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  1. If either have near the feel/sound and distance of what the Std Mavrik has for me I would easily overlook any cosmetic "flaw" and add it to the wish list.
  2. I've played the Callaway Apex Pro/Apex 19 combo's with the Elevate Tours for almost 2 years now and love them. A good 1-2 clubs longer than my Titleist AP2 718's and with great feel. Love the Apex line! Recently tested the Mizuno HMB and MP20 MB and the Mizuno optimizer recommended the Modus 105S. I bought them as a back up to the Apex. Too light for me (94-98 driver SS, 82-84 6i SS) and I was inconsistent. I swapped with the Modus 120s and it's a big difference for me, much better. Great mid to high ball flight (for me), much better dispersion/consistency, and great feel. The 120's fa
  3. Well, I guess their standard SW for the MB is D3 vs. D2 for the HMB. I didn't look and wouldn't think the difference would be so noticeable. But it is to me. 18g difference from 6i HMB to 7i MB. Man that seems like a lot. Lesson learned for me. When combining sets, always check swing weights and specify on order. I assumed this combo would match more seamlessly (and you know what happens when you assume). My bad. I'll reshaft and make it work. I imagine if you order this combo in the same order they match up the SW where I did the "after market" combo.
  4. I had the ST TS model and really tried to like it as well. Loved the feel and and distance when hit well and loved the look as well. I could play it off the tee well enough but just not consistent off the deck. I tried a few shaft combos but it could not kick the Callaway Flash 5w out of the bag, nor the Mavrik 4w. I hit those better and more consistently off the tee and off the deck for some reason. Maybe the deeper face?
  5. I was not fitted. I blindly chose them as a stock shaft offering without knowing the specs or even being aware of the Elevate 95 as the other stock choice. Got lucky. The 95's would probably be a little light for me at 102g in stiff. The Tours being 117g in stiff. I have communicated with other more experienced golfers than me and they also really like them and consider them their top choice of shaft, and they have played many. Compared to the Modus, the Elevates may be a little higher launching but not much. I don't have LM #'s tho. Overall feel is similar for me, but by no means do I
  6. Hi All. Decided to blend the MP 20 MB’s with my HMB set, going PW-7 MB and 6-4 HMB. I have the Modus 120s in the HMB so I stayed with the 120’s. The MB’s arrived but the weight gap between the MB and HMB is just too much. I didn’t even consider this being an issue. I assumed they would seamlessly blend. My bad. To illustrate: the HMB 6i is 418g and MB 7i 436g, an 18g difference(!) The HMB 8i 424g, MB 8i 442, HMB 9i 442g, MB 9i 450g, and HMB PW 452g, MB 456g. Granted, I felt the HMB were a little light but the MB’s are definitely too heavy. I’m going to have my local club fitter decons
  7. I us the Elevate Tour stiff in my Cally Apex Pro/Apex combo set and love them. Smooth, good trajectory. Considering trying in my Mizuno MB/HMB combo set which currently have the Modus 120s (considering Modus 105s or Elevate Tours).
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses! Yes, as a TXG subscriber I did see the TXG video and found it very interesting. It's the first video I've seen from anyone doing a side by side of stock vs. aftermarket shafts. Good stuff. Since I posed the question I ended up getting a Velacore Blue 5S and tested it against the non Velacore Blue 6S, on the range and on course only. I can't say I noticed a big difference but I did get the feeling the Velacore is a bit more "stout" and maybe a hair lower launching. I hit the non Velacore well but am sticking with the real deal. Interestingly the 5S wei
  9. I liked my Rogue a lot but I love my Mavrik. For me, much better feel and a little longer. The feel immediately sold me though. Muted, hot, solid. Now paired with the Ventus Blue 6S (non-Velacore), it's addicting. I've recently gamed the TS2 and Mizuno ST190, both great drivers, btw, but I anticipate the Mavrik will be in the bag for a while.
  10. Hello All. I have read everything I can find about Fuji Ventus shafts so I am well aware of the specs and engineering differences, but have read only a couple responses about actual "performance" differences between the 2. So before I think about dropping $350 at JD's I'd love to hear more real life experiences between the 2 to help with the decision. I am currently playing the std Mavrik and love the head. Started with the stock Riptide 60S and liked it. Heard good stuff about the Ventus Blue and picked up a non Velacore Blue 6S. Loved it. Tried the Accra TZ6 55 M4 (stiff) and although
  11. Switched to the ST190 from Cally Rogue (Aldila Synergy 50S) a few months ago. ST190 9.5 set to 10.5 with Atmos Blue 5S. Nothing wrong with the Rogue but love the look and feel of the ST190 and seem to be getting more distance and lower ball flight with more frequent draws. Considering trying a higher launch shaft (Atmos Red?) in the ST190 (any thoughts appreciated from other ST190 gamers out there). Didn't like the feel, sound and busy graphics of the F9. I think the ST190 will be in the bag a while but curious to try other shaft combos.
  12. Currently playing TS2 with Tensei 55 Reg, 10.5, D4 setting at 44.5" and +4gms of lead tape on head for a SW of D2 until Titleist gets the Surefit wts back in stock in Jan. SS 94-97mph playing to a 4. TS2 is best feeling Titleist driver for me since the 983K (anyone remember that?). I was also a fan of the 909D2. I was originally fit with the stiff 11.5 but reg felt better and not much diff in dispersion so I went with the reg (and 10.5 was in the shop so I went with that instead of 11.5). Definitely longer than my 917 with better feel and sound for me. Lately more inconsistent and while
  13. I personally prefer the feel of carbon steel vs. stainless because of the "softer" feel. From what I've read, CS is physically softer than SS. My first CS putter was the SC Studio Design 2.5 from 2002 (I think). I like the look of the Del Mar and purchased the California Series Del Mar which is SS. I had it refinished and included deeper grooves but that didn't help the feel for me. I recently purchased a 2001 Pro Platinum Del Mar 3.5 which is carbon steel and it feels awesome. I also had it refinished and included deeper grooves but I don't think the deeper grooves changed the feel at a
  14. Thanks for the replies! I may go the BigPapy suggestion, get the Ahina, play it for a while and I can always Ebay the TFC for comparisons. Any other thoughts are appreciated.
  15. Hello! OK, I realize the Anser is 4-5 years old and is a Dinosaur in golf years but I hit one for the first time a few weeks back and am in awe. I think I have read every post about the Anser and the shafts and the review but I have a question. I've been a Titleist guy for many years due to feel and performance but I'm easily getting 5-15 more yards with the Anser with more forgiveness and I love the feel. My buddy has the Ahina 70 in his Anser 10.5 and I have been flushing it; good height, mostly straight, my misses tend to be more left than right but pulls rather than hooks and the rights
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