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  1. With the USGA announcement today was wondering how many players use drivers over 46 inches on tour?
  2. Maybe it comes with a round of golf at Pine Valley?!?! Unfortunately, it doesn't! All PM's replied to.
  3. All prices include shipping to ConUS. If you live outside the ConUS, please message me. Bettinardi “Party On” Headcover SOLD Condition: Brand new Price: $155 Pine Valley AM&E Putter Headcover Condition: Used Price: $150 Pine Valley Centennial Logo Polo Brand: Peter Millar “Summer comfort” Size: Medium Condition: Worn less than 3 times Price: $120 Seminole Golf Club Ball Marker Condition: Brand new Price: $90 Masters Augusta National Berkmans’ Place Needlepoint Hat Condition: Brand new Color: Tan Size: Adjustable Price: $70 Masters Augusta National Berkmans’ Place Hat Condition: Brand new Color: Green Size: Adjustable Price: $60 Masters Augusta National Berkmans’ Place Hat Condition: Brand new Color: Tan Size: Adjustable Price: $65 Seamus Hand Forged Money Clip / Cash Cover Condition: Brand new Price: $85 Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery Valuables Pouch signed by Rickie Fowler Condition: used Price: $120 Scotty Cameron Purple Valuables Pouch Condition: used Price: $75
  4. Did anyone catch the feature "Modern Golfer" that ran on GC before Brandel made those comments?
  5. Those of you who are going to the PGA Show and have gone in the past, what do you most look forward to seeing? Are you guys PGA Professionals going to buy for your clubs?
  6. I think this is the Golf Channel video referenced http://www.golfchannel.com/news/rex-hoggard/bob-parsons-eccentric-man-behind-pxg-clubs/ Parsons says rumor is that "PXG is paying players more than their previous companies and "this is not true"...
  7. [quote name='wldchld22' timestamp='1442334304' post='12316924'] FINALLY!!!! I don't have to start a #releasethechip thread. .[attachment=2955862:image.jpg] [/quote] Nice AirMax Zero's ... Great pics as always, Greg!
  8. Nice photos, Greg. Do you know if he is still using the counter-balanced weights in the butt of the shafts?
  9. I am considering counterbalancing my irons and have a few questions. Background: I currently play Titleist 712 AP2 w/ DG Tour Issue X100 soft-stepped once, standard length. The reason I want to do this is because I am hoping it will help me control the club better at the top of my swing / transition, counter balancing would make the handle of the club feel heavier at the top of the swing, right? How will counterbalancing effect the overall swing weight, it makes it lighter, right? The clubhead is going to feel lighter, correct? About how much weight would I need to add to the butt-end of the shaft to counter-balance the irons, the weight I need to add to a 4 iron is going to differ from the weight I add to a PW, right? Is there any other info I should be aware of before trying this? I appreciate any help / info you guys can give me. Thank you!
  10. Anyone have any info on this bag? Saw that all TMaG staffers will have their caddies carrying this bag during the WM Phoenix Open.
  11. Look very similar to SCOR clubs... Kinda disappointed.
  12. I would use it outside. Would be a great tool to practice and help dial in my distances. Thanks for the contest.
  13. That training club reminds me of how good the 690.cb's were. One of the best sets of irons I've ever played, if I'm not mistaken they were Endo forged. Feel was phenomenal.
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