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  1. I'm 41 years old, 6'1 and 4 weeks ago I was 230 pounds. I quit drinking entirely at that time and have lost 19 pounds so far. No other changes, no extra exercise, no special diet. I'm not getting the alcohol calories. I sleep MUCH better and I find it much easier to control my appetite. Stress and anxiety levels dropped eventually (for the first 3 weeks it was bad) and I feel great. Realized alcohol was causing a lot of my stress and anxiety (when I wasn't drinking). Been playing some of my best golf.
  2. Sounds dangerous to me. You get free relief from bees so why not ants. I mean those mean fire ants. Not your run of the mill regular ants. Not that I could tell them apart. I am not trying to be a smart aleck here. Trust me if you ever see a fire ant you will know what they are. A fire ant in most cases is bigger than regular black ants or at least in the Southeast US I've never seen a fire ant. Was down in Florida about 25 years ago and there was massive flooding from rain storms. We were warned by the locals to stay out of the flood waters due to floating fire ants looking for trou
  3. At some point I fell in love with my iron play. Once this happened, I felt good about any approach inside 180 yards when I had a full view of the green. I stopped trying to hit driver as far as possible and just wanted to make a good swing. The coolest part was that I hit the ball just as far/farther with better contact. These days there are only a couple of holes that are wide open (no trouble in either rough) where I'll occasionally try and bomb one.
  4. I think of it as saying playing the game as gentlemen, abiding by the rules and etiquette. I personally feel, per "the spirit of the game" like a person should be the very best person they can be out on the course. Real question, not a jab: are you impressed by other culture's traditions of honor and respect? I personally am and feel like tournament golf is one of the few places where we still practice this (not everyone).
  5. I've had one sub-par round at my course (4 under) at this time and I'm sitting on 18 green with a 20 foot birdie putt for a 1 under round. I've never shot even par on my course and I'm arguing with myself whether or not to go for it or to lag it. I go for it and blow it 10 feet past. Miss the next putt for a 1 over par round (something I've now done 4 times). That hurt my feelin's.
  6. Pulled hooked drive over into the trees. I'm completely blocked out from the green. About 30 yards ahead there's like a 12 foot gap between the trees that I'm going to try and throw a low hook through with the idea that I might get it to roll up close to the right front bunker. I announce to my playing partners that I'm hitting through the trees so watch out. I pull the crud out of the shot and it went through what looked like a 2 inch gap between some other trees and ended up a foot from the cup. My playing partners were none the wiser.
  7. I play most of my rounds as a dew sweeper. And it'll usually be there till around the 12th hole. I play better when I play in the afternoon for many reasons: Body is loose. I hit the ball better and further early on Ground is dry: drives go further. No wet lies in the rough around the green. Greens are easier for me to read for some reason in the later parts of the day.
  8. I've been going back and forth between the Callaway Superhot bold red and the ProV1x this summer. The Superhot is longer and feels better but gets a lot less check on firm greens. Now that the rains are back, the Superhot plays fine. I personally just love the red color and softer feel with short game shots.
  9. Small tee boxes I usually park my push cart to the side. Large RTJ tee boxes that are literally a strip of land that would take me 30 minutes to push mow? I push right up on those.
  10. I think I understood why when I noticed how many amateurs stopped their swings immediately on impact on pitches and chips. Low, non spinning pops that usually sailed the green. That or just a straight chunk into the ground.
  11. Because you can hit bombs and be a greater putter and still stink if you can't hit a green? No matter where my drive goes, you can be sure I'm going to need to hit an iron shot before I get a chance to putt. And most courses have at least 4 holes that driver is gonna be too much and putter not enough. The best players in the world routinely miss fairways and depend on their iron play to score.
  12. Entered thread to post this. Usually when everything starts going to crap it means something in my setup or swing feels right when it's wrong. Changing ball position (I usually need to move it forward) helps me focus and fix things.
  13. :lol: These type of threads... I wonder if any doctor has ever recommended their overweight patient start exercising and then said "Wait a minute...do you golf? No exercise for you then. Wouldn't want you to lose that world class swing." Seriously golf may be the only sport where you'll hear arguments against working out and getting more fit.
  14. Hitting the ball causes me to quit the swing early and use more muscle (which slows my swing down).
  15. It's too wet. We'll play in just about any weather including when the course is soaked. On those few days we play lift clean place everywhere. We don't post these scores though. The only other thing we do that I can think of is that when we have a new kid changing the holes on the green that isn't very good, we'll on a rare occasion give line of putt relief to our opponents if they're going to have to putt through a raised or sunken hole. Has to be approved by the other team though. We do post these scores.
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