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  1. I say no to them when wearing shorts but they look fine with the right color slacks.
  2. Thanks for your insights! The demo 7i w/ that shaft is “sold out”. I signed up to Get in line for it.
  3. I've been looking at the Hogan combo set, which they recommend based on their on-site fitting app. They recommend the Recoil graphite shafts and I've been playing graphite shafts, it seems like, forever, with Recoil 760s being in my last three sets of irons, OG Callaway APEX, Apex CF16 and currently Apex CF19. However, I've had such great success with KBS Hi-rev wedge shafts, R (115g), in my wedges compared to Recoil 460s in those clubs that I was considering going to the KBS Tour 90s in this iron set. My concern is that the Tour 90s are designed for players wanting higher trajectory and with
  4. The problem I have with manual mode is that I can't get the idea of marking my first putt ingrained in my pre-shot routine and often have to go back, estimate where I putted from, mark it, then my next putt then do the pin collect. I believe that even if the pin collect screen is showing it still picks up the club you are using to chip with.
  5. Correct! As soon as a course publishes an expected time for a round of golf, 4 1/2 hour pace, some feel as long as they are on that pace it is acceptable no matter how open the course is in front of them.
  6. At this point in time, with people getting the vaccine and things opening back up (varying to a degree based on location), I think if I wanted to ride as a single, even though I may have played there a week before, I think I would have asked if it is still possible to take a cart as a single when making my reservation. Since the 'rule" under normal circumstances is to pair people up on a cart, I would make sure the "exception" is still in place. Showing my age, there used to be a time when players were charged 1/2 of a cart fee. If the cart fee was $30 each player was charged $15.
  7. I have a Greg Norman White polo that is just right in terms of thickness. I also prefer he way it fits as opposed to others I have.
  8. I would say just about all of those, HIO, eagle, albatross, are a combination of skill and luck.
  9. When I was working from home many years ago, I was less than 10 minutes from the club I belonged to and was a range rat, hitting / practicing at lunchtime and after work. Since retiring in 2009, I think I can count the number of times I've gone to the range just on my two hands. I seldom even hit the range to warm up before a round but that is mostly because the range isn't set up before our first off tee time. I'm still able to maintain a mid single digit index.
  10. I can count the number of lessons I've taken in over 60 years of playing golf on one hand (not counting my Dad getting me into the game). If I could find an instructor who could do what Butch Harmon is supposedly capable of, take what's there and tweak it, then I would stick with lessons. Each of the times I've taken a lesson the instructor had some swing theory or image of a swing that he tried to get me to imitate.
  11. I don't know if a solid, structured shoe like Sqairz is good for arthritic feet or not, but since I got my first pair here as a reviewer I will not wear any other brand of golf shoe. I find them that comfortable and even performance enhancing with better stability and balance and now have 4 pair! PM me with any questions.
  12. You are correct, and we haven't even taken into account any mapping errors. Major errors tend to be reported and corrected, but what is the typical mapping error (+/-) in general? Until L5 GPS is fully operational providing 30cm accuracy, any data in regard to putting and short game may not be totally "garbage" but does have to be taken with a good deal of skepticism as to its accuracy.
  13. I put more faith in the tests done by Today's Golfer. Surprisingly, the softest ball in the test, The Callaway ERC Soft performed extremely well distance-wise: - 2nd at 85mph, .2 yards behind the longest. - 3rd (T) at 100mph, 2 yards shorter than the longest - 9th at 115mph, still longer than 11 other balls tested.
  14. The problem with the apps is that now you either have to keep the phone in your pocket or nearby on the cart and either way there is a lot of interaction with it during the round to gather the data. With Arccos, Shot Scope, etc, it is pretty much put it on and forget about it as far as data collection goes during the round.
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