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  1. Followed on twitter! Could definitely benefit from a SAM Lab Putter Fitting or Performance Iron Fitting. Thanks!
  2. [quote name='jshel' timestamp='1435284979' post='11836546'] Stopped in at the PGA Superstore in Downers Grove IL today and was surprised to see this marked down to 129. I didn't pull the trigger on a second pair but would consider it. Anybody else seeing discounts? I like these shoes more than some others on the market. [/quote] Academy in Pensacola had the LC3s marked down as well. This was a couple of days ago, but I'm almost positive it was $129. From what I could tell, it looked like they only had white/black as an option though.
  3. These look really good. Nice and clean. Well done, sir!
  4. [quote name='triplebogeyblues' timestamp='1428681520' post='11327689'] 21 year old Spieth must have driven it into the lip of the bunker on 8. Will be a tough birdie. [/quote] Not tough with shots like that. YJS is playing possessed right now
  5. [quote name='Reasonability' timestamp='1403557757' post='9560847'] JHam, To me your question is a yes AND no proposition that may need a little sorting out and time. YES... new swinging techniques can feel very strange on the way to being grooved -- especially when you are very purposeful in the whole picture of grip, posture, eye line, and motion. The putt being rebuilt in a focused plan feels horrible at first. (usually) NO... no putting style is worth pursuing if you make a mechanical motion based on a tip or idea [u][b]in isolation[/b][/u]... and all it does to you is feel terribl
  6. I tend to push a lot of putts as well. I recently bought a putting mirror from DSG for like $20, but it really showed me how I have a strong arc going back but no arc on the follow through. I would think this would cause my pushes to the right since I'm not releasing the putter head (I also tend to push more short putts than the longer ones). I'm now making a conscious effort to relase the putter, but it just doesn't feel natural. Are there any drills to help with this or do I just need repetition until muscle memory takes over?
  7. Have a pair of Jaybirds that do not seem to charge anymore. Not sure what happened... they were working great and then one day I plug them in to charge and the charging light didn't come on, won't turn on, etc. Anybody with Jaybirds experience this before? Thanks!
  8. I feel like my setup positions have gotten all out of whack while trying to concentrate on setting up with/maintaining secondary tilt. I noticed yesterday on the range my shoulders had gotten extremely closed putting my grip and arms in awkward positions at set up. This led to a lot of inconsistent shots and the ones I hit solid were hard pull hooks. Could someone post some key setup points (or pics would be great) to think about to make sure everything is in line and in sync? i.e. ball position, shaft lean, grip... basically what should I see when I look down at my setup when I'm ready to swi
  9. Another +1 on LifeProof. I actually thought about replacing my LifeProof with the new OB Armor Series (which I think is even bulkier than the Defender series... and was originally like $90 but I think you can have them for around $50 now). But finally snapped back to reality and realized it'd be hard to beat the Lifeproof case I was using. And just to add a Customer Service story... I contacted LifeProof a few months ago to see if the new Nuud case would be offered for the iphone 4 (mentioned I was looking to replace my current LifeProof case, which I had had for almost 2 years an
  10. [quote name='CCUgolfer23' timestamp='1394648121' post='8856669'] Does anyone down in Tuscaloosa know if this is available? In Myrtle Beach all we see or get is titleist hats with Alabama logos but I love the swinging elephant, [attachment=2115065:image.jpg] [attachment=2115067:image.jpg] [/quote] Pretty sure they're not available for sale at any retial stores. I've seen a few posted on ebay, but unless you have a hookup with someone on the team, they're pretty hard to find. I think the school has a pretty tight license requirement on this logo and it can only be used specifically for pl
  11. What is the proess and how much is involved in testing/designing/creating an "Oven" putter specific to a player's needs? Also, would love a NikeID option for the Lunar Controls... let's make that happen!
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