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  1. HA. That's unique. I like crazy shoes, but those might be a bit out there... even for me.
  2. It's like we have never been through this before? Of course there are pictures out there floating around. TM comes down in force on people that leak the pictures. Stuff pops up on GolfWRX occasionally, and then it's gone almost immediately. Same with other forums and social media. No one wants to deal with the headache of lawyers. I wonder how hard the people at TM laugh when they read these threads every year. We work ourselves into a frenzy. At the beginning it's all speculation. About a month later reps and dealers start to get looks. A little marketing, and a few anecdotes slip out. We divide into 3 camps: THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!, THIS IS PURE BS!!!!!, I'll wait and see? It's interesting. Everyone challenges limits and boundaries. Always. If you don't, you're going to get left behind. If that means fooling the CT test by being clever, so be it. It's like how hackers and security go round and round. It will always be a game of cat and mouse. I, for one, am super excited to see what comes out. I am in the market for a replacement to my m3 HL fairway. I might have to wait another year for when they bring the carbon face to the fairways. Thats the cycle, right? about 1 year after, they put the driver tech into the fairways? (at least thats what it was for twist face).
  3. You can go with the 4I in the ZX5. I normally dont play a 4i, but this one is forgiving enough for me to handle. I also have a 2 and 3i in the ZXU. They are easy to hit, and easy to elevate. I used to play hybrids, and now switch the 2/3i in and out of my bag depending on what I need.
  4. That was my first thought as well. Gotta give a test click on the tongs. But who knows what they look like in hand, and with different color ways.
  5. Me. I want a golf shoe with fur. Because I'd stupid. LOL. ZERO chance these would escape a round unscathed up here in the PNW. Even on the most bone dry day in July, they would still probably end up looking like something the cat dragged in. I wear my 11s and ST Trainers pretty regularly. The 3s stay in the box most of the time because they just arent as comfy as the other options in the stable.
  6. I have very very light rusting going on in the corner. It was actually so slight that I didnt notice it until I went to go check them out after your post. It's happening on a few of the irons, but nothing that you could see unless you were really looking for it. I'll keep an eye on it though. For me, it's not a big deal. As to the comments about the bag chatter. I mean, these are soft forgings. Isnt that what we would expect? You either get a soft forging, or you dont.
  7. That was too good of a deal to pass up. I went to HD just for the balls. I bought about 10 dzn for $1 each. Honestly, I have never hit one. I use them to give out to friends that dont golf often. They appreciate it when they lose 6-10 balls in the 1 round they play per year. I think I still have 2 or 3 dzn left in the garage, waiting for next season!
  8. Exactly. I have a few of the markers. I only use them when I have pants that have that extra inside pocket. I also never use them when I ride (which is only a few rounds a year, mostly during corporate events). I have lost too many pitch tools and ball marks while riding in a cart. They just fall out of my pocket too easy.
  9. MMMMM.. Yururi Gekku... My favorite wedges of all time.
  10. As third times a charm stated, create a post about the transaction. Who What (are the facts and timeline to the transaction)? Why (are you upset about the transaction)? DO NOT put any personal information of the seller in the post. No names (screen name is fine, I'd encourage that), no addresses, no phone numbers.
  11. From the TwistFace trip the TM lab folks mentioned that there is quite a bit of testing and research that goes into the ideal sound. Obv, sometimes they miss the mark, but they will definitely get it as close to "ideal" as possible. Didnt someone say the embargo ends on Jan 4th?
  12. OK. This is getting exciting. I just fell down a rabbit hole in regards to steel infused carbon fiber...
  13. I believe OP is getting political and equating democratic to being woke. Democracy... so woke right now.
  14. I received my sweater and the jacket. All will be going back. The sweater is actually really comfy and fits well. However, after wearing it, I can't ever see a time I would wear it again. The jacket is nice. Good material, and I like the style. However, the sleeves are enormous. I dont think I have small arms, but I think I could fit 3 of my arms in each arm hole.
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