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  1. Odyssey 2 Ball Ten slant neck 35” 1* flat new in plastic with stroke lab shaft. Stock head cover included. Odyssey Stroke lab 10 pistol grip. $250 Toulon Chicago 35” 1* flat new in plastic with stroke lab shaft. Stock head cover included. Odyssey Toulon pistol grip. ***SOLD*** Piretti Cortino Elite 35” gamed most of last season stock Piretti grip. Stock head cover and weight kit included. ***SOLD***
  2. General rule is 3 points for a 1/2” longer
  3. I bought a couple PXG adapters off eBay and they have been good. I used the screw that was already in the head not the one that came with the adapter. Where did you buy your adapters from?
  4. I have read a lot of threads about swing weight lately on how builders and oems achieve desired weights. Curiously on what grips you have installed on them?
  5. Yeah they are so nice to hit and not nearly as hard to hit as they look like they would be.
  6. Honma Rose Proto 4-10 Nippon Modus 120 X Flex factory installed. Golf Pride tour velvet midsize standard loft lie and length. They have three rounds on them. ***SOLD*** True Temper Elevate Tour X Flex 4-P. Pulled from PXG 0311T at standard length. 7 iron shaft measures 36” from end of grip to tip. Winn DriTac midsize grips. Shafts and grips have 9 holes on them .355 taper tip. ***SOLD*** KBS Wedge pulls, half a season of use. 610 Stiff played standard length in SM8 50* ***SOLD*** 610 Stiff played standard length in SM6 54* ***SOLD*** Hi-Rev 2.0 S
  7. Callaway gift cards. 14 at $50 each for a total of $700. Asking $630
  8. Some heads have access in the hosel when you remove the shaft. If not then yes this plug needs to be drilled out and the hot melt added through it.
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