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  1. Me thinks a Callaway deal or he goes the route of choosing his own bag with no club sponsorship.
  2. This. No amount of self repair will please you. Let the pros at Continental do their magic.
  3. Glide 3.0's - 3 of them. See my WITB below.
  4. Ping G410 5 wood opened up to be a 4 wood. See my WITB below.
  5. Wow! Nice looking bag..............Just wished they did it in black with white lettering etc.https://ping.com/en-us/shop/onlineexclusives/the-phx-collection/hoofer-tour-201?utm_source=1.30.20_wmpoeblast&utm_campaign=phxcollection&utm_medium=email
  6. Go Ping Glide 3.0's. You won't regret it.
  7. Sticking with what I have got at the moment but might change my mind if a Ping G410 Max comes to the market.
  8. Good spot Bill. TGW have some outstanding deals but looks like they are rapidly running out.
  9. Ping Tour shafts are amazing. Flat out perform for me.
  10. Pings provides a whole variety of clubs that suit all types of golfers. I switched from a Callaway bag several years ago because I found that Ping offered better custom fit options. After trying out various manufacturers options, I also found that Ping's offerings were more forgiving. I play to a 5 handicap and I am a decent ball striker. I have never hit the ball better than I do now, ever. Give you an example. I hit the ball all over the club face during a round a few weeks ago. We've all had those rounds where you are just not feeling it, yes? My score should have been in the low 80's........but I shot 75. I would have never done that with my old irons. Thank you Ping.
  11. Picked up a couple of nice Ping warm tops in their sale this week. Must say the quality of their garments is excellent. Prices have been marked down considerably and I should imagine they are selling like 'hot cakes'. Head over to the ping website and grab yours before they are all gone.
  12. Blast from the past! I was rocking those when I was 16..............
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