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  1. After all these years turns out CPG is our very own Ferguson.
  2. I couldn’t even guess at how many times I’ve looked through every single page of the Byron forum on PT.
  3. Anything ‘Byron Morgan’ or ‘Byron Design’, yes it was a one man show. He did outsource a few finishes and had a machine shop mill the roughed heads but from that point it was all Byron. Older putters under the John Byron name were under the partnership of John Ortega and Byron Morgan.
  4. A few years ago I emailed Byron a question regarding his headcovers. The next day at dinner my phone rings. I don’t bother to answer but my wife does. “There’s guy named Byron Morgan on the phone for you.” You’d think someone told a kid that Santa was in the phone for them haha. Nice guy. Real chill but chatty at the same time. Gave me a solid 15 minutes of his time while I nerded out and never gave the impression he needed to go. RIP My two Byron’s. A stainless 615 with rounded bumpers, and a carbon, copper plated DH89.
  5. I was just thinking that I’ll patiently wait for Ferguson’s thoughts.
  6. That still defeats the point of a custom in my eye. If you (putter maker) can't/won't deliver EXACTLY what's on your customer's order sheet, that needs to be communicated with the customer. Whether it's based on some kind of policy (such as a putter must have the maker's name stamped, putter specs, etc.) or an issue with the build itself. The end result of it still looking cool is irrelevant if it's not what the customer ordered. That's the entire point of custom putter builds. I as the customer can get exactly what I want. If what I want needs to go through some design filter of the maker's, that's totally understandable, but I would like that communicated with me before I drop a lot of money and wait months and months for the putter to arrive only to receive something different (even if only slightly) than I ordered.
  7. Plus when the PGA season resumes in January watch for what starts popping up in some pro's bags and on the practice green. There's usually some indications there of what's to come.
  8. I’ve put multiple Super Strokes grips on with an extra wrap that still didn’t fit correctly. I just gave up with them.
  9. Yeah looks just like a Pistolero with some texture. Personally I’d love to see a Pistolero cord grip.
  10. Yeah Bastain as mentioned. I'm almost positive LaMont has done this too. I want to say he did it to an old TeI3 maybe?
  11. Put a normal alignment aide on that and I’m in.
  12. Find a old No Bogey putting cup. They pop up on eBay once and a while. You can putt from all directions. I love mine.
  13. Oh no. Does anyone know what's wrong? I saw Steve said on the FB group he'd update things when he had more info.
  14. Yes this. Also, Evnroll has made some slight changes to the the ER2 and ER5 head designs and bend profiles of the shafts installed over the years.
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