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  1. I received my Ventus Black 5s (58g) and am testing against the Tensei 1k 50s (56g) with the SIM2 Max, outdoor range only, no launch monitor info. I add 4-6g of tape to the head in various locations and so far like the feel of the heavier head vs heavier shaft. Just feels like it's easier to swing overall, still very stable, making good contact, and seems the dispersion is better. I don't know that total distance has changed and I don't have spin #'s but like what I see so far. I have the Tensei 1k 60s, 50s and RDX Blue 60 with Cally adapter and will compare those with my Mavrik and Speed heads as well. I hit a few Tensei 50s with the Mavrik and gotta say I hit some of my longest with that setup. I really like the feel, flight, and consistency of that head. Cally Speed is good too. The SIM2 is getting nervous and may spend the weekend on the bench.
  2. I'm getting along well with my Tensei 1k 50s and have a Ventus Black 5s on the way to test. MCA has a great lineup of "lighter weight" shafts that are low spin/low-low mid launching. https://www.mca-golf.com/brands/diamana™
  3. Update: currently trying the 50s 1k with 4g (2x2g strips next to each other front to back) lead tape added to the bottom front with slight heel bias and it's been $$. More consistent with better dispersion than the 60s and fewer balls dropping out of the sky. Still early but the 50s is firmly in the #1 spot in the rotation now. I never tinkered with adding wt to the head before but what a concept! Big difference for me. Considering trying the VB, DF, and ZF but certainly happy with the 1k.
  4. Agreed. I have the 60s and find it more "friendly" than the AV Raw White with my 100-105 SS. May be due to a few grams less in weight or EI profile? Works for me. I'm tempted to try the 50S or X but play at 45". I go back and forth between the 1k and RDX Blue with my Epic Speed and Mavrik Std. More kick of course (and a touch more distance) with the RDX Blue but I do like the feel, flight, and dispersion of the 1k.
  5. Any results yet? Looking forward to reading about it!
  6. My RDX Blue 6.0 feels true to flex and stable to me but def has a nice kick to it, which I guess is due to the dramatic soft mid section. Definitely heavier than the Smoke Black in my hands as well, even tho it's only an ~6g difference and counterbalanced; I can feel the difference. The weight of the Smoke Black feels better overall to me but I feel I get a better kick out of the Blue with more distance when I put a good swing on it. Just wondering if the 6.5 Blue would tighten the dispersion for me and if anyone has tested the 6.0 and 6.5 side by side...
  7. V Blue at what flex? X?
  8. Interesting. My dispersion with the RDX Black was generally good and similar to the Smoke Black but didn't feel as smooth to me for some reason and not as long. I'd love to able to replicate the feeling of the RDX Blue with the dispersion of the Smoke Black; hence wondering if the 6.5 would tighten it up compared to the 6.0 and if others have compared the 2 flexes.
  9. Which RDX do you keep coming back to, the Black or the Blue?
  10. I am considering trying the RDX Blue 6.5 as well. Been playing the RDX Blue 6.0 in the Sim 2 Max and love the feel but dispersion not as tight as the Smoke Black and I tend to lose it high right. When I hit it well it has a mid/high trajectory, is long and feels stable but smooth; I really like the feel of the RDX Blue. I did not like the feel of the RDX Black. Wondering if the 6.5 RDX Blue would tighten dispersion(??). Any thoughts?
  11. I am hoping to hear WRX experiences between the RDX Blue 6.0 and 6.5 in dispersion and ball flight and if the 6.5 “feels” any different than the 6.0. I currently play the 6.0 in the SIM2 Max and love the feel but dispersion not as tight as the Smoke Black and I tend to lose it high right. When I hit it well it has a mid/high trajectory, is long and feels stable but smooth; I REALLY like the feel. Wondering if the 6.5 RDX Blue would tighten dispersion and lower the flight(??). For comparison, the Smoke Black dispersion is much better with a smooth feel and good distance, but a little less kick. I tried the RDX Black, thinking it would be similar to the Smoke Black and somehow "better". I personally didn't like the feeling of the RDX Black; not as smooth as the Smoke Black and not as long (for me and my 100mph SS). So, I’m gaming the Smoke Black but I'm curious if the 6.5 RDX Blue would tighten the dispersion and lower the trajectory while maintaining the great feel. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  12. I switched to the Speed from Mavrik (then went to SIM2 Max) but now brought the Mav back into the rotation and currently all 3 are competing for the #1 spot. I find the Mav and Speed both hot off the face, the Mav has a more muted feel, the Speed a "softer muted" feel; I really like both. The Mavrik may be a touch more consistent for me and maybe a touch longer on avg. I can't speak to specific spin #'s and such but feel, looks, ball flight and consistency, both are great drivers IMO and you can't go wrong with either. Be sure to get a shaft that fits you. I'm rotating between the Smoke, the RDX Blue and Tensei Pro White 1k with the RDX Black on the way.
  13. Look forward to hearing the results!
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