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  1. Rediscovered this thread because I am thinking about finally thinking about getting a new set. For anyone worried about longevity of the headcovers I have had mine since 2012 and they have zero rips or tears.
  2. 72 G-Bone?? Dammmnn kid. Congrats I'm heading back to Michigan in 8 days to play in my old Club's Invy. Can't wait to be back for a 4 day boondoggle. My game is a mess but who knows...might find lightning in a bottle.
  3. As a former ATMG and current upstate NYer let me know if you end up bringing your sticks on your travels. Might not be able to join you but can certainly make recommendations. I lived in central Mass for 3 years and go to Boston/Hartford weekly for work.
  4. Saw on Instagram that Jimmy Walker was at Kingsley this morning doing some Open Championship prep. Pretty cool for a major champion to be playing KC. He posted a pic of the 1st tee view which is one of my favorites.
  5. Thanks gents. Knew I could count on this crew. Sounds like a resounding yes. We are staying at the JW Marriott Friday and Saturday night Doz. If schedules align I'll look forward to sharing some cold ones.
  6. What's up ATMG crew! I wanted to take an unofficial poll of a golf outing I have the opportunity to take part in. This trip is usually a no brained but is a little extra travel this year and will take some professional & personal schedule wrangling. My old club is doing a 3 day outing with 2 rounds in Grand Rapids. Wuskowhan Players Club and Egypt Valley are the courses on the schedule. Are those courses worth the trip?
  7. Thanks brotha! Miss the ATMG crew as well. Family is good man. We got baby #2 coming in June. Suppose that was a forgone conclusion once we moved home. Gotta stop having these early summer babies....screwing up the golf game! I think I am making one trip back to Michigan to golf this summer but it is for the invitational at my old club. Not much time for other golf that week.
  8. Catching up on the thread makes me miss all the great golf courses you guys have access to. I've said this before but Kingsley is my favorite golf experience. It's not just the course. It's driving the carts from the cabins right to the course, the view from the Adirondack chairs, the overall feeling of no frills...just golf. I love how you feel there are never more than 6 or 7 groups on the course. The only golf experience that I've had that is close to it is playing Bethpage Black and sleeping in the parking lot to get a tee time.
  9. So I take it you don't want to buy back your Miura putter? :dntknw: Lol I am loving my LowTide putter the last couple rounds.
  10. I completely understand where you are coming from. The tee ball has been killing me recently. My last two rounds have been 97 and 87. As a 5 trending to a 6 hcp that has not been fun. I am also not the type that can go out for 18 just to have fun and not be competitive. I have a 3 day cash outing coming up next weekend that I am pretty nervous about. 44 guys going out to TPC Dearborn, Lochmoor then Great Oaks. If I don't figure the driver out there will be lots of 4 irons off the tee for me.
  11. Has anyone messed around with the Mack Daddy 64* Phil Mickelson grind? My brother has one and I dropped a couple balls around the green today and it is by far the most fun club I've ever hit. You could take a 75% swing from the fringe and have it go around 20 feet. I might pick one up. Not sure what I could kick out of the bag but it's a lot of fun to hit.
  12. Not really sure what forum this belongs in, but I feel like I've seen variations of this topic in this thread. Does anyone have any experience using Tour Greens (http://www.tourgreens.com) for outdoor putting green installations? Specifically looking for someone who has done it in a colder climate. I have been on the website a lot and sent in a request to talk to one of their sales associates. Before talking to them I am very interested in anyone's first hand experience. Some questions I have: - How does it hold up over the winter? - How much time to maintain weekly/monthly? - What size
  13. Is there a harder decision than what to do with $50 proshop credit at a course you know you won't be at again? Talk about a pressure cooker! Shirt, hat, pullover, ball marker/divot tool, towel, etc. Tough decisions for an apparel ho!
  14. One item up for sale today. This is a Miura 1957 KM-006 putter. The head weight is 370g. It has a black (not matte) shaft and SuperStroke Flatso grip installed with 50g removable weight. I lengthened it from 35 to 36". Come with matching head cover. Club is great shape with no visible nicks/scratches. Looking for $350 shipped to CONUS using USPS Priority. Not looking for any trades at this time. Thanks!
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