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  1. Without actually trying them on, I will withhold judgement on the comfort of these new 1s. However, I can see what you're saying. The golf Dunks are heavy, flat, and just not comfortable. I love my pair because... Dunks. I have no problem if they decided to add the Free sole to any release. Those are SO comfy. Agreed, the 11s are pure. Awesome design and implementation. The leather on the 3s and 11s is really nice. Super soft and supple. As noted before, I think I'm most disappointed about these being spikeless because everyone and their mother will be trying for these. With actual cleats, it might deter... at least people's mothers from trying to cop.
  2. Mine are still in transit. I think it is being delivered by wagon train. Shipped from PA on 10/7 and I watched it slowly move from PA > NJ > IN > IN > MN > MN > MN > ND! I dont need them. I'm in no hurry. Just kinda funny watching it slowly make its way across the Northern US. Amazon Prime has spoiled me.
  3. Am I the only one that is curious about that tread pattern? His IG post says "Season 8 PGA TOUR debut AIR JORDAN 1 Low top debut Lesssgooooo!" Soooo... it's definitely a thing (as has been alluded to previously by our insiders here), but those look like regular Js. Anyway, stoked for low AJ1s, anxiously waiting for my first L next year. EDIT: After reading more comments, it sounds like they have small integrated traction points. I dunno, maybe something like the AM90s? Anyway, I'm still excited to see them. Unfortunately, since they are spikeless, that means that even more people will be hunting for them. Lots of Ls to go around next year.
  4. My 32* are still shipping. That being said, I found a deal on these when the Grey and Black were 50% off of the sale price. https://www.eastbay.com/product/model/adidas-team-game-mode-training-hood-top-mens/314497.html I worked out in the grey one this morning. Lightweight, fits well. I'm not a skinny guy, but it fits almost perfectly for what I want (honestly, I probably have a similar body type to the dude in the lulu link above). Has a tight scuba style hood as well. One thing that is slightly off putting is that there are 2 triple stitched seams running down the arms, those are fine, but right in between there is another regular seam. Why have all of them? Whatever, I'm not a clothing designer. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the 32* hoodies!
  5. If you are referring to the plastic "mesh" all the way around the upper of the shoe, It cleans up super easily. You dont have to worry about dirt getting trapped. If you are talking about the mesh on the tongue, that is like normal shoe mesh, and you'll want to spray it down with a waterproofing, or whatever you would normally use.
  6. Agreed. I have had BestGrips Classic Leather with drytac for... 5 years? They are still awesome. I just move them from set to set. I do agree that they are a bit larger in diameter than I expected. I am considering buying another set except in the Undersize.
  7. I'd agree with this. Are there people that have resources to be able to get Scotty's at cost, or multiple pairs of J's? Yeah. Are they doing it every time? Maybe. But it's not high volume. I also think that is driving GolfWRX's marketplace. You want hard to find stuff? Come to GolfWRX. Miss out on that last TBC drop? We got it. Man, those Sugarloaf visors sold out quick. Come to the GolfWRX BST. I think they had some issues with the Ross/BCF shoes because it really was high volume selling. It was easy to see that people were going in and buying out 40 shoes in bulk. The 10 shoes from Ross posts are easy to see, and so they are easy to ban. The low volume, repeat flippers are harder to see from a single post (repeat being the key word).
  8. There were definitely some great members on here like @kdog25 That bought the shoes in an attempt to help out other members. I know, because I purchased 2 different pairs from other people. So he purchased with the "intent to help", but most of us wont take complete charity, so if he makes a few bucks, good on him. Thanks for his help. These conversations about flippers happen literally every few months, at least. They might not have specific titles, but there is always someone complaining about it in someone else's thread. If they havent done anything about it by now, they sure arent gonna do anything about in the future. You can always just low ball the hell out of the seller, chuckle at your funny joke, and move on. While I think your idea is hilarious, it wont ever happen.
  9. In for a penny, in for a pound. Got all 3 colors. I wear a medium in their tshirts, so I went Medium for the hoodie. Fingers crossed!
  10. Do you wear it as a shirt itself, or do you wear it over a polo? Curious because I have been looking for a lightweight hoodie. I didnt know 32* had these! thanks!
  11. Just checking in... They are still shipping giant mallet covers instead of the older, smaller ones, right?
  12. I just want to make sure that I understand the question. Are you looking just looking for any hoodie that you could golf in? Or are you looking for a Ryder Cup hoodie that doesnt cost $300? I only ask because there are a ton of different places to buy high quality hoodies. If youre looking for something sporty, the normal places are a good way to start: Nike, UA, Adidas, etc. There are even plenty of them that dont have enormous annoying logos. Yeah, they have logos, but so do most of the options people are suggesting here.
  13. I think putting that much lead tape under a SS grip might be a pain. Regular club grips are rubber and stretchy, SS grips have that hard foam/rubber. That being said, it's worth a shot! (I like the idea of trying the lead tape on the outside of the grip as a test)
  14. Although this was already decided, I wanted to give my $0.02. I agree that you should bring and play the clubs that you normally play. I brought an extra driving iron, and an extra low bounce wedge. I dont normally play either of those clubs. Guess what? They both stayed in the room. I wanted to play with the clubs that I am most comfortable with, and had the highest chance of success in my incapable hands. Changing to a different club while playing these bucket list courses didnt seem like a good idea for me. What if I mishit the "new" club? What if I have a shot I know would perfectly suit my normal clubs, and I dont have them? So many what-ifs, that I figured I would dance with the one that brought me. I loved SR. I think it was my favorite course. I agree that some of the holes can feel a little crowded, but the payoff on all the ocean holes is a worthwhile trade. That being said, I also agree that the course is not mature, and could change over the next years. Right? As we drove out, I found myself wondering about liquidating all my assets, homeschooling the kids, and moving to Bandon. As we took the left off the property and onto the highway I just couldnt believe the trip was over. I dont get many multi night golf trips, so I knew that the next time I made it out was going to MANY years. Downright sickening feeling driving away. LOL
  15. Agreed. This just reeks of a Warrior Golf scam. No such thing as a free lunch. I'm kinda disappointed that the forum sold us out for something like this.
  16. Agreed. This just reeks of a Warrior Golf scam. No such thing as a free lunch. I'm kinda disappointed that the forum sold us out for something like this.
  17. Give them a soak in some warm (not hot) water with some oxy clean. I just cleaned some other shoes doing that. I let them soak for almost a full day. That is your best shot. Once dirt and grime gets under the membrane on the 270s and ZITs, it's pretty much over, but if there is anything that will be able to permeate and clean, it'll be the OxyClean.
  18. LOL. No sweat, man. That's how they played it with us as well. Lots of shop talk, and plenty of "no pictures" ops. Talking with Wade seems like it would be a trip. I love watching those Tour Truck Tuesday videos.
  19. Thanks! I had a buddy ping me about it too. Got it! I dont know why I got the $500 jacket. LOL. I have zero use for a $500 jacket, and if I did buy one, it wouldnt be Nocta.
  20. Great thread! GolfWRX and Taylormade sure know how to treat us right. Sounds like you had a great time! Someone mentioned some special goodies off the truck. What did everyone get?!?!
  21. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Seattle/Bellevue 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? YES 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? All of it. But if I only get 1 fitting, it would be for Fairways and Irons.
  22. Well, the only thing I REALLY wanted from the NOCTA drop wasnt on SNKRS and I couldnt find it. Green Crew was on SNKRS a few days ago, but disappeared last night. NOCTA drop wasnt a success. I hit on 3 items. If I hit, that means they were bricks. LOL
  23. I just wore my Shield ZITs last weekend. They are a great winter shoe. They are high enough that its not a problem of rain dripping into them off my rain pants. I do like this colorway, but I def dont need or want another pair of Shields.
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