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  1. Yeah, but if I actually start classifying these purchases as wants, it means I have no self control. This way, I get to at least pretend!
  2. I actually had a dream last night that I got to try these. I was given a 50*. It worked so well that I wanted the full set... but I just bought my ZipCore set. So bad. I actually dream about this kinda stuff. I have a problem.
  3. Says to self: "I do not need a $30 towel. I do not need a $30 towel. I do not need a $30 towel." However, with all the positive comments I get from wearing my Tie Dye ZITs... this might combo well.... "I do not need a $30 towel. I do not need a $30 towel. I do not need a $30 towel."
  4. Get some baby wipes. Costco has the KSig brand and they sell them by the truckload. TBH, I havent ever used them post round for anything other than my shoes, but they should be fine as shower wipes.
  5. I own both. Honestly, if you're looking for a carry bag, youre not looking to carry much stuff. There is more storage on the Rover than the OG, and there are quite a few more pockets, and ways to store your stuff on the Rover than the OG. I believe the OG only comes with 1 strap while the Rover comes with 2. So if you like to carry backpack style, you would need to buy an additional strap for the OG. The Rover has a single bar across the middle for clue separation. The OG has 2 slats for club separation. The slats go down around 2" in depth vs the 3/4" bar on the Rover. I tend to u
  6. I might just have to buy some of this to put under my grass hitting mat...
  7. Agree with everyone else. Assuming all your details are correct, seller doesnt really deserve a benefit of the doubt. We all know that USPS is taking a horrendously long time right now, but that responsibility falls on the seller. Seller responsibility until you have it delivered to you. Start the PP dispute. I bet it will kick seller's butt into gear. (or if it doesnt, at least you get your funds back)
  8. You obviously love your nephew since you bought him some clubs and are re-gripping them... but what if you just put the new grip tape straight over? LOL. Or you could blow the grips onto the old tape that is there. The best way is heat gun though, if you want to do it right... you know... if youre into that sort of thing.
  9. Nike shipments have been taking longer these days for me. I have a few Jordans that I've ordered over the past few months that have taken 2-3 weeks to ship. That being said, my ZITs are scheduled to be delivered today.
  10. I actually love the Tie Dye, and it was topical. I wore them for a round a few days ago and got quite a few comments on how cool and unique they were. The AM90 Masters release will release... In May. I bet the reason these are selling out for flippers is because they have no apparent connection to the Masters, and they can't reference the Masters, so flippers have no idea what they are looking at. If they had just marketed these for the Space Hippy stuff, they would have sold out in minutes. The HypeBeasts love that stuff.
  11. Another vote for Nuun! I like 1 tablet in 16oz. I have a stock of the regular and 'energy' versions. I also enjoy the Liquid IV powder, but it does have sugar. I normally water my Liquid IV WAY down. 1 pack for 32 oz of water.
  12. I know this is a Nike thread, but I was able to pick up a bunch of show bags from Jones when they did their blind draw sale. I got 2 that are canvas and 1 really nice leather one. I used to use the older Nike shoe bags, but have fully moved to Jones. Quality is really high on those.
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