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  1. That is a good question. In my opinion, you have still modified something that was "designed" as a pencil, not designed to "raise a ball off the ground". I guess it could also be considered a "redesign". The USGA/R&A would have to be the deciding authority.
  2. With regard to using a bottle cap, a bottle, a pencil, etc., I thought they could NOT be used as a tee as any item used as a tee had to be designed as a tee. At least I believe that was the case at one time. 6.2 states that "A tee is a device designed to raise the ball off the ground." (emphasis mine). A bottle cap, bottle, pencil, etc. are not "designed" to do so.
  3. My first HIO was among the worst shots I hit that day. I took too much club, skulled it, it never got higher than the flagstick, hit the front of the green and rolled over a ridge directly at the flagstick set in a bowl. Never saw it go in. Other than that one, all the others were legitimately good shots that all landed on the green, no trees, cart paths, boulders......
  4. I may be making an assumption that you are using the Dashboard to edit and not the App. I've never tried to edit a round using the App on the phone.
  5. I have 10 HIO in total. Six of those have come in the last three years, 2 in 2018, 2 in 2019 and 2 this year. The first one dates back to 1984. I am a firm believer that HIO are as much, if not more about luck than skill.
  6. I've played with pros JC Snead, Larry Mowry, Bob Eastwood and Hubert Green in Champions Tour Pro-ams back in 1996 and 2001.
  7. I've had 273 birdies and 2 HIO in 160 rounds so far this year. I've also had 72 double-bogeys or worse, very few "worse", mostly just doubles.
  8. I've witnessed three from others, one from a group in front of us, and twice from guys I was playing with. I actually have 10 myself, 3 of which I did not see go in the hole: - 1) the pin was set in the back of the green in a bowl so we couldn't see the bottom of the flagstick - 2) just due to the length of the hole it was tough to discern if it had actually gone in or finished right behind the hole - 3) was a sharp dogleg par 4 that had been shortened due to conditions and cutting the dogleg the shot played over small evergreens that hid the green and location of the fla
  9. So, just to understand, you deleted the 4H shot instead of just using the drop down to change the club used?
  10. I still have a number of golf themed sweaters I got as Christmas presents over the years. They might have a golfer or some other golf themed item embroidered on the front. Does anyone still wear those?
  11. Shot Scope issued another firmware update yesterday. It adds a "pause" function to the round so you can play multiple balls and any shots while taken on pause will not be captured. Also, you can get to the course, synch with GPS, select the course, put it on pause and go about hitting balls at the range or chipping and putting, taking it off pause when you are ready to hit your first tee shot. Many, myself included, had to try to update the firmware two times or more to get it to finish successfully (three times for me on iPhone).
  12. I am currently at 156 full rounds with three additional 9-hole rounds as they were cut short for various reasons. I typically average about 180 rounds per year as there are several days even in the winter when we can play in North Texas.
  13. On the Snell website, click on the News/Blog link and it will be the first video in the list.
  14. Just curious as to why a tee can't be designed to indicate line of play but you can place a ball on top of the tee and use the markings or a line on the ball itself to indicate line of play.
  15. I'm currently in the 50/54/58 group using the 54° for most shots around the green. If severely short-sided I'll go to the 58°; if a have a lot of green between the ball and hole I might go with the 50°.
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