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  1. I was struggling to figure out the top of my bag for the last several months but I think I got it figured out. Carry 4 wedges and that was non-negotiable for me. I am using a 21* 4 iron(JPX 900F) versus a 24* that I was using before that has really worked out well in closing my gaps. Driver - 270 3w 14.5* - 250 18* DI - 230 4i 21* - 205-220 (was 200-205 with standard loft 4i) 5i - `190-200 6i - 180-190 7i - 170-175 8i - 155-165 9i - 145-155 PW - 130-140 GW - 125 SW - 110 LW - 100 Closing that gap from my drivin
  2. "Good players make the shot needed under pressure" That pretty much sums up my thought process about the whole situation. Even if the percentages say I have no chance, I tried to make myself believe all day long that I had the ability to birdie every hole out there. I am tired of being a 4 cap that sometimes plays like a scratch, other times plays like a 15, and I am trying to change my whole mentality into believing that I can get it done all the time. I will say that before today, there has always been that doubt in my head about whether or not I really have any business playing serious comp
  3. I am learning how to embrace the pressure. Last year I took a 10 on the opening hole of the first tournament I played in and it was mainly because of nerves. I feel like I am past that stage now, and I guess next step is to embrace the pressure deep in the round when I am right there in contention. As to the second point, I am struggling with what my mindset should be in that situation. I absolutely agree that I got to that point with great course management and constant positive reinforcement to myself. I briefly considered the safe shot but in my mind I had already decided that I had to make
  4. Hey guys, played in a tournament this morning and it's left me wanting to talk about it and making the leap from a 4 handicap that can scare par but lives in the high 70s/low 80s fairly consistently to someone who can be in contention in a tournament instead of feeling like I don't really belong in the field. I feel like I made a ton of progress towards that after today's tournament round. Just for some background, as I said above my cap is currently 4.4 but has ranged from 3-7 pretty consistently over the last 4-5 years. I played in high school but mainly just to get out of class, I never re
  5. I just bought some irons on eBay from a seller a little over 3 hours from me. I sent him a message and requested that he send priority or ups/fedex and I would be more than happy to cover the cost. What does he do? Proceeds to send them parcel select. 11 days later and no irons.
  6. Was using 2017 M2 until I found a good deal on a G400 Max this week...also swapped out Exotics XCG7 3 wood for g400 3 wood. Still playing a Ping Rapture v2 17* hybrid and don't ever see anything knocking it out of the bag for me.
  7. This x1000....love hearing Tiger fans talk about respecting women. LOL.
  8. He doesn't care about the rules, why would he care what arrogant ol BK has to say?
  9. But but but but Brooks is a meanie so he's not allowed to say anything. Might harm the game too much if he speaks.
  10. Pat Perez also hasn't accomplished 1/10th of what BK has on the professional circuit. He isn't the polarizing figure that BK is, so of course there isn't the reaction when he makes a controversial comment. I'll leave it at this: I just think that there are other problems on the PGA tour that are more worthy of being condemned than whatever *insert controversial BK comment here* that hits the airwaves every week. And my overall point is that guys like Reed aren't getting near the hate for CHEATING, while we have guys in this thread literally saying they "hate" BK for no reason other than the
  11. So far in my experience the '20 BX is about the same off the driver as the '19 BX. Not a lot of side spin, just a nice, high penetrating ball flight. To me, it is basically the same ball as last year with more short irons/wedge spin and a more durable cover. If I was sitting on a stockpile of '19 BX I wouldn't bother switching. And I think that speaks to just how good last years ball was because this is a damn good one as well.
  12. So did everyone here hate on Boo Weekley when he said he'd rather be hunting than playing golf? What's wrong with BK saying that if that's what he believes?
  13. "Shut up and dribble" what's the difference? Athletes can't have an opinion like we do?
  14. Well I was speaking more about his comments on other topics, not so much this one. But that's the point: It's refreshing to hear a dude speak his mind, whether I agree with him or not. And I don't fully agree with what he said here. I am just failing to see how it makes someone a douche for speaking their opinion. We all hold some controversial opinion on some topic out there, we just aren't 4x major champions with a microphone in front of us all the time to share that opinion. The main issue I see is some people disagree with BK so because they disagree he is a "douche" and "arrogant". Yep. "
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