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  1. You can try that, but there is no way to know if their scale is better or worse than yours.
  2. To my knowledge, there is no reasonable way to refinish them. You could try the Iron Factory, but I've got my doubts that they would touch them.
  3. I slightly grind the last 1/4" of the shaft so they will bottom without having to pound them. My favorite acrylic adhesive is 3M DP8410NS. You have to buy a gun and 10:1 plunger, but it's worth it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IOQ71JA/
  4. No. The TB is more modern and precise.
  5. There are hundreds of posts here discussing swingweight strategy. Most of the experienced builders will tell you that to properly swingweight you need a 50 gram grip. Beyond that, if you use a light or heavy grip, ignore the difference as measured by the scale because it won't change the feeling of heft of the club very much.
  6. Guyson = shot peen of some sort Starshot = glass bead blast
  7. These should work, and at $.49/each, the price is right. https://www.golfworks.com/ping-glider-wedge-oversized-ferrule/p/pgc009/
  8. And because of the lip at the bottom of the hosel, you have to pound the shaft into the hosel or the shaft won't bottom out. Optional: I like to use 3M acrylic adhesive with ferruleless Ping irons, otherwise creaking can set in. The acrylic adhesive is more flexible than epoxy and less prone to creaking in my experience.
  9. Be Ping heads are not dangerous. The only real risk comes from breathing the dust if you were to go sanding or grinding on them. There is no danger with pulling the shafts or handling the club heads.
  10. The G410 ferrules fit perfectly on my older Glides, and they are much cheaper.
  11. Try these. Get a few extras because they are a little brittle and can split when installing on the shaft if the shaft is fatter than average. https://www.golfworks.com/ping-glider-wedge-oversized-ferrule/p/pgc009/
  12. I'm not sure about the i59 but the Ping ferrules that Golfworks sells are good in my experience.
  13. Those are NOT Ping ferrules. They are generic collared ferrules. You need real Ping ferrules. I'm not sure which version. Get some calipers and measure the hosel OD and then select from there. Ferrules can be sanded down, but not increased in diameter.
  14. What specifically is the problem with the Billy Bob ferrules?
  15. Is the scale properly leveled? If not, it won't weigh properly. Considering the 120 gram shafts and relatively short length, I agree that those clubs are on the heavy side of average. What matters though is how they feel in your hands. I'm NOT a fan of the approach of swingweighing every club based on feel, but I do think feel is a critical factor in how you set up the set.
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