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  1. My thoughts exactly. I don’t care if you’re family or not I don’t condone bs.
  2. Do some more elementary research and google the word “joke” and take a deep breath. It’ll be ok pal.
  3. Hard to believe I joined going on 7 years ago. Haven't touched the clubs in a while and don't think I've even popped in here in a year or so. Good to see some familiar names and looks like the mods are still doing a great job. Hope everyone's been doing well. Life changes are allowing for more time on the course so I'm already back to hanging out in the BST. Some things never change.
  4. Put me down as one the 95 users here. Love the app it's the only way I view the site.
  5. Is the app being supported again? I've noticed I got an update available saying it was a major upgrade. Could have sworn I'd read many times it was not going to be supported any more. Thanks
  6. My guess is we'll never know what the story is unless it gets sent in.
  7. No offense but if you haven't played them that seems like a silly answer. Cheap and best deal aren't the same. But who knows maybe they're decent. Let us know what you think when you can try them out.
  8. I've been in the exact situation as well but the driver only got a warning. I asked the trooper was how in the world they're able to do that and she said they've got some pretty slick radar nowadays.
  9. You were just leaving Cars & Coffee, weren't you? Or was this you? :lol: This is why I love the Stability/Traction control in my Chevy SS. It doesn't let the back end get any out of sorts unless I set it to allow it. --kC You are very perceptive LOL. Thankfully ... that is not me above. I was pulling out of a C&C. My car was sitting in the sun. Tires were hot. Maybe a little Armour-All on the tires. Car skidded a little. But that was enough. They have a zero tolerance policy and I agree that it can get dangerous for the people standing around. I learned my lesson. Um hot tires=better traction.... Not that the sun is going to drastically warm them anyway but nonetheless would only improve your traction. Still sucks you got caught by an officer having a bad day. I've heard stories of a few guys getting cited for "aggressive driving" or "excessive acceleration" because their diesels blew a little smoke. Fortunately I live in a diesel friendly area but it's kinda wild you can get tickets for such subjective things.
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