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  1. HAHAHA! Exactly! All the people that constantly root through each others bags to see what you're gaming! I love my Adams clubs. I have a backup bag with the CMBs, a Proto Gold, and an XTD Ti.
  2. Agreed. I was excited when I saw Adams fire up the IG machine. But this is quite the let down. I'd assume that most golfers that are still nostalgic about Adams would be looking for a product that wouldnt feel at home on an infomercial. That being said, I totally understand that TM doesnt need to be competing with itself. They have been cranking out awesome fairway woods and decent hybrids for years. No need to muddy the market.
  3. I like the idea of corduroy as a concept. It's just not very practical. The ZITs look OK to me, but I'm not sure if I'll grab em. I got 2 pair that I havent even worn now. With winter golf coming, I doubt I'll have a dry day to wear corduroy anytime soon. I agree that this looks more like a Thanksgiving drop than a Master drop. Oh well, I saved myself some money!
  4. Were they? I ended up with the non-praying-hands tan snakeskin AM1s. They are tough to break in. The white leather is soft, but the snakeskin over the leather is pretty thick. Those TPs with the praying hands are awesome. Someone stole them, it's a shame for the seller though.
  5. I think the silence is deafening. Pretty sure no one understands. LOL
  6. Very curious about these. I'm stoked for the ZX5. I was planning on matching up a 4i UX, but might go with a ZX4?
  7. Are those brand new? The glue being off is something that I feel like might be overlooked and is just their normal bad QC, but that fading on the toe is odd and would piss me off. I cant see the heel when I'm golfing, I'm looking at the toe all the time. EDIT: To answer your question, no, my black 270s dont look like that.
  8. Can you imagine? Kids running around in snake pack golf shoes. ROFL. If only they knew that there were people out there crazy enough to create a whole economy revolving around shoes... even golf shoes. I believe it was Augusta that objected to the marketing of Amen Corner in their ads and promos. Objecting to the praying hands isnt something that I've heard, but I'm not exactly in with the cool kids. That being said, I got my hands on a bunch of the praying hands hats. Sold most of them, but kept 1 of each color for myself. Unfortunately, I sold my last green
  9. I used to be in the "My white ZITs never get dirty!" camp. (I think I posted as much a few pages back.) I have worn my white variations of ZITs for most of the year, I think I have 4 or 5 white variations that have never stained. UNTIL last week. My Ryder cup ZIT's have green grass stains on the outside of the right foot. Not where I thought it would happen since I'm a RH golfer. I'm not sure what the difference was. I have played this course with these conditions multiple times in other white ZITs. Oh well. Cest la vie.
  10. Anything in particular that you wanna see? Just looking for finish, or did you want to see grinds and stuff? I just got the normal mid with no hand grinding, so it's not that exciting.
  11. I just got my Tour Raw Zipcores out this week. It made me realize the difference between my 2 year old RTX4 grooves and the brand new Zipcore grooves. I need to change out my wedges more often. The Zipcores performed exactly the way I expected them to. Love the extra zip. I didnt get any hand grinds, so the grinds seemed very similar to the RTX4. I'm not uncovering anything new here, but I'm sure glad I got new wedges!
  12. ZIT Shields worked well for me. It was rainy and marshy when I went the other day. My feet stayed dry and I didnt have any issues with traction. I even tested them out doing some puddle/mud stomping. NOTE: Make sure you wear high socks (DUH?). I wore shorter socks that didnt get above the lip of the cuff (stupid, I know. I wasnt planning on wearing the Shields that day). They chewed up my ankles really bad. I ended up taping all around my ankle and then they were fine. EDIT: I dont think there is any additional insulation. The ZIT Shields feel the same thickness as the
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