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  1. This may not apply to your situation but I know that for me, my course conditions on average are much easier (slower and less break) than what a PGA Tour player experiences. So I expect to make more putts from the same distances. I play a few courses that are closer in comparison and when I'm on those my expectations drop.
  2. If I'm on the course I step back and take some back and forth type swings building up speed until I'm really ripping at it. I then slow back down to a smooth pace. Helps me with my tempo.
  3. For your back's sake I'd say go with the first swing. I know this swing. It's not the swing I'd choose if back issues weren't the problem. You really need to work hard on a solid setup and your lower body action during this swing. Otherwise you'll be all over the place with it. It's very easy to sway all over the place with this swing. The only real good advice I could give you is to video this swing and then ask for help from someone that knows what they're doing.
  4. Just for future reference 4000+ employees is slightly larger than a medium sized company.
  5. Ha! You joke but our engineering offices were fairly quiet except one guy with a habitual smokers cough that drove everyone insane. Multiple complaints were made. I can take constant noise on the course. I may not like it but it won't hurt my swing. But if it's silent and then something loud catches my attention on my back swing? That will get me every time.
  6. Trying to learn to hit a draw I played mine back extremely far as well. Eventually I got better at golf and had the same issue with hooks. You can play it back but just don't over do it. I try hard to play a pretty neutral stance now. My foot will creep back without my noticing sometimes and will cause me to hit pulls and pushes.
  7. You need to make sure you're giving yourself enough time between lessons to really work on what you learned. Takes a long while to really incorporate new things into our swings and setups.
  8. Playing my best golf I almost never hit a full shot into a green. I found that by taking an extra club, slightly forward in my stance, and hitting the ball without trying to have a lot of shaft lean led to a laser straight shot that had plenty of check. All day long I'd aim for middle of the green. It worked really well for me. Right now I'm trying to re-learn my distances but as soon as I do I'll go back to this method.
  9. So far, in my recent comeback to golf I've found there's a lot more music being played on the course. I'm not really a fan but have been grateful for people inviting me out and have been able to play through it. My personal observations are: For some people, music is a distraction. It helps others focus. But usually the ones that use it to focus wear earbuds. My bluetooth speaker buddies are guys out there drinking beers, playing golf and "listening to some tunes", just having a good time. Golf is just something fun to do for them. Honestly my "tune" guys pulling right
  10. Is there somewhere up there that I absolutely do not want to end up? Then I hit as much club as I can while safely staying away from that spot. On my last round I hit a couple of 3 woods into some Par 5's. Good shots (for me) overall and was within 20 feet of the flag on both. But I also ended up each time with a bad/tight lie, short sided, with a bunker in between myself and the green. I did not do well from those spots.
  11. I've now seen many guys playing the "forward" tees that are not only THE tees that they need to be playing from for their distance, but make the game a heck of a lot more enjoyable for them. There's a lot of people out there that enjoy playing the game that due to any number of reasons will never really see that much improvement or distance gain. But there's no reason those people can't go out and enjoy the game with the swing they've got.
  12. Prior to my layoff my game lived and died by the way I drove the ball on any given day. Now that I'm getting back into the game my short game is having a bigger impact than anything.
  13. I feel bad even trying to give advice on these, not because I'm not good at them, but because of how little thought and practice I put into them. This range of putts I've convinced myself are easy makes. I pick my spot, find my line and a point in front of the ball, get up to it and knock it that way. Ball goes into hole. Very little thought other than which way it's gonna break and very little time over the ball thinking about it. Doesn't need to be a perfect line because the hole is bigger than the ball. I assume I'm going to easily make them before I even get over th
  14. Go out and play assuming you're going to come in last place. I know that sounds silly but it sounds like you're crumbling under the weight of your own expectations. Go out and play competitive rounds for fun. Take the swing you've got that day, do the best you can with it, and see how it turns out.
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