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  1. take lessons to stop hitting it fat
  2. Lol scalpers charging 3x retail I recently was finally able to get my son a card at retail price, it was just miserable for months, i know first world problems
  3. after skimming this thread it's clear that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
  4. I agree, i think Bruce desperately needs more attention good or bad, most people in the media don't care about him.
  5. Bruce has a mansion for Bryson in his head
  6. I agree with everything said here, the only thing about clubs are how they suit your eye, which could help your alignment and confidence or the price
  7. Problem is that thanks to Johnny Miller, Mickelson is known more for the 2006 US Open than anything else, because it’s the US Open and Miller’s commentary on 18
  8. It has to be the pink shirt, bad choice Bruce
  9. Thats Cal Ripken Jr, nobody likes that guy
  10. I think its the v***** color shirt, he should wear desert camo
  11. At least Bruce has the 2nd place money
  12. i know Phil is from San Diego but he has no shot, also Tiger’s taken ownership as his home course
  13. it wouldn’t be the same without Johnny Miller calling it
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