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  1. Price Drops Navy showdown - $30 shipped Match Play shorts $20 shipped each All three pairs for $60 shipped.
  2. Any Letterkenny fans here? "Putting surface" gives me the same feels as "to be fair" haha.
  3. Koch’s “ever so slightly” sounds silly too. Why the “ever so”? Is ever so slightly more slightly than just slightly? And if so, how much???
  4. This x 1000 Calling the green the “putting surface” gets me. Also the absolute refusal by some to say the word “water”. Hit the ball in the water? Nope. Penalty area. Wet grass? Nope, that’s moisture. Raining? No way. That’s moisture again. Possibly precipitation. Drink some water? Not that guy. He’s hydrating.
  5. Looking for UA shorts and pants? Here ya go. All pairs fit the 34” waist crowd but I won’t discriminate. Are you a 38” waist in denial? Sure you can buy these too! All prices include shipping. Add $5 west of the ol’ Miss. Everything is in very good shape from a smoke free, pet free home. I do have 3 kids, so no guarantee a lego or rogue cheez-it doesn’t make it’s way into a pocket. UA Showdown shorts. Black and Navy. 10” inseam. Great shape. Black pair basically new. Worn 1 round. Blue pair worn maybe 3-4 rounds. Black sold $35 shipped for Navy. UA Mat
  6. What bothers me about Rory is that he doesn’t consult golfwrx before doing anything.
  7. Even to this day I’m still happy this guy never won a title.
  8. He's on the short list of contenders this week.
  9. Anyone else watching on Peacock getting a bunch of static when the commentators are speaking?
  10. A nice club snap from Hatten. Still not quite on Stenson's level, but getting there.
  11. Man bun and a broom stick. If he rocks a hoodie and joggers this weekend WRX might implode.
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