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  1. Ping G 9* with Oban Devotion 6 in 04 (stiff flex). No uglies. Measures 45.25" from center of face at address to end of grip. Matching cover included, no wrench. $175 OBO open to driver trades in stiff or regular. *Edit Forgot to add the shaft is logo up in the "O" setting which if I remember is the standard setting.
  2. > @sigvb said: > PM sent Sold! Thank you!
  3. No? I think it's just the indents and the reflections from the dew and my high vis green shirt?
  4. Ping G30 9* driver, Tour 65 in regular flex. Plays stiff to me with a nice high ball flight. Includes matching cover, no wrench unless I find an extra laying around. $115 shipped CONUS.
  5. Am I having a stroke or the is PX picture moving? Serious question. Edit. Lol it's a .gif file.
  6. I'm sure my post is on lock watch now. I started it to see if others had noticed an uptick in blantant flipping. Or if it was just me. And of course it had to turn into an attack by some users, lol. Just the nature of the internet I presume. Like I posted before in this thread I know the mods cannot do anything about it and I definitely don't expect them to or to change rules. I'm glad a moderator took the time to post a reply. It's a shame it's just complaining about whiners though. Instead of a "We don't agree and here's why..." or "We agree and here's why...".
  7. The rules are not simple and neither is intent, which is why we're here having this discussion. There's no GolfWRX definition of "flipping" in the rules. It's easy to write in the rules that items are for personal use only, but how do you apply the rules when the rules define very little? The rules state "bulk selling" is against the rules, but don't provide a number that constitutes bulk selling. It's a slippery slope trying to play big brother on the BST and be the judge, jury, and executioner of anyone you decide to label a "flipper". How many pairs of shoes (for some reason we keep coming
  8. In my opinion. Nope. You bought it and actually used it. And for whatever reason sold it. So you made a couple bucks? Sweet! How many times for a lot of us is it a loss? Buying something, whatever it may be, for the sole intention of selling it. Is flipping and is plainly not for "personal use". Now the "personal use" rule outlined in the forum can be read in a few ways I think. And I thought about it before I started this post. 1 is how I see it as, YOU bought the item for the sole purpose of using it and then did or didn't use and sold it for any number or legitimate reasons. 2 is
  9. Ping Glide TS 56 with the WRX grind. Love it.
  10. Color Avalanche *Hand Right *Loft 9 *Shaft Flex Option Stiff *Shaft MRC Orange Pro 60 *Shaft Length -1.00 inch (44.50") *Grip Type Cobra Connect *Grip Golf Pride Tour Velvet *Grip Options None
  11. Made me take a look at my bag, lol. 2015 is my newest club model.
  12. Then they would be skirting the "personal use" rule. Much like when the BST was flooded with the Ross Nike shoes ads. Which the mods put a stop to. At a certain point users are not using the BST for personal use. Their "side hustle" is breaking the rules set forth by the owners/mods.
  13. I've always put a dot or two of epoxy between the head and the ferrule on ones that were looser on the shaft. And I try to shaft with no grips (when available).
  14. I'd go with Ping S55 and a close second for the Bridgestone J40/J15 series. I currently play S55 and have for a few years. Previously it was J40 DPC/CB combos and J15 combos. The Bridgestone have longer heel to toe measurements. But I much prefer the smaller heads of the S55.
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