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  1. I admit, I would not mind trying the AP1 myself. But the mizuno JPX-800 work for me now. I am not familiar wiht Amps, the Miz are great though.
  2. I bought a 910 D2 2 years ago, it served me well. I am a player that wonders if there's not something better for me out there at times. As most of us know, sometimes our driving game can go south. So, we wonder if there's something better out there for "us". So at times, I explore those urges. The new 913 driver seemed in that category. Shafts offered have improved, the face is now forged T, there have been technology advances. Earthshattering? No, difference making? Maybe maybe not. But for me, it was worth trying. I coudl afford to do so, so I did. I do not feel that way about m
  3. I have no problem matching my 910 series 3FD with the 913 driver of my choice. (D2 or D3) I can wait a couple of months on a new 3 FD and hybrid. Lets me work stuff into my bag more gradually, I'm fine with that. Thank Goodness they stuck with gloss black. Love the finish.
  4. Similar to the Bob guy, more game improvement oriented lineup: I have been hitting 4-6 JPX-800 and 7-SW JPX-PROS except GW JPX-800, 60 degree MP-T11
  5. The JPX-800 are the easiest clubs to hit I have seen that have good feel for a cast club. I would guess the new JPX-825 are no different. The JPX-800 Pros are a bit harder to hit, and the JPX-825 PROS probably are as well, though they are supposed to be easier to hit than the older model PROS. I played Ping for a long time, and IMO, the JPX series are better balanced, and are just as easy to hit as the Pings were. I never hit an MX-300, so no experience with the older older model. (825-->800-->[b]300[/b]) With your swing speed, a set of the graphite shaft JPX-800 would be rea
  6. You forgot is "ED" a thing of the past with Rocketblades... LOL Kind of goes along with #4
  7. [b] [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/user/83757-pudgelewis/"]Pudgelewis[/url] is as close as anyone to this.[/b] I see the statement now, it is in the ad listed above it says: "Add driver and gift card to cart to see the savings at check out." That implies to me that the gift card is applied as SAVINGS at checkout. TN taxes are 7.5 % until local is added, and then it's 10% typically. thanks for the honest input guys.
  8. Added forgiveness for the D2? Do you mean a larger sweet spot? Has it been proven that all larger head clubs have larger sweet spots? What about if 1 club is wider, and 1 is taller, what does that change on the sweet spot size? You are aware that the D3 is a taller club on the face, whereas the D2 is a wider club on the face, right? I hit D2 and D3 in the booth, I could not tell a significant difference in the forgiveness or the sweet spot. The D3 is supposed to have reduced spin, and did have a lower launch angle for me personally, and that suited my swing better than a the D2. I have
  9. I was looking on Black Friday online, and saw the R11s ad, it said you could add a gift card for $80.00 and it read like it would be taken off your price, Two reps came back and said, nope, that's not what it is, it's an $80.00 merchandise credit gift card you had to pay for, then they'd rebate it or something like that. So, what sounds to good to be true, was. By the time I paid sales taxes (instate location) and a higher price than elsewhere, the real benefit from the $80.00 would have been nothing, I'd have been paying more, and getting the equivilent of nothing. While I realize the tax
  10. With the D2 having a natural draw "bias" according to Titleist, it only stands to reason that it must spin more. Right?
  11. I believe that they are two totally different clubs (910 vs 913) and I believe the face insert is a big reason for that. Both clubs feel good, but I don't believe the ball stays on the face as long on the 913, it springs off the face quicker for more ball speed, and more distance. I went back and forth hitting D2 and D3, and hit both pretty well in the booth (for me anyway) I am not a really long hitter, so it's critical that I get the launch angle right, to maximize my distance. For me, I tended to launch the D2 higher than the D3, even dialed down to 8.75, I still hit the D2 pretty hig
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