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  1. It is over 20% and the rate of growth is faster than any other ball per a Callaway press release: Callaway Golf Announces Highest Golf Ball Market Share In Company History (prnewswire.com)
  2. Nobody is going to overtake Titleist as the #1 ball, but Callaway is currently 2nd in market share, primarily due to the Chrome Soft line-up. It would surprise me for them to discontinue a line that has given them their largest share of the market to date.
  3. I hope not! If you don't have to have the "latest and greatest" then their prices are more than reasonable and their "Heroes" discount pricing is far better than any other OEM offers.
  4. I got my first in 1984 and I now have 10. They have all come on regulation 18 hole courses Six of them have come over the last few years with two each in 2018, 2019 and 2020 on a course that has six par 3s, six par 4s and six par 5s. I think HIOs areas much about luck as they are skill.
  5. In the last couple of years, it has been 5 birdies without breaking par a few times.
  6. A. Callaway Apex 19 PW & GW, Callaway JAWS SW & LW B. All are Callaway C. 43° / 48° / 54° / 58° D. 54=C / 58=W E. Recoil 760 in PW and GW / KBS Hi_Rev in SW and LW
  7. The Shot Scope sensors, since they use NFC technology, are small and very light weight compared to Arccos sensors. Sensing of the club is automatic. The app will display Stokes gained.
  8. As someone else said, that's for Gen 4 product. I ordered my Proto x+ on 7/20 and it shipped on 7/27.
  9. A course I used to belong to had a PLP, Practice/Learn/Play program, which offered a reasonable monthly fee (IIRC $70 or so) for unlimited use of the practice facility including range and range balls with deep discounts on greens fees after certain times of the day. I swear I saw people there that were set up for the day! It was a good sized range but even then one often had to wait for a spot to open up. Membership in the PLP program was well over 1000!
  10. With my 0811X+ the best configuration I have found so far (still experimenting) is with the 12.5g in the heel and the adapter set at the PXG, 3° flat, setting. Without going up or down in loft thus going flat to some degree, I, too, tended to hit everything toward the heel. My next experiment is to change the 12.5 to 15g in the heel, then try both of them still in the heel but adding weight to the front port to see what that would do. Obviously, the stock 10.5° loft and PXG setting will remain constant.
  11. I always found the PM 60° to dig on anything approaching a 3/4 to full shot. Around the green and in the bunker it was fantastic but I needed a little more versatility. I am now curious to try the JAWS FT.
  12. I use my Callaway and PXG wrenches interchangeably. If it fits I say it is OK to use it. I assume the torque values, if any, would be close enough to not make a difference.
  13. Congratulations on shooting your age! You beat me by a year as the first time I did it was at age 68 on a par 70 course.
  14. The Pro shop at my home course has plenty of Callaway and TM but the Titleist display rack is empty.
  15. I was able to pick up a full set of 13 the ZGRIP Plus2 back in late October. I got them in and liked them so much I turned right around and got two more for a couple of extra clubs. There have been a few changes to my bag that came with other grips but it seems these ZGRIP Plus2 have been on backorder ever since. I did contact GP directly a couple of months ago and they were guessing they would be back in stock in August. Well, that didn't happen.
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