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  1. This might be in bad taste, but more than once I've offered guys in my group $20 for hitting a live animal (death wasn't required.) What's worse is that I had to tell them PEOPLE DON'T COUNT......
  2. [quote name='dmbgolfer' timestamp='1337114108' post='4920218'] Someone once told me something like "Beware the man with the ratty bag and the 1 iron." [/quote] YESSSS!
  3. [quote name='TomWishon' timestamp='1337803956' post='4966134'] In fact I was looking at that the other day in some of my shaft research work and about the only shaft of the 2100 different shafts in my data base which is truly unique and which there is definitely no other shaft in the game today that is similar is the Nunchuk. [/quote] I'm pretty new to this, so what does the Nunchuk do that makes it stand alone?
  4. [quote name='Splitter' timestamp='1337800495' post='4965836'] I'm a firm believer that the whole "Don't leave your clubs in the trunk of your car because the wicked witch will show up, superheat the shafts, loosen the heads and cause the them to fly off and hit the cart girl in the nose" theory is more Kraken than reality. It's much more dangerous to store your clubs at home and try and sneak them out on a weekday when your wife doesn't know you are going to leave work early and play a few. [/quote] TRUTH
  5. I bought an Adam's V3 hybrid on here for cheap and it's a complete beast. Any Adam's hybrid will do the trick....
  6. I've always heard/read to remove the old tape and put some fresh tape on there.....
  7. [quote] VA's driving laws are ridiculous[/quote] That's the damn truth. I've fixed more than my fair share of potholes for the commonwealth.
  8. I left a lob wedge around a green on a local course and the groundskeeper actually chased me down with my club. Pretty cool!
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