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  1. Yeah not even close. Actually quite a few grips mentioned in this thread aren't even close to the Pistolero's shape.
  2. This is what I do too. Easy mix and comes out great.
  3. Come on. We can clearly see nicks on the heel bumper, neck, hosel cup, and top line. For all the awesome equipment you've sold over the years, you know what mint is. I'm not trying to be a jerk and I apologize if I'm coming across that way, but I would be pretty disappointed if I bought "mint" and I got this. The BST suffered a lot IMO while the feedback system was down and I feel the classifieds here still aren't back to what they were. This place certainly needs its better sellers like you appropriately describing their high dollar items.
  4. As someone who's primarily used a Pistolero on everything since it was released, nothing else truly compares. I've tried about every comparable grip and there's just nothing super close IMO. I just eventually gave in and figured it was cheaper for me to keep buying Pistolero's rather than waste money on all these other experiments since I was going to end up replacing them with a Pistolero anyway.
  5. Not necessarily. THere's plenty of heavy modern putters that sound and feel awful, and many older, lighter putters that are soft feeling. Take the Evnroll ER5 for example. Even their 385g head sounds clicky and tingy. Heavy head and deep face grooves and yet my old stainless 300g Anser 2 is miles softer. Weight is ONE factor. Face milling depth is ONE factor. But they're no more important than face thickness, cavity depth and width (if there's a cavity at all), blade length, sweet spot size, etc etc.
  6. Studio Stainless 340g Newport 2
  7. I can hear George Carlin rolling in his grave over "patron observation stand" lol. "At some point in my life, toilet paper became bathroom tissue."
  8. Looking for a clean one. 35” with 10g weights.
  9. The 2019 feels great. I honestly think some people talk themselves out of that line because of the dumb looking insert and nothing more. They both feel pretty similar to me. IMO the biggest difference between the two is the face height. The 2020 is shorter and depending on how you strike your putts that could be make or break for you.
  10. There's so many for sale here because 1. It's a popular brand and people buy them. 2. This forum is full of club ho's 3. Brand retains its value very well, which benefits the ho's.
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