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  1. Just about all of these types of putters take a standard .370 parallel tip shaft. Easy way to tell is if the outside shaft is parallel it’s not a flare tip. If the tip flares out it’s a flare tip.
  2. I picked up a old Odyssey Dual Force 882 off eBay with the intent of sending it in to get refinished. I decided to try my own hand at it and so far has turned out pretty good. I was able to get all the major dings out but am now struggling to figure out how to get the finish back. Would like to have it look original with that light sand paper like finished these models had. I picked up a hand held media blaster but that didn’t seem to do much. I’m guess part of the reason was that my compressor is too small for an application like this.
  3. 1. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier #3, 35”. Carpet rolled tape still on the sole. $120 2. Ping Sedona 36” very nice condition. $50
  4. The short clubs will be too heavy. Material will need to be removed from the head. If your base line length is a 7 iron. Your P wedge will be 9-10 points to heavy. The lead tape will be needed on just the clubs above the 7.
  5. On a side note, if the heads you are buying came from a variable length set. You will have to do modifications to the head weights to get them to swing weight properly.
  6. I noticed the thread line between the eyes. Common thing to see in the fake ones. Looks like it was discussed a little here also. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1616342-authenticity-question/
  7. Yes it was in better condition. They sent a shipping label with the new putter and sent the old one back in the same box the new one came in.
  8. I was disappointed in the condition of my last putter purchases from CPO. They all where the Like New condition but was disappointed in there actual condition when arriving. Even sent one back for an exchange on a different one. Seems like it might be more hit or miss these days.
  9. Can be ordered from Morton Golf or I have seen a few at most of the PGA Tour Superstores.
  10. Measure with your tape measure. Buy the closest one to it, one size down and one size up. Or closest to it and the next 2 size smaller. Looks like they are only $3 so still farther ahead then doing 2 orders.
  11. Cobra Forged Tec 4-P brand new never touched a ball. They have KBS Tour S tipped to S+ and to Cobra standard playing length. Included is the loose Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize +4 grips. ***SOLD***
  12. Just changing the shafts and nothing else. The swing weight will decrease by about 2.8 points. Do you have the same grips on everything? Changing to a lighter grip will bump up the SW.
  13. New Level 902 4-P KBS C-Taper Stiff, 1* up from New Level standard lie. Standard loft and length. Midsize Golf Pride MCC grips. Gamed most of this summer approximately 20 rounds. ***SOLD*** Not looking for trades. Willing to do head only if interested.
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