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  1. Looks like they released the fitting video for the TS back in September 2018, which was also a wet day. At that time Frank gained 20 yards and Mike gained 15, and i saw a carry on the screen as 242 don't know who that was. From their videos, neither of them have an ounce of athleticism so i bet their swings can change wildly day to day based on how many bowls of spaghetti they had that week.
  2. Just glad the most uninteresting man in the world, Brian Koepka didn’t win again.
  3. He looks like a guy that goes to the gym 4 days a week and eats too much.
  4. Supination made my body realize that I wasn’t going to be able to square the face unless I rotated to get my hands forward and get off the back foot, so it worked for me
  5. I had the same issue way back, this is what changed it for me, supination, i actually start mine before i reach the top of my back swing, allows me to shallow and really get after it
  6. "Strengthen" you grip a bit, maybe even alot
  7. I noticed the last few Taylormade drivers seemed to sit open at address, I wonder if Titleist will do this with theirs
  8. never played or will ever play, but Oakmont with its church pew bunkers and rectangular glass greens just looks intimidating. Worst course ever has to be Chambers Bay with its muni bumpy greens on the the end
  9. Looks like you're not getting a full turn or depth in your backswing, might be throwing off your downswing since you're club isn't getting into position
  10. Everyone's a bit different, but I found every Nike released since the LC4 to be narrow. For a while, i was buying new stock of LC4s on eBay every other month, just in case i couldn't find anything. The current Adidas 360 XT was pretty close, which surprised me because in the past I have never been able to fit into an Adidas, but I heard a podcast where the Adidas guy said they used a wider last this year. I was so relieved when I found the Asics.
  11. I feel you. It's hard to find good golf club work these days.
  12. I have the same issue. The Nike Lunar Control 4 were a good fit for me, so i stocked up and stocked up again and again. Few months back I found that the new Asics Gel Course Duo Boa are a pretty good fit as well.
  13. My guess is Tyson Lamb. He's been busy with something the past year.
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