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  1. Love my ER5. Ball does comes off the face a tad slower than smooth faced putters but that was pretty easy to adjust to. Love the simplicity of the design too. Just a piece of stainless steel on a shaft. No multi material construction, no inserts, removable this or that.
  2. Yeah desktop view is the only way I'm able to see it on my phone as well.
  3. Certainly not the stock Juno. Looks very much like the Tiger head. I've rarely had any interest in buying TM putters. If they release this however...
  4. He’s ok. But just hearing some new voices like him and Wood’s is a welcome change.
  5. Those ugly waffle looking bumpers are actually tungsten weights, but extreme heel and toe tungsten plugs was not standard.
  6. Does anyone know if his TaylorMade deal is through the entire bag? Is the putter included? I doubt he would go back, I'm just curious.
  7. Looks pretty straight forward. 001 head with a slant neck, and what looks like added tungsten weights on the extreme toe and heel for added headweight.
  8. Got a good shot of the back on the PGA Tour live coverage earlier today. Looked a lot like the Tiger head he tried briefly a couple years ago. 3C92A967-70B5-4549-B034-1D1743F1A628.webp
  9. Agreed these look awful. I actually like some of their recent PLD releases though. Their retail lines just get worse and worse looking.
  10. On top of that who knows how the shop that does the finish is operating with covid and all? Another possible factor.
  11. Hitting bombs, hellacious seeds, coffee mugs, aviators, gum, calves....Phil seems like he's having a mid life crisis.
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