the cold and wet weather come, I need to have more room for clothes and raingear without it creating club tangling issues which is a problem with my current bag. I'm also a dedicated walker and rarely ride in a cart. I'm very interested in the Zero G system as a way to offset the added weight of a bigger bag. After searching and reading the limited re
  8. I highly recommend Aspen Lakes between Redmond and Sisters. Widgi Creek in out of Bend on your way to Bachelor is a great course.I really enjoy both of these courses. I haven't played Tethrow, Brasada or Pronghorn due to cost, buy Pronghorn is running some good specials this year on Golf now and locally so give them a call. Tethrow is beautiful, but very spendy in the summer after rates and caddie. One thing about Central Oregon golf. The rates are highly variable based on season, time of day and promotions.It will usually benefit you to call the course and ask them about their rates and pro
  9. Thanks for the replies and help guys. I will check out your suggestions once I settle in. Also, thanks for the safety heads up on the downtown area, I understand where you are coming from after or visit. It seems like things are starting to change, but it is only in specific area/neighborhoods.
  10. My wife will be starting her residency at SLU in June. We will be moving from Portland, Oregon and I will be in Oregon most of the summer and staying permanently in August. Looks like we will be living downtown on Washington. Hopefully, there will be access to some decent courses within reasonable driving distances. I might look to join a club later this year. My buddy who lives in St. Louis just joined Old Hickory in St. Peters last fall and i was really impressed with it, but that drive from downtown would be very long. Any other clubs closer to downtown in the same price range? Would love
  11. [quote name='AaronS' timestamp='1366048747' post='6850053'] Nope, think your the first [/quote] Well played...
  12. Congrats on the progress. I live in the Goose Hollow area and play/practice at Heron Lakes quite a bit, especially over the the winter as they seem to be the only place that has their grass range open. Keep up the progress and remember this game is 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I know I still have a long ways to go, but that is the fun of it.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. Go back to the start and focus on the takeaway and hopefully graduate to the rest of the backswing. I will post back with progress.
  14. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1360810259' post='6424831'] Bad wrist hinge is pretty much causing everything you list You need to get your thumbs up sooner and at the top of the swing you need to feel your right hand under the shaft, not on top of it. [/quote] Thanks Monte, I started going back over your videos. I also fixed the post. Somehow I managed to get two of them created. I will work on the comments mentioned and post back with an update.
  15. I went and spent 3 days with Geoff Jones last June and trying to make the changes to my swing. I finished last year with a 10.4hdcp and really want to get down to a 6 this year. I generally fight a low ball flight and really want to raise my ball flight. I do generally compress the ball pretty well when I make good contact (I don't usually wipe at the ball). Here are the things I see, please feel free to add more or critique what I have below: My right elbow is very ugly and I'm working on getting it more vertical. My club face is closed at 9 o'clock through the top of the swing. I have an o
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