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  1. Out unless I'm told otherwise by proshop or staff.
  2. If it's wet enough for the course to have "carts on paths only" we have enacted LCP on our own, but as far as I can remember that's the only one. I doubt I would be able to justify enacting e-5 on our own, just for a handicap round. But that's just me.
  3. Most of them do, because many had been playing "drop in the fairway for 2ps" for a while in casual play. What many didn't get was the relief area, which sounds confusing but when I presented it as a shape (basically a triangle) it was a lot easier to grasp.
  4. Grand sumo Haru Basho still going on! Catching the highlights on youtube. No spectators, limited press and all rikishi must have their temp taken twice per day. Two highs and they sit out a day.
  5. names don’t matter as much to me. He played well, Spieth didn’t close. Likewise, Schwartzel’s closing holes were out of this world. Maybe it was too bad for the Aussies poised to win, but Charl’s golf was superb, and birdieing the last 4 is noteworthy even if your name might not be.
  6. Good golf is fun to watch. If a guy rises up and outplays a more established guy but his game is on point, I’m good with it. Immelmann comes to mind.
  7. The PGA, The Open, and TPC have the strongest fields year after year. If a “well known” isn’t playing up to snuff there are a slew of elite players that could step up, because more of them get invited/qualify. That’s why the list of winners for those 3 events may be full of, maybe, head scratcher names. Just my .02. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but Zach Johnson has a jacket and a jug, yes?
  8. Well, OP has been reluctant to mention anything exept drug testing, so Imma say he thinks Tiger wants to avoid drug testing. He has no problem poking DJ but no guts to poke the Tiger. weird. That said, I'm not embarrassed to say that I still like the Olympics. Also I don't really give a hoot about professional athletes in them. I want to see the best athletes a country has to offer. If your country's best athletes happen to be professional athletes then so be it.
  9. Ding ding. A newly discovered Shock Jock attitude, prefaced by a cry that "nobody pays attention to me." Seems a little odd. Yet pro sports , yes even golf, is entertainment. And this adds to the entertainment value for us because we're sick. kidding kidding kidding.
  10. Gary Player too. Called out finally by Tom Watson. Even Brooks Koepka has admitted to "being guilty of it". That is a quote from one of his recent soundoffs, which make me scratch my head about his soundoffs.
  11. He was accused of cheating while on tour prior to this? Has he been "looked at" by the tour?" Other incidents? Suspensions? Anything? Events prior to his status on tour have no relevance to him being allowed/not being allowed on tour.
  12. Brooks laughs at the Four Winds Laughs from His mountain. Forget the next Tiger. We're looking for the next FIGJAM!!!
  13. They already are held to a higher standard. But technically the Tour(s) have the option to levy penalties above and beyond strokes if they so choose. Do you remember the ET suspending Dyson?
  14. Has anyone mentioned that The Almighty Brooks Koepka admits to "being guility of it too" when talking about fluffing lies. He should shut his pie hole, imo. Sometimes honesty is refreshing, but sometimes it's forced and contrived because you haven't been the recipient of the press that you think you deserve, which is what I believe is part of what's happening here.
  15. Weird thing about family situations is that none of us will know the whole story.
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