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  1. I agree with this In regard to the arm lock, it is often described as "anchoring" the grip against the forearm and as far as a pivot point, doesn't the shoulder in that style of putting become just that? Either allow or ban ALL styles of anchoring.
  2. Only had that issue with one batch of gloves and they replaced not only the ones I had bought and not worn yet, but also the ones I had worn and still had around! Never had the problem since.
  3. When I first put the MTB Black in play this year, granted on a limited basis, I wasn't sure that it was going to perform as well, be as long as the 2020 Chrome Soft I was using. However, after totally switching over for the last 10 rounds I have to admit I was wrong. The ball does everything I want out of a ball including added distance. I'm now glad I took advantage of the Holiday special and got the 5-dozen pack.
  4. Changed the way the data is presented, added some additional stats. Too many changes to detail each one. One thing that hasn't changed yet is the Shots Gained - still only against tour pro.
  5. With that square toe I don't know what category Sqairz golf shoes fit into but since I got my first pair I won't wear any other golf shoe.
  6. Nice update to the stats on the app just released! Different way of looking at them and some new stats added. Really like this update! I still wish there was a way to pick and choose which rounds to include instead of just the options they currently offer, last 1, 5, 10, etc. Being able to pick and choose would enable one to see stats by course, for example.
  7. First, I would us the "Show Club" function and see if the club is recognized when wearing it on your left wrist while gripping the club cack-handed. If it is, just keep it that way. If not and you want to wear it on your right wrist then make sure you change the hand setting on the watch. Editing is much easier to do on a PC or laptop.
  8. Really liking the look of this new "Speed" series from Sqairz. This is the White with Silver, my favorite. Also come in Black and Gray.
  9. I thought OnCore was DTC only until I saw the Avant and Calibre in a pro shop at a municipal course I used to play. I have on one rare occasion gotten a dozen of the Snell MTB off Amazon
  10. I've played the same ball so long that the lettering has become unreadable without taking it out of play. However, if it has a cut or scrape from hitting a tree or cart path I will no longer use it. If it feels smooth it is good to go; if it feels "rough" in any spot out it goes.
  11. I had the same problem with a broken belt clip and, like you, they quickly sent me another one. I got fed up about a year ago when their server(s) were up and down constantly and, probably due to COVID, they were slow to get them back up. Plus they never responded to any attempts to contact them. So I went with the Shot scope V3 and haven't looked back. I do prefer the way Game Golf presents some of the data and the way you can look at cumulative data for any subset of rounds, by date range or a pick and choose method.
  12. PW and AW from the APEX CF16 set, then 54° SW and 58° LW (Callaway MD5 JAWS). Sometimes I'll replace the 58° LW with the PM Grind 60°.
  13. I know I've seen guys hit out of the woods left of that creek before. I think only the creek itself is a penalty area.
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