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  1. Callaway's newest version of their EC Soft. I had good success with their first iteration using it between the 2nd generation Chrome Soft and the current 2020 Chrome Soft. Good distance, trajectory and I found decent spin on approach shots and around the green. If they have improved on any of that.........With the greens I play on I actually prefer a little bit of roll out.
  2. I used to belong to a Pete Dye designed course that, typically, used a lot of railroad ties. The course was good about marking PAs and the railroad ties were within the margins of the PA. Due to "too much confusion" as to when relief was or was not permitted, they made all railroad ties integral to the course eliminating relief under any circumstances. For any fairly serious golfer there was no "confusion", ball in the PA no relief, ball outside the PA relief permitted.
  3. If you go to the test, Today's Golfer goes into a lot of detail about their test methodology. One can choose to accept its validity or not. I think their controls are/were far better than another test that is often referred to done by MGS.
  4. Although that may be generally true, in the Today's Golfer ball test the softest ball tested, the Callaway ERC Soft, its average distance was only .2 yards shorter than the Snell MTBX.
  5. I've been playing golf for probably 60+ years and about 180+ rounds per year for the last 11 and I have yet to see a divot where the top of the ball would be below the surface of the fairway, much less had to play from one.
  6. I had a lot of success with the Callaway ERC Soft. Great distance and decent spin. The new version is supposed to be even better. It is also a step below the premium balls in pricing.
  7. They don't even have the course I belong to mapped, much less the greens, unfortunately, and it was built in 2008 and is a Fred Couples Signature Golf Course. Given the size of the greens and the amount of undulation I'd willingly pay handsomely for a greens map.
  8. Looking back, I would have to add the Callaway ERC Soft. Not a lot of people play it but I found it longer and softer than the previous version of Chrome Soft with a decent amount of spin both on approaches and around the green. I am anxious to see how the newest version plays. Great ball at a little more reasonable price than the tier 1 balls.
  9. I totally agree. However, ball tests are not typically done across a variety of temperatures. Most anecdotal evidence suggests that softer balls are better in cold temperatures.
  10. I typically have played the same ball year 'round until this winter. At the course I used to belong to any loss of distance, especially off the tee, mattered little to my scoring. The course I belong to now has longer, on average, par 4's, and is on an elevated piece of property so it is also windier. I am finding a "softer" ball, the Chrome Soft, works better for me with less loss of distance than a firmer Snell MTB Black.
  11. As long as it is clean and not scuffed up I use my regular "gamer" that I ended the previous round with.
  12. I'm 73 and I'm with you! I have trouble reaching longer par 4s as it is now. A 10% reduction would probably result in at least a 2 club, maybe as much as a 4 club difference when you take into account both the reduced driver distance and the loss of distance off other clubs.
  13. The only reason I stopped using Game Golf and switched to the Shot Scope V3 was due to server issues they were having off and on during the strictest restrictions due to COVID. That prevented the uploading of rounds and made the Dashboard unavailable at times. I've checked from time to time and the Dashboard with all of my rounds and stats from when I started using Game Golf are still there. I would say give it a go. You can always switch to something else later. For a reasonable cost consider the Shot Scope V3, something I've been very pleased with since I started using it last July.
  14. I took advantage of the great deal around Christmas and stocked up buying 5 dozen of the MTB Black. I've only put the ball in play here and there as I work through my remaining 202 Chrome Softs but it seems shorter off the driver than the Chrome Soft I usually play. I don't seem to notice a distance loss with other clubs. Granted, we typically have been playing with temps starting in the 30's getting into the mid 40s by the end of the round. Could it be that the MTB Black is just not as good for me in colder weather than a softer Chrome Soft or did I make a mistake and deciding to switch going
  15. Years and years ago I used a Palm Pilot and found a great program called Intelligolf (www.intelligolf.com). They have since expanded the platforms it can be used on including Android but have yet to offer an iOS version. It was great for stats and bets and I would buy it again if it ever came available for the iPhone!!
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