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  1. If you want to use loctite make sure you use the blue, they describe that one as removable. The red they say is permanent and may require heat to remove.
  2. 1. New Level 902 5-P with Recoil 110 F4 shafts. Midsize Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Standard length and 1up lie from new level standard. Fully built by New level with no modifications since receiving. ***SOLD*** 2. Srixon U85 4 utility iron with Recoil 95 F4 midsize golf pride tour velvet standard loft lie and length. ***SOLD*** 3. Srixon U85 5 utility iron with Recoil 95 F4 midsize golf pride tour velvet standard loft lie and length. ***SOLD*** 4. Adidas Tour 360 13 wide. New never worn. $125
  3. Are you using actual grip solvent or something else? Didn’t see you had mentioned that.
  4. The Heppler Tyne 3 had a hosel like the anser putters. I have not done any of the newer flow neck over the hosel ping putters. I have only done the older ones that used the flare tip. I would assume that they use a .370 for them. But it’s ping so they might do something odd.
  5. Pulled the adjustable shaft out of a Heppler Tyne 3 and installed a KBS CT shaft. Big upgrade from the adjustable shaft. Ping hasn’t done the ball bearing thing for awhile now. Just a little heat and they pull right out. If it’s an over the hosel putter head like the flow neck Tyne the swap is flawless. If you are pulling one out of a Anser 2 like hosel. You’ll need to ream it out a little to get the the .355 shaft to sit all the way down in the hosel. They still use a shaft that has a small tapper at the tip for those.
  6. PXG 0311T Gen2 4-W Dynamic Gold S300 soft stepped once Lengths are off a 37.25” 7 iron with 1/2” increments. Lie angles ordered 1 up Standard Lofts Midsize Golf Pride Tour Velvets These came from PXG 1* up with Elevate Tour shafts at standard length. I pulled those shafts and installed the current shafts. $550 shipped
  7. I bought them directly from PXG. https://www.pxg.com/en-us/accessories/on-the-course-accessories/club-weight-kits
  8. Titleist 990 3-P with S300 and midsize mcc grips. Picked these up a year ago from a guy that had them sitting in his closet since they where released being a backup set that he never used. I picked them up for a throw back set I put together and played 5 rounds with. ***Sold*** Vokey SM6 raw 54/58 with s200 shafts and midsize mcc grips. They have been used for a couple seasons with a different shaft installed. These are the original shafts that came with them. ***SOLD***
  9. Yes. I used them to install .355 shafts into the .370 PXG heads. Looking to use them to install .355 shafts into a different brand .370 head. Don’t see any reason why the wouldn’t work. The brass shims would be more economical if I had them. But it’s only 3 heads so worth a try.
  10. Has anyone used the tip spacer that comes with the the PXG ferrules in other .370 heads? I really liked how these worked while reshafting a set of PXG irons and want to use them in a short set of .370 heads I have coming.
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