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  1. I ended up working with Jeff Silva, he works out of Sun N Air in Danvers. He was very responsive and got the work done quick and with great quality. I would definitely recommend to anyone else and will use him again in the future https://www.silvascustomgolf.com/
  2. I had reached out to Frank as I have also heard he has a great reputation. Unfortunately, he is not doing any outside club work at the moment, only taking appointments for fitting. The search continues
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for club work close to Boston they trust? Looking to change the tip on an shaft, and haven’t had great experiences with the big box stores in the past
  4. Wish the search function was a little more user friendly when using a phone
  5. Looks clean, and much easier to navigate on the phone without jumping back to the top of page when going back
  6. [b][url="https://bestgrips.com/product/gt-l-headcover/?attribute_pa_color=red"]GT-L Headcover[/url][/b] [b]Color[/b]: [background=transparent]Red[/background] [b]Headcover Size[/b]: [background=transparent]Drivershoe[/background] [b]Personalization[/b]: [background=transparent]Personalized[/background] [background=transparent][b]Numbering[/b] [b]Choices[/b]: [/background][background=transparent]1[/background] [background=transparent][b]Numbering[/b] [b]Color[/b]: [/background][background=transparent]Black[/background] [background=transparent][b]Trim[/b] [b]Color[/b]: [/background][backgr
  7. Thanks for the opportunity, here are my results: [attachment=2847440:Fujikura.PNG]
  8. What shaft is in it? I thought these came stock with the ping graphite. Everything else standard?
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