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  1. It was picking up speeds of up to 144. I wish I could hit that speed but definitely not within the realm. Set up is pretty self explanatory - 10 inches in front of the ball. Re-read the manual and I wasn't angling the radar towards the ball. I had it just straight on. Perhaps that is my issue so will give that a shot next go round.
  2. Got the swing speed radar and sticks for Christmas. Took the radar out to the range yesterday just to mess around and noticed the speeds with a driver when hitting a ball were way off. Seemed to be more accurate when swinging with no ball. Was curious if that was a typical issue. Looking forward to getting started.
  3. Thanks. I actually left out the board I used to mix so that should be a good inidcator as well. Should have thought it through a little more. At least I have plenty of epoxy if the heads start flying off!! Should be better at it the second go round!
  4. Thanks! Hopefully they have set enough to where I can bring them inside tonight.
  5. Hi All - Thanks in adavance for taking a minute to help. I took my first shot at swapping some iron shafts and had a questions about epoxy set times. My workshed is an outdoor shed that is not heated or cooled. With the cooler temps, was curious about the set times on the epoxy. The epoxy states a 24 hour set time however, temps have been somewhat cold (I am in Alabama). High 30's at night but today has high of 65. The shed doesnt get quite this cold but was curious if the epoxy will just take a bit longer to set or if i should be worried about it setting just in general. I set them last night and was going to bring them inside tonight to give them a bit of extra time.
  6. Took a stab and bought this. Looks like a low bounce K. What are your thoughts? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Unusual-Titleist-Vokey-SM7-Raw-Wedge-60-No-bounce-or-grind-mentioned-KBS-125-S/393145899189?pageci=72e9c42b-e752-4769-9842-2d46fdf2a725#vi__app-cvip-panel
  7. $110 shipped. Really didn't use this much. Great bag but just didn't like not having a stand. Happy to send any additional pictures or answer any questions. Open to trades. Most interested in ClicGear push cart (push cash), Oakley sunglasses, vokey 56m.
  8. Somehow picked up the wrong size when I was there. My loss is your gain. New with tags. Size small. $50 Shipped Edit: Sorry for the multiple posts. Not sure what happened there. Just have one shirt.
  9. Personally, I still love it and use it all the time. Really good for warming up to get the feel of the head and tempo on pitches. I tend to get lag in my pitches and this has helped me a ton. I think if you can consistently hit good pitches with this club, your mechanics are in good shape. This really taught me that I can't release the club too quickly on a pitch and that has freed me up.
  10. Was looking for a thread on this! Crazy stuff and I echo everyone's comments on the advice. That was a BS move there. Plus what a cop out to not go back out there and play! If I really got punched by my opponents caddy, you best believe I am going back out there to try and win that match and shove it in their face!
  11. Curious about the double hit rule - if you pull a TC chen, does it just count as one shot no matter how many times you hit it?
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