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  1. Scotty1140

    Bad look

    This thread makes me want to wear short socks with my hoodie just to upset people. But I guess I’ve always been the rebellious type.
  2. Silver stainless. Looking for a new or a clean one. 35” 355g. Would like one with the lower bend shaft that gives it some toe hang. Not interested in the face balanced ones.
  3. Tiger has played awful since the President’s Cup.
  4. New ER5B. 35” long with a 355g head. Out of the plastic but never used. All stock from the specs to the grip. $ shipped. Not interested in any trades.
  5. I’m sorry but Fitzpatrick sounds like a cry baby.
  6. Amazing shape. Head could pass as NEW. Used only in the basement. The top shaft band has some wear and the grip cap looks very slightly raised from the rest of the grip. It’s subtle but there. This was an eBay “Like new” purchase. My guess is a shop model, although the head perfect. No signs of wear. 285 shipped. No trades.
  7. So much Byron history over there. A shame the amount of info that will be lost if PT never reemerges.
  8. Going to need a photo.
  9. Since Evnroll doesn't make irons or woods I'd have to say putter.
  10. Totally agree about the odor. Opened one up about a month ago and thought the same thing haha.
  11. Nothing wrong with that. There is no correct swing weight for a putter. Whatever is comfortable and repeatable for YOU is correct. What do you typically play? Is there a certain swing weight you're looking for? A countercore weight in the butt/grip end will make the head feel lighter actually. It will not replace the 'missing' head weight in the way you might be thinking.
  12. Are the single bend shafts .370? I have an ER5 that’s face balanced. If anyone has a 35” shaft with a lower bend point for some toe hang I’d be interested.
  13. A putter's head weight does not directly equate to softness. Way too many absolutes regarding ONE aspect of a putter head's design are given credit for feel/sound around here. Oh heavy means soft....thick face mean's soft....deep milled faces or deep grooves mean soft....etc, etc. A great example is the original ER5. Even the 385g head (with it's deep face grooves) sounded like a tuning fork from the sweet spot. After hitting that, try hitting an old Ping BeCu Anser 2. Way softer and at least 50-60g's lighter with a thin face and thin flange. Every aspect of a putter's
  14. Doesn’t matter. If they retail for 2K they’d just flip for 3K.
  15. I'm a Rory fan, but I agree that makes him sounds a bit petty and jealous. I mean Rory of all people has rode the driver to success his entire career. Not to mention fully embraced the addition exercise into in golf training preparation. Granted he didn't add much bulk, just leaned up considerably from the pudgy kid we first met. If you don't like the guy, fine. He's given a lot of people plenty of reasons to not like him and I realize he's just peed in the Cheerios of everyone who thinks "this isn't the way golf should be played", but the guy literally JUST won the US Open. Can we
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