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  1. Piggybacking on this - same question for 225 vs MP-20 HMB. Seems like they are intended to be pretty similar but as someone who was ready to pull the trigger on the HMBs I'm trying to determine if I should wait and demo the 225. A little concerned that the HMB won't be easy to come by in Q1 2022.
  2. Based on prior releases any idea when these heads would get to fitters? I may hold out on new sticks but don't want to go in to winter hiatus and have to get fit in Jan.
  3. I feel like every year I rotate between 2-3 types of balls depending on gifts, outing prizes or what may be on sale. I found myself gravitating toward the Z-Star mostly due to price and feel.
  4. My group has had to come up with a gentleman's agreement that if you ricochet more than a putters length away you don't get credit for the made putt. We played a course that had the cups raised so much the ball couldn't actually go in the cup and thus the rule was needed to prevent some stupid low scores.
  5. As someone who despises running for the sake of running I feel vindicated.
  6. 5 total brands: TM - Driver TEE - 3W / 4H Mizuno Irons Callaway Wedge Bettinardi Putter
  7. Not proud of it, but I went 45-59 in an outing last Friday, started on the 8th hole. This included a 3 hole stretch of 9-9-8. I don't have an index but I normally shoot low 90s.
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