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  1. A stock .355 will not fit, it will need to be sanded down a little or the hosel bored out a little. I have even ran into this on a couple newer models I have reshafted. Also with this being so old it most definitely has a ball bearing holding the shaft in. Unless it has already been reshafted before. Plenty of info out there on attempting to get that shaft out with a ball bearing.
  2. If I don’t get the weight kit I’ll be getting in touch with you.
  3. Yes they had a single oval shaped weight that could be changed. I believe they came with a weight kit originally that had two extra weights in it. So you could have three different head weights. The WH pro and the white ice 2 Ball models used the same weights.
  4. Definitely, can’t remember what year it was but had one back when they came out and always regretted selling it.
  5. Got bitten again by the CPO bug. They have the white hot pro 2 Ball models loaded up…I bought two.
  6. Been a few days since I sent a PM without a response. Must not be following his thread to get notifications people are posting or sending messages.
  7. Should be around 44”. So 1” longer then a standard length Titleist 3w.
  8. Ping Anser 2 Putter 35” KBS CT Tour shaft. This is one of the newer run heads not a older original. I pulled the stock shaft and installed the KBS shaft and installed the new blackout ping grip. Has only been carpet rolled. ***SOLD*** Ping Karsten Zing 2F IsoForce 35” Looks to have never been used outdoors. I have only carpet rolled it since I picked it up a few years ago. Included is the pictured used Ping Man WRX head cover. $145 Spider Chalk 35” with matte black KBS CT tour shaft and black out ping grip. Head cover is new never used. It has 12g weights in place of the stock weights. I can not locate the stock weights. Price is shipped. ***SOLD***
  9. Ping Anser 2 head only, standard loft and lie. This was purchased from PGASS with the intent on sending it into the WRX department for the tungsten weights and never got around to it. Has just been carpet rolled indoors. $75 Callaway Epic Speed 3W with Mitsubishi MMT 70X shaft, midsize golf pride tour velvet grip. Was gamed a handful of rounds and used sparingly. $200 Titleist 905T 9.5* has a Speeder Stiff flex shaft with a midsize golf pride tour velvet grip. Believe this shaft was a stock offering when this came out. Picked this up a couple years ago for a through back set and have since ditched the idea for a modern short set instead. $50
  10. If you want to use loctite make sure you use the blue, they describe that one as removable. The red they say is permanent and may require heat to remove.
  11. 1. New Level 902 5-P with Recoil 110 F4 shafts. Midsize Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Standard length and 1up lie from new level standard. Fully built by New level with no modifications since receiving. ***SOLD*** 2. Srixon U85 4 utility iron with Recoil 95 F4 midsize golf pride tour velvet standard loft lie and length. ***SOLD*** 3. Srixon U85 5 utility iron with Recoil 95 F4 midsize golf pride tour velvet standard loft lie and length. ***SOLD*** 4. Adidas Tour 360 13 wide. New never worn. $125
  12. Are you using actual grip solvent or something else? Didn’t see you had mentioned that.
  13. The Heppler Tyne 3 had a hosel like the anser putters. I have not done any of the newer flow neck over the hosel ping putters. I have only done the older ones that used the flare tip. I would assume that they use a .370 for them. But it’s ping so they might do something odd.
  14. Pulled the adjustable shaft out of a Heppler Tyne 3 and installed a KBS CT shaft. Big upgrade from the adjustable shaft. Ping hasn’t done the ball bearing thing for awhile now. Just a little heat and they pull right out. If it’s an over the hosel putter head like the flow neck Tyne the swap is flawless. If you are pulling one out of a Anser 2 like hosel. You’ll need to ream it out a little to get the the .355 shaft to sit all the way down in the hosel. They still use a shaft that has a small tapper at the tip for those.
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