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  1. These are really great and the shot tracker makes them much easier to follow than other VLOGs.
  2. South Suburban courses are also closed. Going to be rough if I can’t even play golf as the weather gets nicer.
  3. > @jrg75 said: > Heading up for my fourth trip in late April 2020 as a single. Booked my normal 6 rounds but changed what I scheduled as replays on the off chance I get a preview play of SR. Wanted to be sure if I got lucky I still got replays at BD and PD. If I don't get it, I will just have a good excuse for a return in 2021. That’s where we’re at. Be there early May, fingers crossed for some preview play then.
  4. > @2putttom said: > shipsticks and you can arrange for a complementary shuttle pick up when you arrive. Is that a complimentary shuttle that the resort provides? We’ll be there again next year for our 3rd trip and I’m looking to fly into North Bend. I’m not doing the drive to/from Portland again.
  5. > @teejaywhy said: > I know the OP started this thread two years ago, but if he happens to check in, I want to know more about the breast sandwiches. If I told you I’d have to kill you! I’m leaving my original post just for posterity. Im currently planning trip #3, made the mistake of taking 2019 off, can’t wait to get back in 2020!
  6. USA DFT Tour Flat Bill Mesh In tri-color. Rafa was rocking it today! Thanks for the contest
  7. Check out True Linkswear, great spikeless shoes and very comfortable. My favorite line is the Outsiders. I walked 36 at Bandon in them and my feet felt great. You can use code Foley10 for 15% off.
  8. Try True Linkswear...the whole premise of them is wider toe boxes in their shoes. I walked 36 a day at Bandon for three days and they were great. Use code Foley10 for 15% off.
  9. These look good! I’ve been chatting with True for a while about this release. There’s also some cool stuff slated for fall! DM me for sizing questions or for a 15% off code.
  10. I sent williaza a DM to help with sizing. Long story short...I went down a half size in the Originals and found the Outsiders true to size. I walked 36 a day for 3 days at Bandon Dunes and the Outsiders held up beautifully! I’m a big believer in the brand so let me know if anyone has other questions or if you want a coupon code.
  11. Yep, Bonobos makes great pants and shorts. Multiple lengths and fits so most guys should be able to find what they need.
  12. You cannot. They emphasize that at check in, and there are a couple signs in the lobby. Likely has to do with liquor license requirements. That makes sense, thanks!
  13. Does anyone know if you can bring your own beer / drinks into the lounge at the Inn?
  14. What size did you end up going with if you ordered? stuck with this same conundrum right now I went with size 11. I use 10.5 in FJ and 11 in Skechers and UA. Will see. A little bit disappointed in Trues customer service, tried to reach them several times on the chat and e-mail but without any input. That sucks about customer service not being responsive. I’ve had good experiences, they’ve even replied on the weekend a couple of times. Hopefully it’s a blip and not the trend. I also have a 15% coupon code so DM me if you’d like it or have questions on sizing.
  15. Style wise currently is a focus on fit as everyone else has said but also clothes and shoes that you can wear on the course and to grab a beer with buddies. Some of the bigger brands make golf specific clothing which is cool if that’s what you’re looking for. If not, check out Linksoul and Matte Grey. Greyson is also making some really cool stuff.
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