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  1. Not interested in any trades at this time. FOR SALE: *NEW* TOUR ISSUE Taylormade M3 driver head only w/ spec sticker. High CT head. Marked loft of 8.5 with actual loft of 7.6* This particular head has a rougher face texture than standard (think 2016 M2 face texture compared to M1 of the same year). - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD
  2. Looking for a 54 hi toe with x100
  3. Items for sale: prefer CONUS only and NO TRADES at this time. **ALL PHOTOS taken in lighting to show wear - everything for sale has either not been played at all or used for a portion of this season only. 3.) Honma TW747 wedges (52-56-60) - Nippon Modus 125 wedge shafts - Honma grip (similar to tour velvet) - standard length, standard lofts, standard lie - purchased here but I need higher bounce for the courses I play in Michigan so looking to get what I paid for them. Practically new wedges with incredibly sof
  4. Ping i25 is still in my bag and I haven’t found anything that is as good. I have replaced the head twice so far they are that good
  5. The biggest part of wedge fitting is yardage gapping and sole grinds. If you have a grind that doesn’t interact with the turf in your favor it can be nightmarish around the greens. When hitting them try a variety of short game shots with different face angles etc with the different grinds to see which one works best for what you need
  6. FOR SALE / CONUS ONLY PLEASE / REASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED / *ONLY TRADE INTEREST* LOW LOFTED (8-9* Ping LST OR Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, with Hzrdus Smoke Green Hulk PVD 70tx small batch) 1.) **LIKE NEW** took wrapper off and hit it exactly 25 times. Couldn’t come close my normal setup Cobra F9 Speedback 9*Tensei Pro White 70tx (tipped 1”) 44.75” finished playing length Golf Pride black tour wrap grip Wrench and NIP cover included / do not want to splitSOLD SOLD SOLD 2.) **NEW IN PLASTIC** • Taylormade M6 9* head only • Never been hit - only a hole in plastic where the shaft was removed
  7. Lol I already knew that and it’s far from lefty options. They force the lefties into 2 HMB irons whether they want 0 of them or 4 of them. Meanwhile the righty can choose from 57,238 different set makeups.
  8. I know the course extremely well and play on a Michigan Publinx team out of there. Not a single day where it isn’t windy on that course and if there ever was I’m pretty sure it would be the Apocalypse.
  9. There are a couple muni’s in Detroit that I have witnessed a person on an adjacent fairway set his bag down near the next tee close to the boundary fence and a guy vaulted the fence like an Olympian and stole his whole golf bag in the matter of seconds and I feel like he would have taken it by force and/or at gunpoint if challenged. I have no idea how much he lost in that bag but he was lucky enough to keep his wallet in his pocket. another course is in the middle of a bad neighborhood and right next to an interstate and I have seen more than a few car accidents that ended up on the golf cour
  10. Played quite a few times in steady 40 with gusts about 50-55. Fun days though, ripped drives into the wind would go 230 and then next hole downwind would go over 400. The crosswind holes were fun trying to gauge how far [off] the green you needed to start the ball. You MUST hit the ball solid in order to navigate the wind properly. If you mis-hit a shot in high winds your ball will get eaten up every time. Also while putting widen your stance for stability in case a gust catches you slightly off guard and you have to factor wind into putts. Especially down hill, downwind putts
  11. It’s ridiculous that we STILL have to decipher what is “made for” and what is real deal. When are these manufacturers going to nut up and stop being so misleading?
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