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  1. Artisan 0219s 35” length 3* loft 69* lie. KBS CT Tour shaft. Brand new Lamkin grip and stock pictured head cover. Gamed about a dozen rounds. Hasn’t made it into play this year so moving it along. $550
  2. Almost all oem’s these days use a straight tip putter shaft no matter if it’s over a post or in a hosel. Just need to see if it is .355 or .370. Behind that it’s over a peg most likely a .370. The only shafts that are made specifically for over a peg are the old flare tips.
  3. The last 2 I have pulled off stock shafts had a plastic ring that was melted when pulling it. One was a F9 and the other was on a Speedzone. I just picked the melted piece out and installed on the new shaft. The older ones I have pulled prior to the new loft notations have been 100% metal
  4. Golf Works sell this. But you could also use a longer lag type screw and heat to pull broken shaft out by hand. Seeing you aren’t trying to not damage the tip of the shaft.
  5. Ping Heppler Tyne 3 35” with KBS CT Tour shaft and Lamkin Sink grip. Stock head cover and the stock adjustable shaft will be included. ***SOLD*** Cobra Speedzone 18.5* fairway. Hzrdus Smoke 6.0/70g. Golf Pride midsize Tour velvet grip and stock head cover. ***SOLD*** Hzrdus Smoke 6.0/70g 42” with Cobra adapter, Golf Pride midsize Tour velvet grip. $65
  6. Might be a Copper Scottsdale Anser. Thad the sight line and sound slot added. That is why it had the green tarnish on it. If the work was done by Ping it was awhile ago because they no longer work on the Copper or Nickel putters. Odd that it has the color code dot in the cavity though. Maybe something Ping added when the modifications where done?
  7. Hzrdus with Taylormade adapter SOLD All 3 Vokey shafts for $40 New level head and shaft combo $65 unassembled.
  8. 1. New Level M-Type 50-7 wedge head only standard loft and lie. ***SOLD*** 2. KBS C Taper S .370 tip wedge shaft with midsize mcc grip. Played standard length in the New Level 50-7. $25 3. Dynamic Gold S200 wedge shaft from SM6 54* midsize mcc grip $15 4. Dynamic Gold S200 wedge shaft from SM6 58* midsize mcc grip $15 5. Vokey wedge shaft SM8 50* GP 360 standard grip. $15 6. Hzrdus Red 6.0/62 hand crafted, Cobra adapter, 44” with midsize tour velvet. ***SOLD*** 7. Hzrdus Red 6.0/62 hand crafted, Taylormade adapter, 44.5” with midsize mcc. ***SOLD***
  9. Tip trim shaft if as specified by manufacturer. Glue up or dry fit the head to the shaft. Measure as shown in the picture. Grooves should be parallel to the floor. Butt trim to length desired.
  10. It’s behind the face and on the sole to keep it neutral.
  11. Cobra Speedzone Fairway 14.5 head only used 4 rounds. Has 5g of hot melt added to play to a heavier swing weight at a shorter length. Played D4 at 42-3/4” with a Hzrdus Smoke Shaft. ***SOLD***
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