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  1. Click on my name an send me a message. But yes I will take u up on that offer
  2. Have for sale 2 sets of irons. Pp an priority shipping includes. Will ship out by wens No trades. First set is a set of ping Isi green dots(numbers matching 2 thru pw) zz65 shafts with a black dot sand wedge(non matching) golf pride grips. 275.00 Second set ping eye2s black dot ktm shafts (numbers matching 3 thru pw) also comes with two wedges. Good shape, one wedge decent shape. One wedge is orange dot one black black widow grips 200.00
  3. Adding a 32" jat with Circa headcover. Pro plat finish Tiffany blue paint fill. Stitch back grip. Putter has a dig on the bottom of the face an a snail one on top line. Does not affect play Sold!!!!!!
  4. only number 3 remains make an offer all covers went with the putters so it will come with a back an white zipper iliac cover
  5. I have 8 scottys up for grab. They will all include priority shipping, PayPal, The only thing is I'm from jersey an I have about 30 inches of snow so by the time I buy boxes an get to ship it might not be till Tuesday 1. Mid slant Delmar two 34" original finish, great shape, black baby t grip. Sold!!!! 2. Newport 2 33 3/4. Maintenance free finish true temper shaft, studio design shaft band an grip Sold!!! 3. Newport 2 35" all original amazing shape for being original fill cord grip, 250.00 will come with black an white zipper iliac cover 4. Newport 2 35" all origin sole stam
  6. Mackenzie bag is sold!!!!!!!!!!! Make some offers on the other two
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