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  1. I called TGW to make sure. It sounds like it was an oversight on their website. They said they would make the changes. just kidding .
  2. Ditto. I even wore them a few rounds ago... but thought they were from 2018. Didnt even dawn on me that they didnt have ZITs in 2018. Freaking COVID. Totally messing up my internal timeline. LOL Wow. Those look money. Mine show up tomorrow.
  3. I was there in April, so my advice may be moot. I went with pullovers over polos. I had medium weight pullovers. I took them off within a few holes for every round. But it was nice to have them. You can probably get away with a thin pullover, or maybe no pullover. I wore pants for 4 out of 5 rounds. The 1 round I wore shorts, it rained. I play in pants up to about 65*. I appreciated having pants most of the time and never regretted it. I didnt wear a golf vest. I brought a heated vest, but never had the opportunity to wear it. I wore spikes. I k
  4. Ha. Jeeeeez. I was just a little concerned that the cork might wear or crease or crack a little bit, or if they might get grass stains. Sue me for a follow up. (just kidding, in retrospect the 'keeping moisture out' thing was a bit, duh.) But I did/do have concerns about how these will hold up long term.
  5. Wore my cork AM90s for the first time today. I'm glad ya'll hated them, because I think they look awesome. Also, they are no worse for the wear after 1 round with dew and sprinkler wet grass. I wiped em down and you cant even tell that I wore them.
  6. Because you get more internet cred for rocking the TBC.... duh! ROFL I've seen the Linkmaster bags around on the interwebs... but never IRL. How much do they typically run?
  7. I reached out on IG. They responded really fast and let me know it should be out next week.
  8. Ya'll are horrible horrible people...
  9. Wait. The caddy was giving gimmes and touching your ball? (or the single?)
  10. Guh. I reaaaaallly dont need this...
  11. Yeah. I joined after you, but also still waiting on the welcome pack. Seems odd since they are churning out releases. I get it if they ran out, or had supply issues... but at least give us something? or an email?
  12. Ugh. I skipped this deal when it first popped up. Now that I know it's for the fairways as well... Does anyone know if the TSi2 or TSi3 would be a better match to the old m3 fairway?
  13. Yeah, I was kinda leaning in that theory. Not just pay, but benefits as well. Didnt wanna go too far down that rabbit hole. I think I mentioned this previously, but on my trip I did tip the caddy of a single that joined our group. Did that several times. I didnt ask for info from him (because he wasnt my caddy), but he was still liberal with general information, and even occasionally with information pertinent to me. Helped me find a few balls too.
  14. Great question. Lots of banter about who to tip, how much to tip, and when to tip. Personally, I tip all food and beverage people. I tip non-public transportation people. Some of my tipping tendencies are selfishly motivated. For instance, I tip the cart girl or bartender so that I get fast service the next time I see them or need them. I tip servers and food service people because I've been in that industry and know, first hand, what those people have to put up with. But you bring up a good question. Why dont I tip the person that rings up my groceries? They are provid
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